big neck cyst explodes

Im not gonna bore you with details just watch and enjoy happy early 4 of july

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  1. Too watery and too slooooow.

    1. I thought so at first, but jump to 6:50

    2. 3cysterscafe says:

      I guess you can’t please everyone all of the time…. however, these kind people shared their video with us and didn’t have to! You could at least thank them for their generosity instead of complaining…. :-/

    3. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It was a source of squeeze playground fior at least 2 weeks. I kept getting bigger and bigger, red and redder, lots of little holes for release points. I kept thinking if he gave it one good suqeeze

      1. I loved the way it got chunkier and chunkier. I wished I could have helped him squeeze.

  2. Gotta be one of my all-time favorites. Delicious!!

  3. I would have taken a knife to that right at the start But we wouldny have such a nice timelapse video

  4. This is one of the best. Infected sebaceous cyst. I love the time lapse, beginning with the pus then as the area heals, the sebum is worked out with slow steady pressure. I really appreciate the time taken to present this to us, and I am oh so envious!

    1. You took the words from my lips. I think exactly the same.

      Missing the end of this wonderful popping, must be recorded, maybe number two, version 1.1, or so.

    2. Wonder if it was underneath the site the entire time or developed after the liquid pus was released? Definitely as squeeze like vice grips!!

    3. Here, Here Mother E! I second that! That a lot of work. 5/5 and into the favorites she goes. Sure hope there is a sequel so we can see the ending.

  5. 9 minutes of teasing because this vagina does not dare to press it hard while the girl is FILMING?? — do you wanna buy a car from someone who cannot even pop a pimple properly?
    this “oh i am so sensitive” makes me mad — this was a damn gross NECK ZIT and he caressed it like it was on his cockhead – sorry but that is so annoying!

    1. Do you mind? This isn’t YouTube, please watch your language.

    2. You obviously lack in the area of vocabulary. If you have to use such childish euphemisms to express yourself, go back to school. We don’t need your schoolboy talk – no one is interested. I stopped reading whatever you where saying after the first paragraph.

    3. 3cysterscafe says:

      Nice job girls! It must’ve worked, we have not seen hide nor hair of Martin for quite sometime!!!

  6. This was kind of like a boil and a cyst wrapped up into one. It gave us the runny pus and blood that a boil would give you and then at the end it gave us the nice thick cheese that a cyst would give you. They also saved us from having to watch all the wiping of the pus, this was just one a great video. Thanks for the nice find. I loved it. DwS

    1. My sentiments exactly. This goes into my fav post.

    2. Ditto! Perfectly worded! When I first saw it start and that there was over 9 minutes of it, I was about to bail out, so glad I didn’t! Great still camera w/ close-up view and no screaming, swearing, etc. Would add to my faves if I knew how. Awesome all the way around. 5 Star material in my book, but again, as a newbie, I don’t know how to do that yet. Great post

      1. Okay, found the link for add to faves and rate by stars right under the video. Thanks for your patience, I’m getting there! :) Happy New Year all!!!!

  7. This must have taken so much patience that I definitely don’t have. I never could have pulled this off. I drain mine to the core or have them done in the doctor’s office.

    Because they did this the way they chose, we saw each and every pocket come undone and got a glimpse of every bit of material evacuated.

    Thumbs up for something completely different!

    1. It appeared to me that the person had elected to do antibiotic therapy, in addition to the “drainings” (can’t imagine a doctor instructing anyone to do that, though) because of the way the pus got steadily less bloody and inflamed looking and got around, finally, to the cheese we all love.
      I just realized how much “comedomes” (however it is spelled)resembles “come undone” (from your post)

  8. Thats such a awesome video…volcanic puss and juice eruptions…thats the stuff that dreams are made out of :D

  9. The gift that keeps on giving

    1. i thought that the gift that keeps on giving is the “clap”?
      this was/is just a great cyst, probably infected, he needs some help to get it and all of the loculations emptied.
      thanks for the vid

      1. Is that the voice of experience speaking?

  10. I still love this vid as the best on this site!

    1. It never gets old, does it? It’s a favorite for me. It’s a go-to stress reliever for me! :)

      1. Exactly! If the day’s offerings don’t satisfy, I pull this one up.

    2. Definitely shows ya what patience can do!

  11. I am sorry but it was like he was constipated and kept pushing trying to get the cork out , but great none the less!

  12. I still wish the HD version was still available, But NOOOOOO!!! Somebody at YT thought they had a Moral Obligation to flag what they thought was indecent and disgusting!!!
    Still it’s a Classic find zitworshiper!!!

  13. The popper has a great deal of courage to keep after this time and again. His wife does an excellent job with filming and not screaming!

  14. Mandii Zombii says:

    Sebacs are my all time favorite. I get that feeling, that some people get from eating chocolate.

  15. diamondgirl828 says:

    This was interesting to say the least. Wonder how long it took to get each stage? Thank you camera person for actually filming this without looking like you are in an earthquake AND Thanks so much for not screaming like a banshee when the goop started splurging out..

    1. Cyster Sebum says:

      I agree DG828. My favorite part of the videographer, is that she coached him on proper finger position, how many pores were currently extruding, amount of pressure, etc. She never seemed alarmed by what was going on. She would just give him a status report on the amount of pus currently erupting. I don’t think that she is ‘one of us’, she was just helping out a loved one during his time of need, but it worked to our advantage– no shaky camera and no screaming! Ya!

      1. Beautifully put!

  16. everytime i watched this clip i feel like taking a dump ……LOL

  17. I’ve watched it dozens of times and it never gets old.

  18. This is my absolute favorite video on here.

    1. It’s certainly one of mine! (Check my date.) I’m just glad I saved to my faves!! When it was FIRST posted, it got “lost” after about a day, but Emil retrieved it – YAY! It WAS a little clearer before, but it’s still clear enough to be great.

  19. well thank you for the video zitworshiper what i liked about this is how he took his time giving us a great visual but see if it was me who had that i’d want it to squirt all over the place so i’d be doing some serious popping damage lol to myself and he had some great cheese points in the video me likey me likey alot :)

  20. 3cysterscafe says:

    Talk about sitting on the edge of my seat and clenching my teeth! This one never gets old. 5/5 and straight to favorites!

    1. Yeah what is it with the teeth clenching? If I’m here too long my jaw hurts for days!

  21. Thank you for general anesthesia!!! Gouging is more accurate description what the surgeon did with his finger. My neck hurts just watching the video. Hope he was sent home with lots of pain killers. Wish we could see the drainage tube removed from his neck!!

    1. There are radish roses and now pus rosettes! I think the later is more lovely.

  22. This was done over a longer period of time was it not? it looked to me as if the cyst healed as it went and each time gave a mother load so to speak (awesome!) but was never cut open and drained the way I would have wanted to do and get it over with. The time involved in healing that must have been incredible not to mention painful! Kudo’s to the popee and filmner both for their patience and skill, well done. Definitely a fav. 5/5

  23. It is truly astounding how much junk/pus/cheese/goo some of these things can hold. Skin and it’s ability to stretch is just amazing. I’d like to have seen a cross-section of this. Well, of all of the big ones!

  24. One of the best if not the best videos with pus and all that goes with it. Loved the different stages of squeezing and healing. Large varity of pus. Great camera work. Absolutely awesome!

  25. This one, for some reason, is my absolute favorite. I’ve watched it so many times and it never gets old for me.

  26. lennyg4362 says:

    O—–M—–G!!!!! Stop the vid at 5:45 and I SWEAR you can see the face of Jesus in this guys pus. I’m not kidding!!! Freakiest thing I think I’ve ever seen for myself!!!!

    1. Lol that is wierd, but your right it does.

  27. diamondgirl828 says:

    Excellent! I almost didn’t watch though, glad I read comments. That last little bit, wish he would have given it all he had and made that thing just splat out of there. Oh well, gotta save something for a part II, right??

  28. CystrButtPimple says:

    OMG that was AWESOME. This is officially my favorite video (I say officially alot, don’t I? ha) I don’t want to offend anyone’s senses or get my comment hidden due to too many thumbs down votes but I have to say it…. it reminded me of sex….slow build up then the explosion. (okay, reminds me of what I WISH sex was like haw haw) please don’t hurt me too bad if this was inappropriate.

  29. This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite video on PTZ. It has a little something for everyone, excellent camera work, no wiping, it’s 9:43 of sheer bliss.

  30. What kind of cyst was that?

  31. I like the time lapse filming , he was starting to get a good bruise on his neck , lots of funky gunk,,great clip zitworshiper

  32. A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!!!!! Goes in my favs.

  33. as a film student it had brilliant editing, a good camera(wo)man – no shaky hands, nothing out of focus, perfectly executed
    as a zit popping fan, i love how it dribbled to begin with, then started exploding. normally, dribbly pus videos bore me a bit but this one was excellent, very well done
    i hope his cyst/boil has now cleared up though

  34. One of my faves! If I could get a guy who gets one of those AND who is willing to pop it, I’d marry him…

  35. perfect from any way i see it,always the best on this one,the best of all worlds here. oil,spew to chunk.excellent,its so gratifying

  36. Something for everyone!!

  37. Is it just me or did anyone wanted to just tell the guy, move, i’ll pop it for you, just to get the juicy stuff?

  38. I loved this video!! We only saw the actual progress of the cyst as it was drained. Not one single wipe!! Way to go!!! Wish I could have seen it just a little longer as you wrung the life out of it but all in all, this was great!!!

  39. NMGAPAOH says:

    OMG – it lasted for days and days and days. This is one time that a Dr should have opened it in the beginning so it would heal. But thanks for not going and sharing the experience.

  40. Gotta be one of my all-time favorites!!!! it just keeps on coming out!

  41. Dear Mr. Cyst, I don’t know much… But I know I love you, and that may be all I need to know. Call me.

  42. I think that may just be the best vid I have seen!!

  43. This is my all time favorite on PTZ. I never get tired of watching it.

    1. No screaming, no swearing, no camera juggling! Just a well-done study of a cyst that only a PTZer can appreciate.

      It IS, however, a little tough on the jaw. I find myself clenching my jaw every time a new squeeze segment begins!

  44. Never seen this one before. That thing was wicked. Wonder how many days it took to get all of that footage because you could tell that it changed throughout the course of the vid, when they stopped/started filming,

  45. Love the cheese. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to upload videos from YouTube? I went to the uploading page but all I saw was a title box and a description box…

  46. Right to the favorites list! That was awesome! A little bit of this and that!! Whoot! Whoot! loved it!

  47. HOLY S**T BATMAN that was amazing. That guy needs some kind of award or medal or something for that. I bet it hurt like nothing on earth. OMG I’m so jealous lol

  48. That was amazing time lapse photography, zitworshiper. Most enjoyable. Thanks for bringing it back!!

  49. prunesquallor says:

    Was it as good for you guys, as it was for me? This has to be one of my all-time favs. This guy is no wouse. He does the honourable thing, and keeps squeezing. In just about every other video I have seen, the popper never gives the juice a chance to make itself known to the audience. Patience is the virtue here. Keep the pressure on and all will be revealed.

  50. Gaaaah! That was getting on my nerves. Took forever because it wasn’t incised a bit! And another zit popper with dirty fingernails. Yuck!

  51. This had a bit of everything didn’t it, popper driving blind, his spotter does a good job, the squeezing was honest, there was liquid and cheese, and filming was steady and precise. Even a bit of editing made it enjoyable, nice nice nice find.

  52. Wow! Loved how the pressure slowly built, until Wham! The outburst! Why can’t one of my kids get something like that? So not fair!

  53. Infected sebacious cyst maybe.. I say spider bite tho. Regardless I LOVE the transition of time and appreciate that the distance from the wind is consistant all the way through :) GREAT job!

    1. **wound sorry

  54. WOW!!! It lasted for days and days and days giving out sebum and maybe pus. It was the gift that kept on giving. The last pic had a HUGE chunk of sebum!!!

  55. austinclaire says:

    Awesome vid- would that be a furuncle? I’m sure it had to be tender, but he did a great job. I wanted to get in there and help him squeeze! Nice steady camera work, with no screaming or gagging.

  56. Zit Obsessed says:

    Why can’t I grow them like that?
    It’s like female’s hair: those who have curly hair, want straight hair. Those who have straight hair, want curly hair!

  57. I could watch this for hours… oh hang on… I do ;-) This guy gets an A+ for persistence and the gunk he gets out of that thing is stupendously pusalicious!! Wish I had one!!

  58. That girl needed to get in there and squeeze!

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