Drenaje de absceso de origen dentario

Straightforward punch and drain, with what looks to be good relief. Oh, and there’s pus, lots of pus. I don’t know whether Juan Bejarano is the patient, the operator, or the videographer — but either way, muchas gracias!

Uploaded to YouTube by jignaciobejarano on July 12, 2010, with no further description beyond the title.

13 Comments on “Drenaje de absceso de origen dentario

  1. Ouch!! That had to feel a lot better after that much drainage…. Good post!!

  2. Great Find Proffessor! Excellent team work by the doctor’s staff!

  3. Ay, pobrecito

  4. Fishlova82 says:


  5. Glad to see he was having a dr do it and not some kitchen butcher job! Uffda!

  6. Sir Pick-a-lot says:

    look it’s all over his shirt collar at the end…i don’t get it: in so many of these clinic/doc videos, so much of the Ooze just seems to go everywhere…then you or i occupy the same office when we go to the doc for the flu or whatever…it’s like letting someone take a zit in the middle of the floor and going about your day. this is why hospitals are ripe with infection, flesh eating bacteria, and super viruses. gross man.

  7. Unwatchable. The video starts and stops every three seconds, like it’s loading. This happens a lot here…must be my computer?

  8. Cheesehead says:

    @DirectrM More than likely it’s YouTube. They’ve been having problems with their servers for the past few weeks.

  9. “Someone get me a bucket”

  10. what kind of ??? is this?
    its not a cyst

  11. OddestObsession says:

    I think maybe it is an abscessed tooth or maybe a salivary gland like we saw a few weeks ago those are just uneducated guesses tho. That had to be so painful all that pus around his jaw.

  12. My brother in law gets these alot from his teeth going bad and it makes the whole side of his head swell and usually once the oral surgeon cuts out the teeth then the pus flowws like a waterfall. Now that he has only 5 or 6 teeth left he dont get these abscesses quite so often.

    I really do hope that this patient heals without any complications and that this is a onetime only ordeal for him.

    Thanks for the upload.

  13. Sweet Jesus, I love that doctor for pressing from the bottom at the end. What a thorough doc!

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