Bullish Abscess Busted

WARNING…LIVE BULL, EXTREME Plood (Pus and blood.) Cheese drainage from abscess on bulls neck. I have seen gross vids but this takes the cake and eats it too… I almost yacked lol.

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  1. well…. where are the crackers

  2. what is with the woman laughing?

  3. Oddly irritating…definitely not a 4 or 5-star, due to the fact that the freak is laughing at the obvious pain an animal is experiencing.

  4. 10 bucks for the person who gets a spoon and eats that off the ground…

  5. Cheese Burgers

  6. 20 bucks for the person that gets to pop a massive abscess on the heartless woman without anesthesia!!!

  7. at first I thought that was one tolerant bovine…
    then when he started thrashing around I knew all he wanted to do was to get out of that cage so he could permanently shut that moronic laughing hyena of a woman up…great camera work, however

  8. Anna Nonymous says:

    Gnarly! So that’s where McDonalds gets their “Special sauce”…

  9. I dont believe the animal is feeling much pain; mostly the confinement. Cows don’t like having their heads stuck.

  10. Thats not a cow thats a bull! lol there is a difference. Did you ever see one in a pen locked up before someone tries to ride one in a Rodeo!
    They must be contained…It’s funny that when she started laughing he started kicking.

    @ BoogerKing Laughing is just a way of dealing with a stressful situation. She wrote:

    “One of our angus bulls had a huge abscess. You know this had to be a big relief, it couldn’t have felt good. All i could do is laugh it was so gross…”

    Mute it if it bothers you so much ;)

  11. Thumbs up to BoogerKing for the comment about the laughing, insensitive freak. I wonder how much she would be laughing if she had the same sized abcess on her neck and it was being lanced?

  12. He wasn’t in pain. He was seriously pissed off that his head was caught in the trap, though.

  13. BTW BoogerKing…have you ever been on a farm when they were castrating? This is alot kinder than when my family used to rip those bad boys out of our bulls..now that doesn’t feel good I’m sure..I’d rather have the abscess haha

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Is there a guy on this sight that wouldn’t rather have a zit rather than “The cruelest cut of them all” ???

  14. I can’t get the advertisement off to see the video. How do you get it off. Thanks.

  15. If anyone has seen the movie on HBO, “Temple Grandin,” they would understand why the bull was in that confining thing. It is actually what kept the bull as calm as he was for so long. Look up Temple Grandin and you will understand. As far as the woman laughing, she wasn’t laughing at the bull because she thought the situation was funny. It was obviously more of an involuntary reaction…kind of like when someone smiles or laughs in a nervous or stressful situation.

  16. @popmaven Thank You I will look that up. I have to realize that a lot of our viewers are so much younger than others (mainly me!).

    But with that said I know a lot of adults that don’t know the difference between a cow and a bull…Old McDonald’s Farm and all that!

    I have to give a speech in front of the entire 8th grade class and families for grad. I started laughing and couldn’t stop, they had to walk me off the stage and put someone else in with my notes. I cried all the way home…lol Granger School north of Naperville…Oh the good old days.

  17. Was that the “Zit Police” I could hear in the background? Sure sounded like them..I always thought they were a myth…

  18. Wow, my statement got some folks to make personal statements toward me. How about you just acknowledge that she is an irritant, regardless of why she was laughing. And, as a non-idiot, I did mute when I realized she wasn’t going to stop. Dur.

  19. And….I happen to own cattle, sheep, and chickens…and don’t find pleasure in their pain. Do you?

  20. That does look alot like the special sauce……I know the difference between a Bull and a Cow but unless you try to milk the wrong one, who really cares

  21. @BoogerKing She was not finding pleasure in his pain. At one point she said something about how much pain he must have been in (I took that to mean before they opened the abscess) and how he’s is going to feel so much better. If she didn’t care about the bull she wouldn’t have been there getting the abscess taken care of.

  22. Yes – to my severe now nauseated tummy – it does look like “Special Sauce”! I don’t see any Big Macs in my future… lol

    And just an FYI – (I am not on either side of the fence, although on a personal note, I laugh when I am the worst pain. I find it is better than screaming.) this is a direct quote from the bulls owner who is the unseen laughing abscess squeezer:

    “Whether i was laughing or not, wasnt effecting this bulls pain. Bull went into chute with a giant painful abscess, we fixed it. Laughing was my way to keep from vomiting, lol…”

    Some people laugh when they are scared, some titter when they are nervous, it is one of the many quirks of humanity that keeps us individuals and interesting. :)

    BTW, BoogerKing – I love your screen ID! I’m going to have a hard time not thinking of you and giggling next time I go to the BK drive-thru.

    Thanks for the cow pus, drippah! One of my favorite categories!

    ~ H.S.

  23. $20 to the person who eats a hamburger made from this beast

  24. Aww… the poor thing.
    It’s good that they were helping him out! The woman’s laugh is a bit annoying, but I laugh when I’m nervous or whatever, too. So no hard feelings towards her. :3

  25. Pardon me , I can’t resist; Time to make Merril-Lynch clean-up all their Bullish! ( Us Older ones will get it!)

  26. @ bogey: Why don’t you offer $100 for a fried brain sandwich from this bull! LOL!!

  27. Hey BT that’s who I work for!!!!

  28. @dripper: No Bull?

  29. No Bull lol BT on LOA now for awhile due to health conditions. You dont think I could pull Bullish out of a hat do you! My family has been Merrill since I can remember. But they are Merrill no more…its only a matter of time before BOA puts their stamp on all new acquired companies.

  30. snapcracklepop says:

    Mmmm bean dip! I think her laughing was a nervous reaction. It was kind of annoying, but I just turned down the volume.
    p.s.- I usually laugh at the gory parts in movies.

  31. @snap I laugh at gory parts too!

  32. I remember the Merril Lynch commercial with the bull breaking glass. Another great vid D ;)

  33. Bull: Stop laughing at me, dammit! Squeeze my head one more time and I’ll show you why I’m in this stockade…

  34. Wow, now that was a load of pus, I just loved the chunky consistencey of all that wonderful pus and blood….there was just so much of it…..BOO-YAH…..Sweet……Love it……More…..Please….Thanks…..DwS

  35. Mmmmmmmm tasty. I felt bad for the poor bull but it was for the best.

  36. diamondgirl828 says:

    That nervous laugh, she needs to shut up! Why can’t they at least sedate the animal? They go through so much and then get butchered…dang it, why are we so damn mean??

  37. wonder if they called in the cop to lock it in for the popping like i was watching a show of cops with the cop radio going in the background and wow it did look like they were squeezing out bull brain well almost great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  38. Stop laughing. The animal knows and it has feelings and is scared. I bet he feels better tho.

  39. NMGAPAOH says:

    WOW, OMG, FREAKIN’ INCREDIBLE that pus came out the size of the cow’s brain!!!!! I’ve NEVER seen anything like it! Speechless, just freakin’ speechless!!!

  40. Wow!!! That was a lot of pus. Poor bull.

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