Head Cyst

This reminds me of my brothers putting Bond-o on a car. They’d cut out sections of rust, spray the area with primer, and then add Bond-o. Either these guys are using super glue to close the wound shut, or some medical version of super glue.

Anyway, this reminds me of what use to happen in my driveway…

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  1. Looks like superglue.
    Nice find.

  2. Aww cute…

    What are we going to do after you guys get public health care?

  3. your friends will kill you, where is the cyst sac?
    the cyst was great, could have been excised whole.

  4. HA I was just found this in my mail box as I have been out today…great find niterider! Wow do you think he could have cut that any wider!

    It was really nice to get away from the house today…kitty has been sick and I wouldn’t leave him home alone. Much better now. You know its summer out there!!!!

  5. ultraworld says:

    Good Video , well shot. I know Dr’s use a version of super glue to close some wounds. I wonder how it’s different it is from the store bought version.

  6. @Dripper I’m glad to read your cat is feeling better. I hate it when mine are feeling lousy. And yes, it was a great summer day. This video isn’t the best, but I was horrified by the length of the incision. Scary!

  7. Great find niterider! My daughter just had gall bladder surgery 3 weeks ago and the doctor glued her 4 little holes back together. He told her she could shower when she got home because he had glued the incision instead of stitches. Something else, when I used to bowl 7 days a week in leagues and tournaments, there used to be some ether based glue I used to put on my thumb so it would hold up without falling off my hand.

  8. Gotta love these amateur doctors who think they know what they’re doing! If the cyst was someplace else, I could see the guy letting his friends have some fun, but with this being right in the middle of his forehead, I can’t believe he didn’t go to a doctor!

  9. DocAsHimself says:

    The ‘superglue’ you’re referring to that is used by surgeons, particularly to close small incisions after laparoscopic surgeries is Dermabond. It’s apparently a more flexible, slightly less adherent derivative of the ‘superglue’ formulation. Check out dermabond.com to read about it.

    As far as these yahoos, it looks like just regular superglue to me.

  10. what’s with the huge head incisions lately? and this idiot cutting, “There’s no sac on this kind, just pus and debris…” PLEASE!

  11. neetersb112 says:

    did he say the n word around 8:35?

  12. @neetersb112: I think so. I was wondering the same thing, and replayed it a few times. I really hate that word, even when used jokingly.

    Good vid, and I agree about all the long incisions lately. I think the pus could have been extracted with a little stab.

  13. @ DocAsHimself: Thank you Sir.

  14. Good Video Niterider but I think this guy is going to need a hair piece after that long slice in his head that is with-out a doubt going to leave a nice scar!

  15. Pumperpimple says:

    Is this Larry the cable guy putting that their spray stuff on that their head?????? Tee hee

  16. Actually superglue was made as a use for the military to use in combat surgeries.

    1. I’d heard that always wondered if it was true.

  17. got the medical version of superglue in my arm after a mishap with a boxcutter a few years ago. still got this stupid crap in my arm.

  18. yeah, i think you’re right- it is regular super-glue; problem with that is, it’s alot more irritating to the skin due to the chemical content. Also, it is not even close to being sterile…… :-)

  19. “it is liquid-style…” WANKER!!! Still, I enjoyed hating him. Thanks!!!

  20. sorry to burst your bubble. but all super glues are sterile when first made. the first glue used on people was eastman 510 it was designed to be used to glue film together after it broke, then someone decided to see how well it would a wound together after how fast it bonded skin.
    btw super glue was discovered by accident!!!!
    the person destroyed several hundred $ worth of optics in doing so.

  21. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It’s gone and I didn’t even get to see it!!

    My charger for my laptop died and I had to order a new one…. I’m glad to be back!! I missed you guys AND what sounds like a cool video….. Emil??? HELP!! ;)

  22. Looks like the video has been removed. :(

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