Stepped on Nail Rubber Pop

Looks liek that hurt!! oww arghh oww lol Wait till the rubber piece pops. That was just too cool! hahah

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  1. Very satisfying. That must have hurt like crazy. It was nice to hear the guy’s relief.

  2. Ive stepped on nails before but what is that rubber piece about?? OUCH

    1. Agreed. I’m confused

      1. Probably wearing rubber thongs and punched the piece in when the head of the nail went through the thong and into the foot. Looked like he had tinea as well, gross.

  3. Wow! I wonder how long this guy had this plug in his foot. You couldn’t even see it at first. Owie.

  4. Reminded me of a 70’s porn film.

  5. Excellent poppin that was fantastic!!! I love the ones with surprises, great find.

  6. what is a rubber piece? I liked the video

  7. was prob the rubbber from the shoe he was wearing that got stuck in there? maybe? beuller?

  8. WOW! That was awesome! But, what the heck was that thing???

  9. SizzaStyle says:

    To me it looks like dried blood from the inside but who knows…
    i cant understand how a peice of rubber would get stuck INSIDE of you during a nail peircing your foot… Doesnt make sense…

    1. It does,cuz it happened to me once!

      And believe me @Sizza,the pain is real!lol
      To tell you the truth,that guy is really tough.
      IMO,its really like giving birth,cuz the actual “exit”,last forever!Couple hours!(in my case anyway!)I was like…15 and it was soooo painful,my mother was putting cold ice all over my body.

      After it got out(almost exactly like it happened in the vid),I had SOOO much endorphin in my body that I immediately felt asleep for a long time.
      And the moment right after it got out,like I said,I had so much endorphin in me,that I was literally stone ;)

      So…yeah!It does make sens ;)

  10. Considering the fact that this plug was completely black in color, I’d have to say that this poor guy had one hell of an infection. And the fact the he popped this out manually was very cool! That vid was good, and there was no juvenile screaming and the pop was truly worth it!

  11. Sir Lancealot says:

    The PTZ version of giving birth guys ! Ahhh , Isn’t it cute ! Lol .

  12. Sir Lancealot says:

    Lol !

  13. I’m with emilbus. Think about it. If you stepped on a nail while wearing shoes, the plug of the shoe sole would be the first thing pushed into the wound. You could pull out the nail, but the piece of shoe sole would still be stuck inside.

  14. Yea catmom thats what im talking about… ;-)

  15. Thanks everyone for the great comments! I would have to say yes that is probably a nail through the shoe! Emibus good thinking on how it probably got there I was trying to figure that out myself! I wonder if he was wearing Crocks! lol!

  16. great stuff sound like there having sex there wow good pop there

  17. lovelooking says:

    This is the first one I had to watch again more so to listen to it again. lol
    Worth watching with the sound.

  18. lovelooking says:

    On You Tube it states…
    3 weeks after stepping on a nail, the rubber sole of my thong (sandal) makes an exit!!

  19. Thanks for the info Love-

  20. NicDinecola says:

    I’m not sure but I bet it was a small rubber washer meant to expand when nailed in to make a water tight seal

  21. reminds me of the “Shasha milk foot” video – the reason that these things on the soles of feet hurt so much is that the human body has more nerve endings per square inch on the sole of the foot than any other part of the body

  22. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a man use Lamaze!! ;)

  23. Wow! I hope he didn’t end up with a massive infection!

  24. This guy’s fingernails were gross! He needs a good scrub and some lotion on those gross feet and hands.

    1. I agree. The guys nails were dirty as well as the female’s. I’m waiting for a nasty infection to occur because of the dirty nails. Just wait…

  25. The guy’s comment on the original vid:

    “3 weeks after stepping on a nail, the rubber sole of my thong (sandal) makes an exit!!”

    All I can say is ouch ew ouch ewwwwww – and hi everyone – this is my first post after lurking for months, lol!!

  26. Great find popintime! Love that British accent. But you gotta keep a stiff upper lip ol’ boy.

  27. Better in some ways that Sacha’s foot milk because at least we have closure for this one, but the overall pussie goodness goes in Sacha’s favor. I’m a big fan of bottom-of-the-foot milkings, as I stepped on a nail when I was 9. The excruciating pain of touching the wound contrasted by the satisfaction of expelling pus from it had a lasting effect, obviously.

  28. snapcracklepop says:

    thanks for finding the info, Lovelooking. I can’t believe that piece of rubber was in there for 3 weeks. That must have been so painful!

  29. Fab! Though BigTull, they are Austrailian not British old chap! Heehee x

  30. magna-cum-pus says:

    whoa! you know that hurts

  31. I’m with Sir Lance…CONGRATULATIONS! IT’S A BOY!!!

  32. That was awesome!!!

  33. just like sex ,if ya hear him well i stepped on a 9 inch nail when i was 8 years old.went straight pulled it out with pliers. hurt like hell.then i stepped on a lit cig.i had bad luck

  34. Cheesehead says:

    I’ve stepped on a nail twice, once wearing sandals and once wearing tennis shoes. Both times, a piece of the shoe got lodged inside my foot and it was only after a week or so of healing did my body begin to reject it. Then the piece would start getting irritated or start pushing itself out. So yes, that’s exactly what happened to this guy.

  35. Wow Kristy was it Trent, Robin, James, Danny or wait…that’s what happened to Richard…lol.

    I stepped on a nail once and it sucked, no one famous though!!!! Kristy I love your av…its so Burtonish ;)

    @cheesehead I have tried to pierce my belly button 12 times and it would heal…but push it out at the same time. Maybe my body was trying to tell me something!

  36. Beautiful!

  37. Oh my Gawd.awesome.sounds like he’s giving birth! lmao A TRUE CLASSIC!

  38. Great video,liked it!!! :)

    He probably did not know that a rubber piece was in his foot!
    3 weeks…WoW!Can you imagine the amount of pus that came out of there every day after being there for…7 days…10,14,20 days….
    A spoon full of pus in his bandages every single day IMO!!!

    Why am I watching this vid for the first time 2day???

    Thanks for the posting @poppintime,as always,it appreciated ;)

    1. I love this vid so much…I dunno why?
      Maybe because its like I can feel the pain(cus it happened to me once).
      I was also wearing sandal(it was at the beach in Gaspésie,where I’m from).

      Why a piece of wood with a rusted nail in it at the beach….?Cuz a couple night before they burned a boat(for a big party “St-Jean-Baptiste”).And while trying to clean the place with my ATV(or 4 wheeler IDK the term in english!)a nail got trough my sandal and a big piece of rubber got stuck in my foot.It was as big as the one in the vid.But I never knew there was a piece of rubber in my foot.

      I thought the INTENSE pain was due to the infection caused by the rusty nail!
      I walked on my heel for 2 1/2 weeks before it got out.
      But the hours before it came out,the pain was…LOL.It was so painful that after it got out,I had so much endorphin in my body that I felt asleep immediately for 4-5 hours.

      But that guy wasnt faking his pain,I found him to be kind of tough to tell you the truth. ;)
      I wish mine was on film too…oh well!!!

  39. What a nice little surprise. Sweet. DWS

  40. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    This is one of the rare times when the statement “O MY GOD” seems appropriate!!

  41. Great video! Thanks for sharing :-)

  42. amazing!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

  43. Splatter Man says:

    Time for a tetanus booster shot.

  44. That was equivalent of a male giving birth OOOWWWW

  45. Aussie Cyster says:

    wowza that was amazing. I bet he appreciates his wife when she gives birth!

  46. Aussie Cyster says:

    by the way, thongs in Australia are what I think you call flip flops. The rubber “shoes” you wear to the beach

  47. Aussie, i have always known them as thongs here in the USA, until they started calling Gstrings thongs (showing my age here) to me they will always be thongs. that was wild, the way that plug just popped out!! loved it!!! thanks so much poppin!!!

  48. Cool vid. Looked like he was wiping it with a rug.

  49. I had to concentrate hard not to stare at his filthy hands. Also, WTF was he using to wipe it? Looked like an old, dirty rag.

    Nonetheless, cool.

    1. I know we don’t see it very often in the world today but some people still have jobs which are labor intensive. This guy’s hands aren’t dirty, they are just really, really rough from a job I’m assuming that requires him to get dirty. Possibly a mechanic or a construction worker.

      His hands are just roughed up and despite their appearance clean. This guy could wash his hands 10,000 times if he wanted too and they would never look “clean.”

  50. Katie Hernandez says:

    Oh my! I definitely think that hurt . . . badly :(

  51. OMG!!!! The pain must have been INCREDIBLE! WOW, you are one tough cookie. How you were able to walk with that in the foot is a mystery. Glad it came out without a visit to a doctor and probably an incision to extract it.

  52. That was excellent to see , popping out like it did…that rag looked like an old shop towel they found on the garage floor..great post!

  53. Whoa! That must’ve felt like delivering a baby feels to a woman! Awesome find and that was one gutsy to go after that thing w/ no numbing or w/o using tweezers, etc. I cannot even begin to imagine to relief it brought getting that thing out, especially after having to walk on it for who knows how long. Wow! Awesome!

  54. phillip jackson says:

    looks like a drain plug.

  55. That had to be excruiciating!!!!!!!!

  56. crylittlecyster says:

    Its a BOY!!!! Now why are they leaving it in there? Are they waiting for the cord to stop pulsating first?

  57. diamondgirl828 says:

    what happened here? I don’t understand by the title…

  58. Oh man, I remember walking around my backyard when I was 5 or 6 and I stepped onto a 2×4 barefoot… needless to say, the old rusty nail that was sticking out of the 2×4 went right through the middle of my foot. One of the most painful experiences ever! I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even lift my foot off, my dad had to just scoop me up in his arms & carefully move move me. I feel for the guy, I’m glad he got that crud out! It must’ve been a continuous pain!

  59. Thanks so much for another golden oldie, poppintime!! I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt like I was in the room with them rooting him on…squeeze it out squeeze it out go plug go!

  60. Why do people do these things with dirty hands? That guy looks like his hands hadn’t seen soap and water for a week.

  61. Looks like it hurt.


    That was AWESOME! Oh the pain! Oh the humanity! Oh the friggin RELIEF!

    Wow. Calm down Jiffy. Chillax as Grul my favorite ” Villain” on Despicable Me would say.

    Ive been diabetic for 12+ years but my feet are so sensitive that I can feel a cotton puff with my eyes closed. My neurologist was shocked at that. Haha
    However, it’s not all good. I have terrible burning from the Fibromyalgia and I swear, if this had been me I would not have uttered a sound.

    Someone would be scraping my pudgy old a$$ up off the floor as I would have passed out.

    I give this guy MAJOR brownie points with fudge on top for plowing through that. I am also surprised that there was not more redness and infection.

    The poor man sounded exactly like he was giving birth but I guess that’s what screws tend to cause.

    Gotta go click it again.


  63. I’ ve had to come back to watch this several times! You know how tough the bottom of your foot is and how much pressure it must have taken to pop this. Then this plug pops out. You know that had to provide almost instant relief – zero to 60 in 3 seconds. Excellent video!

  64. I stepped on a nail a couple times when I was a kid – ouch barely describes it … I was lucky and nothing stuck in the foot afterwards except dirt and infection and man did it hurt even so. I can only imagine how much that hurt! He is one tough guy. I’ve had splinters etc get stuck and they were bad enough. Kudo’s to him for getting through that without going to a doc for help, but he may need a tetanus shot for safety though. wow …ow ow ow …

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