Plantar wart gets ripped out! *GRAPHIC*

Alright although this isn’t a cyst, zit or blackhead video, I believe a lot of people might be interested in seeing this rather innovative DIY home surgery some guy decided to perform on a nasty and rather large plantar wart sticking out of the bottom of his foot. Not to mention, I heard the black salve’s guy post was getting lonely in his special category. ;)

The original poster stated that his foot was in extreme pain from the wart and he felt it had to go right then and there as he had to go to work that day. This DIY surgeon’s instrument of choice you ask? A pair of needlenose pliers. I must advise sensitive viewers that it is rather graphic in nature, although I have seen much worse and there is some blood involved but I feel the pain of the procedure was far less than the pain of walking on that nasty wart. He actually sounds quite relieved by the end. Don’t think that wart will be coming back either, he got ALL of it ;) The removal is clearly audible, and we are treated to a slow motion replay!


SICK! Plantar Wart vs. Needlenose – Watch more Funny Videos

35 Comments on “Plantar wart gets ripped out! *GRAPHIC*

  1. John1964 says:

    Yikes. I give the guy credit for his pain threshold.

  2. Quick and simple, minimal noise. Nice find Anotherpopfan.

  3. sexandzitz says:

    This dude manned up bigtime. I could use some electrical work around the house with those pliers. Thanks for posting!

  4. thanks for that, anotherpopfan… no way could i manage that on my own, props to the guy for steely-beastiness.

  5. ultraworld says:

    Great post!

  6. Anotherpopfan, are you sure you are HS’s twin? You sure sound like her. An unusual find for sure. He sure let that wart get big. I found with my children if I caught them early, I could pull out the little black “seeds” and as long as they were gone, so was the wart! Worked better than needle nose pliers for sure!

  7. I meant are you sure you areN’T HS’s twin?

  8. Halph Staph says:

    PPM – its freaky to me too. Maybe I split my personality. But, damn, if I did, posting even more to PTZ isn’t top on the list of fun things to do and not have any memory of doing so. I mean, c’mon, I’d rather wake up to a kitchen full of french pastries, or elaborate murals painted on my ceiling, perhaps trophies from the local racing circuit. Much more interesting!!

    APF ~ nice post. I like these plantars too. Have you seen the videos of the huge blisters people get after cryo-freezing their warts? Too cool, check em out if you haven’t.

    ~ H.S.

  9. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    I have to wonder if he got the whole wart…I had to have several plantar warts removed off of my feet as a teenager, and there were always “roots” on the end of them. The dr. would freeze them, then cut them out and every one of them had roots. Maybe there are different kinds of plantar warts?? Not sure but I just hope this guy got it all because they can get very painful.

  10. girlonamission says:

    OUCH! could you imagine having something that gnarly on the bottom of your foot?? id never walk lol and..seriously..thats a WART? wow.. cool video!

  11. OddestObsession says:

    Hmmm interesting way to remove a wart to say the least and he sounds like a seal belching after he pulls it out! TFS!

  12. Another nice post! That guy had some serious stones! I had one as a teen, but got rid of it by clipping slowly away at the edges with nail clippers,until it finally disappeared. I was in the AF at the time,and we did lots of walking and marching,as well as playing basketball year round. I was so glad to be rid of it!

  13. Anotherpopfan says:

    @ppm I take that as a compliment save the difference that I am a man :p Glad you enjoyed the vid everyone : )

  14. I have one of these but it is very small. I shave it off the top when it sticks out too far. This seems more effective…hummmmmm. Ah no.

  15. Ow ow ow ow ow. I would never had had the courage to do the same. Although if I knew for sure the pain would be less… I hope this guy doesn’t get infection.
    Great find Apf!

  16. Here in Texas we call that Farmboy surgery. It works but you’ve got to be tough to undergo it and even tougher to do it to yourself.

  17. Post Script: I’m surprised there wasn’t some bailing wire involved.

  18. Anotherpopfan says:

    Lmao, Amen to that Skull Ranch Cowboy.

  19. I give him credit for being tough.

  20. Dude, this is hot. And dude, I must be a sick chick.

  21. pussnstuff says:

    Not only do vice grips come in handy for warts, you can use em for pulling teeth for that hell of a mother toothache!!
    Nice one MR. POPFAN.

  22. Wonderful post. The wart looked hard, which made it even more satisfying upon seeing it removed. I would have totally taken a knife to that puppy, but enjoyed the quick yank too.

  23. joeyjoejoejrshabadoo says:

    That was rad. This is also kind of weird, but one of my fondest memories with my ex gf was picking at her frozen plantar wart. It had been hurting her for a while so she had it killed with liquid nitrogen. I had the pleasure of peeling it out of her heel and seeing the mostly healed but large crater left in her foot.

  24. Pus Junkie says:

    The sound it made, ripping that hard piece of flesh off his foot was the bomb!

  25. Skin_Seed says:

    That was hardcore.

  26. PussINBoots says:

    AH! Yeow! I felt that! I used to get plantar warts on the bottom of my feet all the time, doc froze them off and they were gone, but they were NOTHING compared to that!! I hope he’ll be alright now, yeowza, he deserves a trophy for being that hardcore!

  27. YES. We need more plantar’s warts on here. It’s like a carrot.

  28. A carrot, indeed, Princess – that was cool…

  29. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its goneeeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. Cyster Sebum says:

    I cannot believe that Break would remove something for being shocking and disgusting! Isn’t that what they base their site off of?

  31. “Sob sob ” they took it away :(

  32. aaahhh geez :( It sounded like a good video to watch.


    1. Yeah, dangit!!!

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