Some one give this guy a hand! Not a pin…

Ok so no pop but I laughed so hard when I saw this guy…is he serious?! Could someone find out where this dude lives and go over and give him some lessons?

2nd time around?

34 Comments on “Some one give this guy a hand! Not a pin…

  1. A scalpel would be useful here!

  2. Innaffitoften says:

    Awww, this poor guy, he needs a hand, and here all of us sit, just itching to get our hands (gloved, I might add) on his head! One thing that I found interesting. I am a smoker, and while I do not smoke inside my home, I have known others that do/did, whatever. I thought it was so strange that there was an ashtray right on the sink, like a special spot for it and everything. I guess that eliminates the need for air freshener, swapping one icky smell for another!

  3. I can’t get over these people that think you can get thick chunky Pus out of a little needle hole….

  4. This guys Knot On The Head Appear’s you might need a Chain Saw for The Huge Infected Knot on the head..

  5. Uuummmmm….. oh, never mind!

  6. Ahhhhh……Comedy on the lowest order! Nice find dripper. For me, it’s using the plastic medicine bottle that makes the vid. lol!

  7. What the Heck is that thing?!!!!

  8. I would definetely see a doctor about that! It’s massive!

  9. super hot country boy. needs to lose the chick and that whiney brat and get that thing popped!

  10. OK here is part two, did not want to do another post. I told the guy on You Tube he needed a scalpel or a knife and I guess he took my advise

    Sorry guys I never listen to the sound on these vids. I have sensitive ears!

  11. bluemanxcat says:

    Seriously, what the hell was that thing???

  12. magna-cum-pus says:

    holy moly
    @driper – also tell him to get thee to a doctor! on the video link you supplied, looks like it had been opened before – see the veritcal scar?

  13. miriam1548 says:

    I couldn’t get passed the dirty ashtray.

  14. cute as hell,to bad he was clueless:( oh well wouldve been so fun if it did pop!

  15. zittylover says:

    intelligence is not due to everyone…. pfffff
    stupid guy

  16. zittylover says:

    and now…… Go to the doctor!

  17. neetersb112 says:

    somebody please pick up that child!

  18. comedoness says:

    LOL!!!! WTF was that thing in video #2?

  19. OddestObsession says:

    Totally with comedoness here WTF was that thing filming this? It said his ex gf took a knife to his pimple so was that her???

  20. Pumperpimple says:

    OK WTF do people do stupid crap like that. The poor guy has a cyst the size of an egg. And the other idiot poking it with a friggin pin. Don’t you watch buddy??? You will learn grasshopper.

  21. TheSqueezie says:

    Seriously, a scalpel would have been a far better idea. All you’re gonna do with a pin is create an opening for infection to set in.

  22. Yes I told him I was glad he went to the doctor and wanted to know if he filmed it there…then to come to PTZ and take lessons! Does the kid not have parents…he doesn’t look that old and if I was his mom…OK I would have tried popping it…but if I was a normal mom or dad I would have had him to the hospital 5 years ago!

  23. I think these two were “carnies” at the local county fair.

  24. This guy is a complete idiot! What he has is called a Wen. They run in my family…I have one, but it’s very small and hasn’t changed in 10 years, so I’m leaving it alone…they can come back after removal, so I don’t want to mess with mine. This guy’s is HUGE and must be removed by a surgeon! I love a good pop just like all of you, but in this case, he really needs that handled properly! How in the world could he let it get SO big without doing anything about it? I understand that he might not have insurance, but that would definitely be something he could go to a clinic for!

  25. magna-cum-pus says:

    OK dripper, good news he went to the doctor
    I was actually thinking about that poor guy last night, wow

  26. was she wearin a mask and a curtain?

  27. Instead of a pin…he would have been better off hammering a ten penny nail into his head. Maybe he should go see a dr.

  28. lennyg4362 says:

    Do the names Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels come to mind here? Good grief!!

  29. I died at this joker.
    As if a pin would do anything.

    And the woman thought it would too. oh man.

    send them back to high school


  31. DarkAngel5190 says:

    GODDAMN SOMEONE SHUT THAT KID UP!! sheesh. turn down ur volume when watching this

  32. The child was scared that his/her mother was hurting daddy. Give the kid a break. Anyways! That was one serious looking lump. I guess we will never know what happened or do we?

  33. Get to an ER as fast as the car takes you!!!! That has to be a tumor!!!

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