huge blackhead

i think that has been there since the first world war
first post hope you guys enjoy

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  1. ah that was friggin awesome!! How many years was that puppy hiding out in there?

  2. This is showing that crazy-awful busted up, botched-choppy surgery on the older woman’s chin, instead of an amazing blackhead. I am has sadface :(

  3. im losing it!! its right now lol

  4. there’s more ? Would like to see what is left, if anything.

  5. AcneScars4Life says:

    OMG!!! I have never seen anything like that before! It look like special effects. He must have had a cyst that came to the surface and then oxidized- went hard and black. How could someone have that and leave it there or not know it??

  6. looked like a bot crawled in there years ago and died a miserable death…hope they have a proper funeral for the poor thing

    1. Yes, a dead bot fly rather than a blackhead.

  7. Pumperpimple says:

    man there is still stuff in there!!!! sheesh

  8. That was totally x-rated! I’m strangely aroused…

  9. Love it! Great find!

  10. OddestObsession says:

    Whoa at first it looked like it was a BB lodged in there or something then it got longer and longer. Freaky! Great post!

  11. Dang… I thot more people would have seen it like I did but apparently not… just me and thinget99 seem to be like minded…oh well.

    It is a cool blackhead/longskinnycystthingy. It must have hurt getting it out as hard and long as they were squeezing that thing.
    It will fill up again because the pore is so stretched out.
    Hubby has one like that on his back but not as big. Every now and then a hard piece of whatever will squeeze out or I can pull it out with tweezers.
    Good first post! and what is vtec?

  12. allinthesqueeze says:

    Wow..I bet that had a nice smell:P

  13. miriam1548 says:

    Let’s see what else is in there.

  14. GOD BLESS THESE PEOPLE, THEIR CAMERA, AND THAT BLACKHEAD. This is my favorite type of zit. I don’t know why, but blackheads REALLY DO IT FOR ME! I know there are more out there!

  15. Umm, did anyone else think it looked like a crusty penis?? Weird, and AWESOME!!!! Blackheads are my most favorite!!

  16. Under Pressure says:

    Crusty Penises, and the Women That Love Them… On the Next Oprah

  17. That’s the biggest blackhead I’ve ever seen. I too thought it was a botfly that had died in that man’s body years ago. I’m pretty sure the guy could feel it when he touched his back. Ewww.

  18. Reminded me of the Loch Ness monster. Good one.

  19. Love it! The best things about large blackheads is the crater they leave. Completely symmetrical holes that if you look inside, appear they go down to China. This one was so big you could probably zit it.

  20. Definitely looks like a bot fly and more in that hole…

  21. That was the zit!

  22. Anna Nonymous says:

    Holy butt nuggets batman! WTF?!

  23. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    To Obsessed: I thought the same exact thing, but wouldn’t have had the balls to post it….I thought it was totally disgusting, yet extremely satisfying at the same time….God I love this website!!!!

  24. That thing was soooo cute! I would name him, make him a little hat and teach him how to dance. *Sigh…*

  25. Pimples123 says:

    Yes, yes! I kept thinking “How perfectly fallic!”

  26. sexandzitz says:

    That puppy was only one out of the litter. There are lots more in there waiting to see the light of day. That is an immediate Favorite for me. Awesome blackhead vid, definitely raising the bar on PTZ. Did you notice it had a face and whiskers when seen from the side? Definitely a blackhead pedigree puppy. Infinite gratitude for that awesome post!

  27. Pop-Connoisseur says:

    LOL that was great ! Do ya think they used it as bait for fishing afterwards?

  28. cakebythelake says:

    Never saw so much greatness as in this tiny log of yes.

  29. magna-cum-pus says:

    NO WAY
    NO WAY

  30. They look like they’re on a sailboat.

  31. bronxbabe says:

    I kept thinking “More, more”. Then it stopped. But like others I am pretty sure there is another layer of stuff.

  32. Whoa Nelly! That sucker DID look like a penis coming out of there. I wanna see the part 2 of this, which there is more to come out I am sure!! Impressive!

  33. Looks like a Bot-Fly to me. Any other takers on this one???

  34. Great vid! And a tip of my hat to the poster! Kinda makes me miss my aunt. Lots of great poppage on that ol’gal.

  35. blondiepopper says:


  36. cheesiesqueezie says:

    I thought it looked like a little squirrel or groundhog coming out of its shell. Cute. But come on 4.63? If they had dropped it in the water and it swam away, maybe… Way overrated.

  37. comedoness says:

    O M G, it looks like it has a face!!! I love it. Being a blackhead freak, I was in heaven watching that!

  38. It was so NOT overrated. Remember a few weeks ago when we had the “Eye” and they just removed the head of it (sorry about the pun but I thought it phallic too!). This was better than that one and we got to see the squeeze :)…the “Eye” must have been magnified!!!

    Whoo hoo awesome post vtech!

  39. Great find,.

  40. girlonamission says:

    :( i didnt get to see it…all i saw was alot of different colors distored on the screen :( im sad

  41. Looks like an old dried up cyst sack to me. ( Notice that M.D. DOES NOT follow my name).

  42. veteranpopper says:

    I’m another one that thinks it’s an old dead bot fly. Either way, it was still cool!

  43. keetacole says:

    I think it looks like a petrified bot fly…. ewww!!

  44. crimsonviper says:

    Yeah it did look like a dead bot fly larva.

  45. crimsonviper says:

    Although it sounded like they were speaking Italian and I don’t think botflies are in Italy, although he might have traveled where they are…

  46. poppinfresh says:

    Amazing video! What was it called on You Tube?

  47. snapcracklepop says:

    I did think it looked phallic, but then again it kind of seemed like he was giving birth to it. Someone should have been yelling out how many centimeters he was dilated. It did sort of look like a little petrified woodland creature right before they pulled it out with the tweezers. I wonder what happens if it sees its shadow? Six more weeks of zits?

  48. SpiderPig says:

    Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo hitched a ride in this dudes back. That definately was a blackhead, good oily dead cell goodness you just can’t fake.
    Would be good to see the sequel, there was more to come.
    VTEC is a piece of zit Japanese engine technology FYI PPM.

  49. peterpiperpicked says:

    Well I thought it kind of looked like a burnt up joint, especially when they came in at the end with the roach clip and held it up to the light. Someone should of just taken a toke on it me thinks.

  50. THAT is why we pay for the internet.

  51. i thought it looked like a penis too!

  52. blondiepopper says:


  53. It looked almost metallic. Maybe it was an alien implant.

  54. bustmybuttons says:

    I agree, Peter. I’ve never smoked weed but from what I’ve seen in the media, that is how I imagine a “roach”. At first I was thinking it looked like a cigar. Ha!

  55. What’s the YouTube name for this? I keep getting some message saying Popthatzit wants to store stuff on my computer, and it’s right in the middle of the frame. I can’t see a thing.

  56. Buttcheese says:

    I think I just had a thermal discharge.

  57. Looked like a petrified botfly! I’d take that thing to a lab!

  58. I am with you Sarge….I said the same thing…a petrified botfly.

  59. I say it is a botfly too. It has a face. A face like a dead botfly.
    Look around the hole. It looks weird like little dead botfly eggs are around it. There is definitely something weird around the hole. Botfly with a face. I agree with the poster who said they want to knit it a little hat. Me too. Knit it a hat, buy it a little botfly backpack, send it to botfly school. . . so much we can do with the little fella

  60. qwertyffun says:

    wow! How… what… ?? How could a girlfriend or mom or friend not see that thing on his back and wait until now? How could he possibly wait what looks like 20 freakin years to pop that thing? Incredible vid, just wow! Whatever the case, I’m not complaining just amazed with the circustances for the epic blackhead.

  61. Sir Pick-a-lot says:

    mr hankey good one! so many funny comments enjoyed those almost as much as this pore poopoo.

  62. TheSqueezie says:

    It looked like a weasel coming out of it’s burrow! That really was epic! Btw, first time commenting! I’ve been lurking for weeks now..

  63. Fishlova82 says:

    YUCK looks like a smoked botfly :/

  64. Telling everyone it was a dead botfly and he has dead botfly eggs all around the hole. Still, damn cool.

  65. sexandzitz says:

    This guy could be pregnant with long dormant botfly eggs waiting to hatch. Needs a dedicated popologist to exterminate the little critters. Release them back into the wild so that they can have a chance at 20 years in some other dude’s back. Nice lifestyle, yacht on the Mediterrean…what else could a botfly family ask for!!

  66. sexandzitz says:

    P.S. If your pot roaches look like that, you can bogart it forever. Yuck!

  67. MY DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!! MY FANTASY HAS COME TRUE!! This is what I have been waiting for!! Thank you for posting this. I truly enjoyed that. My pulse was racing and my heart was pounding faster and faster the harder and longer they squeezed. It was so long, hard and black. I could not have asked for more, but I will. Post more blackheads!!!!

  68. veteranpopper says:

    bustmybuttons, you’ve never smoked weed? Now, that’s a bigger shame than having a dead botfly in your back.

  69. I agree looks like a dead botfly..def needs 2 be ananylized…great video!

  70. Beautiful! Thank you very much! I want to squish one of those.

  71. That looked like he was growing an antler!! Awesome post!!

  72. magna-cum-pus says:

    @vtec – been a while since generating this caliber of humour; laughing my fat butt off crawled in there..x-rated..crusty penis??..and the Women That Love Them..Loch Ness..Holy butt nuggets batman! WTF?!..face and whiskers..this tiny log of yes..a little petrified woodland creature/6 more weeks of zits?..Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo hitched a ride(LMAO X 10!!)..burnt up joint..Knit it a al

    hats off, zitoids
    witty comments are the draw

  73. poppy montgomery says:

    My high school boyfriend was in a fire when he was little, and the areas on his body where the flames didn’t get him too bad – i guess the easiest way to describe it is it made his skin “melty”, and when his mom laid him on the carpet, the carpet left permanent indentations in his skin, especially almost his entire back – it’s made the skin incredibly porous, and that, coupled with him being a fitness nut who spent hours sweating in a gym, you know what that means? BLACKHEAD HEAVENNN! I pulled out TWO that were EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN THIS VIDEO – one from his back, and one from his ear, that had been accumulating for almost 10 years…gosh, I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about those…

  74. LMAO at Under Pressure!! xoSunshineAngelxo, I hope you don’t have balls!! ;P

  75. It looks like one of those black snake things you light on the Fourth of July

  76. gawkingdoofus says:

    Outstanding, vtec! Thanks!

    The width this thing achieved is amazing. This one’s a new fave for me.

  77. SweetRoisinDubh says:

    I had a boyfriend who had amazing blackheads like that too (mainly on his legs…a few on his stomach). Looking back, that’s probably the only thing I miss about that man. Ha!

    AWESOME post!!! Thank you. I may need a cigarette after that.

  78. I am so glad that no one has EVER squeezed a phallic zit out of my back. Daaaammmmmnnnnn.

  79. not a bot fly, they dont come out head first.

  80. Believe it or not I suffer the same effect ! A BIg Cut on my hip caused a scar. Dead skin dirt sweat would get rubbed into the hole over and over and over by the elastic in my underwear and by the belt
    Line of my Levi’s. Causing a black head to form over and over and over again. I would wash it out wit peroxide … I never let mine build up like this dude. Who obviously swims in salt water allot which helps disinfect skin cut and sores.. It just builds up by day to day activities…


  82. AMAZING!!! Can u imagine the nice mark/hole that left?!

  83. this was love at first site <3

  84. I really want to see this video but it just keeps loading and loading and loading. WTF?

  85. At First, watching it come out, it looked like a black prairie dog….than the more time, and the little by little more they got out, it looked like a dead dried up bot fly! The way I search by bopdy for any abnormalities, you would never have any good finds like that on me!… wow!

  86. Lol! One of them says, “It’s a monster! A monster!!” I laughed so hard. XD

  87. amazing giant blackhead is terrific

  88. I want someone to have one of those I can take care of for them. Blackheads are my favorite. I found myself holding my breath on this one!

  89. we’ll pissed it’s a boy!

  90. Lets put a bridle on that thing and ride it outa there!

  91. @vtecjustkickedin, what a way to start! Bravo! That was crazy big! Thanks.

  92. I wonder if they opened it up and did an autopsy on it…All these comments are just about more fun to read than watch and takes longer too!

  93. Twisted Cyster says:

    In the begin I was also a non-believer of that Blackhead being a dead crusty BotFly……Until I seen this picture of a beautyfull Botfly…

  94. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Blackheads this big require an exorcist…

    1. yup, I think this thing winked at me a couple of times. (I didn’t wink back though….I’m taken) :)

  95. Splatter Man says:

    It puts me in mind of a sand worm in Frank Herbert’s book Dune.

  96. Definitely a mummified botfly. yuck.

  97. it looks like a horse d***

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Well Candy, We will just have to take your word for that. I always thought that they would be somewhat bigger than that one.

  98. pestilenceshmestilence says:

    jeezus. that thing is the size of a botfly.

    1. And that is also what it indeed is. A dead botfly.

      1. Cyster Sebum says:

        DeKosta–Agreed, definitely a dead botfly. The poppers obviously knew it, as they never pulled on it or tried to wipe it off. The used the standard botfly technique of pushing until it comes out. Not to mention, it obviously looked like a dead bot fly. I need to go to beaches/pool parties more often– it seems like all this cool stuff is discovered when wearing swimsuits.

      2. I was wondering about that. Can anyone translate the dialogue?

  99. At one point it looked like the loch ness monster !!

    1. Thats exactly what I thought

  100. Are you sure it wasn’t a BOTFLY?! Bad camra work but nice vid!

  101. Believe me, THAT was a Fabulous Blackhead that was left all alone for alooong time! My dad gets one on his back & once in a while (like every 2 yrs) he lets me “get” it. I do have to beg but when he lets me get it, I feel like I’ve won a prize! For some odd reason my family thinks I’m weird & beyond sick! Just because I like to pick at zits? I feel it’s part of my charm”
    My family is real lucky I don’t ask strangers if I can “get” their zits!
    Does anyone else ever stand in line & think “Oh! I could have so much fun squeezing your face or back”? Or am I really “beyond sick”? Anyone?

    1. I do that too. My mom is like ewww sicko but my sister has the pus filled ones not the watery one. I only get the watery ones.. :(

    2. no you are not “beyond sick” and I’ve certain been talking to people struggling to follow the conversation because most of my brain power is divided between keeping my hands to myself and screaming, “let me get my hands on that!”

  102. Yeah i got to say good video but that is definitely a dead botfly

    1. it is not a dead botfly.

  103. Jen_the_ledge says:

    looks like a twin “willy” omg :-)

  104. This is definatley one of my all time favorite Blackhead videos!
    Definately not a Bot Fly folks just a huge OLD blackhead! Great stuff!

  105. Nice blackhead!

  106. haha i used to pop my brothers back of blackheads that what i just saw was really impressive if you look close at the top of the black head you will see a cats face in it the cats nose eyes and mouth lol sware to god just watch it again and look at top of it you’ll see it lol

    1. I could see a face too about the 1:00 mark. Not so sure if it was a cats face tho. My cat is no where that ugly.

  107. I love this video. It is my alll time favorite blachead.It will be until a bigger one comes along. Thanks again for the post vtecjustkickedin

  108. When a side view of this was shown, it looked like a baby ferret… I’ve never seen one this long, are they sure it’s not more? With that hole maybe another will grow. Let’s keep our fingers & toes crossed.

  109. whydoiwatchthis says:

    i wonder how many fish they caught with that one

  110. I can’t tell if that is a dead bot fly or the biggest blackhead I have ever seen. Nice video for sure! :)

  111. Poor guy kept swearing all the way through! And the cheering omg… they kept saying “it’s a boy!” Obviously, there was still some left so we might be in for more :D

  112. I think it’s a blackhead and not a botfly… no matter what, it’s still fantastic!

  113. PopinInStyle says:

    I want to pop one!

  114. Katie Hernandez says:

    It looks like a pilar cyst now that I think about it. Maybe thats not the right term . . . but DAMN! I don’t know how you could let something get that big . . . I don’t have the patience. As soon as I see something I have to pop it! I admit, I have no self control :)

  115. CystrButtPimple says:

    That was seriously awesome. This and that blackhead they surgectly removed from the elderly paitient are the best videos ever. Whats the criteria for putting videos off youtube on here? Do you have to have the permission of the person who posted it on youtube? I see tons of videos on youtube that I haven’t seen on here and wondered if it’s because the video poster didn’t give permission. Do you have that right after posting something on youtube? I thought once it’s on the internet you can’t control who reposts it or where. Am I wrong?

  116. Lordy, that looked like a cork stopper! Great find!

  117. rebornmoron says:

    If you look real close, while they are pushing it out, you will see MARY the BLESSED VIRGIN!


  118. That looks like a petrified bot fly!

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      This is exactly what I was going to post. It has to be a mummy bot fly!


  119. Bubblez1281 says:

    Maybe we can tell how old it is by the rings lol. Carbon dating lol

  120. I wonder how this happens? How could something go unnoticed that long? That had to take years to grow that big.

  121. that looked like a cobra coming out of the snake charmers basket just without the music.

  122. the family that pops together, sticks together! great find

  123. wish they would have shown what else was in there

  124. Look like a big black Dildo or buddy’s lower back is taking a Shit!!!!

  125. scarletknitwit says:

    I saw this on YouTube AGES ago, and it is one of my all-time favorites.

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