Zit Compilation

I recognize a lot of these pops. Be patient with the one where it seems like the same thing happening over and over again. There’s more, and it’s good.

From Emil>not sure if this is on there and hey its Friday so why not a nice zit medley for everyone! Thanks Christina!

28 Comments on “Zit Compilation

  1. Nice Friday find, Christina! You are becoming a great zit hunter! Thanks!

  2. Cysta Poppy says:

    Awesome find Christina. You are a true champion!

  3. ok, i am bowing down right now!!!
    You even had “Silly string Zit” in there!!!!
    Keep it up!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      That was fantastic! First compilation that really is up to muster! High quality, premium, brilliant, perfect, pure pus post! Yes mam, you out did everything with this puppy! Wish you were still hangin out here!

  4. “compilation fridays” – love it !

  5. ultraworld says:

    A Zit Medley. Sounds like a side dish. 4 stars sir!

  6. Ill have the steak with a side of ZIt medley ;-)

  7. That was fun. No whining, screaming or gagging – nothing but silly string and toothpaste and pus. Loves it!

  8. Kewl! Cristina you are great! Perfect popping with all kinds of pus for everyone’s tastes. Now I’d love to see a compilation of botflies popping :)

  9. miriam1548 says:


  10. Awesome find.

  11. Buttcheese says:

    Very nice zit squeezin but Disco Sucks.

  12. Innaffitoften says:

    Buttcheese, (lol! reminds me of “Mallrats, I think, where that guy sticks his hand in his crack and then shakes the obnoxious dudes hand, then everyone gets sick from the “buttcheese tainted food) disco does suck, but THAT song doesn’t. It’s had the staying power that very few disco songs could imagine (if they could do so) having. This was a super cool compilation, and one that I’m pretty sure i haven’t seen before, even some pops that I think I haven’t seen before. Go Christina!

  13. magna-cum-pus says:

    christina, you’re a rock star
    many favs + new fresh
    how fitting for it to end with classic ‘ol “Splurch” YAAAAAAY

  14. popables says:

    Do you think there was a lot of zit popping at studio 54?!?

  15. It’s entirely possible… You know people on uppers tend to pick on their skin… I’m glad everyone likes it! But I agree, the song is awful. I like the original I Will Survive but this disco thing doesn’t do it justice. I personally love the toothpaste looking one.

  16. creamymatter says:

    That vid was totally DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. ilovepoppingcysts says:

    That was amazing!!!

  18. Very satisfying. You know what would also be great? A compilation of the best zit REACTIONS ever.

  19. qwertyffun says:

    I love pimple pops, clogged pores, cysts, blackhead pops, stuff like that.. infected wound drainage footage, not so much.

  20. All I can so is THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    All of the money shots from the pusiest best with none of the waiting!

  22. Very nice!!!!

  23. Puke? Applaud!!!

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