Oh No! More Nose Maggots!

***WARNING*** Nasal myiasis, the condition of having maggots in your nose, usually accompanied by atrophic rhinitis, is EXTREMELY GROSS.

Not much more to say. Maggots zooming around in someone’s nasal cavities. Zoom zoom! Munch, munch! ewwwwwww…..

POP ON! (and get to ENT for removal, right?)
~ H.S.

Nasal Myiasis: a Case Report ” created and posted to YouTube by zrria on April 14, 2010

15 Comments on “Oh No! More Nose Maggots!

  1. PoisonIvy says:

    All I have to say is EWWW! The ad that showed up as the video was running was for hotel reservations- which my perverse sense of humor found amusing…..

  2. Holyzit, those maggots were huge! I was holding my nose the entire time watching this. Cant think about it anymore ewwww. Just wished that the procedure would have been shown to get rid of those critters. I know they can be used for medical purposes to clean wounds but these clearly cant be the same ones.

    Thanks for the upload!

  3. That just aint right!! I feel things crawling in my nose now. Not right!!!

  4. Lol @ Emil!! Kind of like arachnophobia!!! Or better, when someone says lice!!

  5. Are they planning on leaving them there? Creepy!

  6. there are other videos with ‘nests’ of larvae in nose and or ear, very disgusting

  7. Innaffitoften says:

    Wow, I really wish that we had seen how they removed all those nasty buggers. YUCK! Iam pretty sure that I would go insane if I knew that I had maggots in my nose, or anywhere actually. As always, cool find Halph!

  8. obsessed, omg ur right! Nobody can talk about lice or creepy crawlies especially worms around me because I automattically start digging my scalp raw and scratching my skin and feeling like I got stuff crawling on me. Definately not fun! So I know how u feel Emil! Big hugs!

  9. Oh Rac87el, I know exactly what you mean!!! Watching this I started feeling phantom creepy crawlies on my body. Yuck, yuck!!! I wish they had gotten them out of there, like in the nasal mialawhatever video by Dr. J. These nose maggots were freakin lively! So disgusting! Definitely one of the worst ailments out there.

  10. Halph Staph says:

    LOL – I, like too many others back in our youngster years, had lice. Got it from rolling around on the gym mats they used to use in our grade school. I think I was in first grade. I had short hair anyways, so treatment with those nit combs was easier. But my poor sister, on the other hand, had that long, seventies, very straight to your butt hair – and the scissors went *schnick schnick CHOP*! Boy did she cry for weeks. I’ll tell you what, though, I’d rather get lice again as opposed to having a bed bug infestation. Just don’t ask me to choose between bed bugs and nasal myiasis. Not thinking about it, its an unfair question, like choosing between equal levels of H – E – Double Hockey Sticks.

    And for what it is worth (or not), I think most of the maggot videos can be attributed to my disturbed fascination and need to share aforementioned interests with many others, so that I am not the only one unknowingly scratching away at unseen things under my shirt, on my neck, in my hair… ya get the picture (scratch scratch scratch). Sorry to some, your welcome to others. he he he

    ~ H.S.

  11. how do they get there? seriously.I am concerned with how and why

  12. numer1caligurl says:

    OK now that is just nasty.

  13. This person needs Dr. J STAT!!!!!!!

  14. Why did you leave them in there, I would be wanting them little suckers out of my nose. How does maggots get in your nose and ears. I don’t understand?

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