Huge Neck Cyst Removal

Love that cheese. Gouda? Bree? Fa munda?

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  1. Great cheese!!

    Dontcha hate their stupid little towel-holes???

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I loved all the ooohhh, Ohh , oohhhhh. Oooolhhh! The cyst was even better! Lots n lots n lots of creamy cheese! Oh, and the sac! The sac was outta this world! Scrumdillyishus!

  2. Loved it. Nice footage!

  3. sexandzitz says:

    Hell, yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Thanks for posting.

  4. My favorite kind of zit. Loved it. The doc was a little too efficient though – he didn’t give us the chance to savor it.

  5. Very nice. I always give extra credit points to any video that doesn’t contain shrieking. It was shorter than I would have liked, but there were plenty of money shots. Great find.

  6. magna-cum-pus says:

    succulent delicious exciting booowaaaaaahhhh

  7. Abscession says:

    An oldie but a goody!
    This is from about 2 years ago but still great to see it.

    The texture is nice and cheesey— I wish there was less sterile cloth in the way of the push point but great work by the doc.

  8. One of my favorite re-posts

  9. You are right Abscession abut only about a year actually.
    Then McSqueezealot posted it in Nov. so this is a ThreePeat! Good to bring them forward after so much time. I can’t remember what I watched a month ago let alone a year ago! Thanks for the post!

  10. Nice little find.

  11. funnypapers says:

    I understand the ads are necessary due to the cost of the site, but it’s making it near impossible for me to view videos with multiple popups, and now extra videos on the page? Eeeeeeek


  12. Yes very nice vid! Its nice to see a dr who takes good care of his patients and bystanders that dont carry on like lil zites and great cam work too.

    Idk but for some reason I thought this was gonna be a video was a neck abscess on a cow. lol maybe the pain meds have finally started kicking in.

    Is it just me or did it seem like the sac that the dr removed was huge especially compared to the chunky good stuff he removed? Just seemed to me like their was more sac than pus, but im not complaining just amazed me what all can come out of a cyst that looks so small to the naked eye. smile.

    Thanks for the upload and keep up the great work!

  13. Funnypapers not sure what you are talking about? Extra videos?

  14. miriam1548 says:

    Yes I do! I hate those towel holes. What’s up with them?

  15. TwistedAdelaide says:

    I’ve been on this site for a few years and love it. Emil is the best!

    Hint to all ya’ll who use Internet Explorer… Firefox is free and has a neat add-on called Flashblock. It replaces flash objects (like videos (ads) & animated banners) with a button you have to click on to let them play. I only have to click one extra time to get rid of the pop up ads to watch the zit videos. Emil get the ad money and I don’t have to watch the 30sec ads.

  16. TwistedAdelaide says:



  17. I don’t know about you guys, but the sack sorta looked like part of his spine when he was taking it out.. O.O Human centipede anyone? lol

  18. zitnewbie says:

    I love the primarily cheesy (and less bloody)ones. Great find!

  19. I hate seeing the sac get pulled out. It looks so painful! I agree there seemed to be more sac than puss. Maybe the sac was an irregular shape, decreasing the volume and increasing the surface area.

  20. He was loaded with lidocaine so it didn’t hurt at all…

  21. Fuzzybeard2016 says:

    Sorry for being a cheese (& spelling) Nazi, but it’s “Brie” & “Fromunda.”

  22. Fuzzybeard2016 says:

    After watching, I think that the cheese that came out looks most like the cheese spread that came in MRE’s back when they were first introduced. Hopefully they’ve improved in the intervening years…*shudders at memories*

  23. Or ricotta. Your choice. :)

    That was great! Clean, abundant. Though I do second a request for a little less efficiency! This doc needs to learn to play to the crowd!

    1. brilliant observation ……………

  24. numer1caligurl says:

    OMG that gnarly!!!

  25. otakucode says:

    Was I the only one who noticed the edit? There was clearly more to this popping than we saw! Right after the first pop, there is an edit and it jumps directly to the removal of the sac!

    Where is the missing video? Smells like a conspiracy to me…

    (As for the ads, I would tell the operator of this site that he’s not creating his own content, he’s not even hosting these videos of other peoples, so he should keep the ads light and just live with what he makes off of it. It would be different if he were generating these videos or at the LEAST providing a backup service for when Google censors them out of existence… but as it is, his expenses for running this site have to be damn near zero, effort in maintaining the site must be similar. If you want to be greedy, provide a better product, don’t just layer on more ads.)

  26. sexandzitz says:

    I hate ad whiners. Especially ad whiners who don’t know how the web works. Or what it costs. Or that the vast majority of sites don’t create their own content. Smells like low IQ to me.

  27. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Another job well done!

  28. Love that cheese. Gouda? Bree? Fa munda? How funny is THAT?? Great video as well.

  29. Awesome video great work

  30. Dr sees you with a video camera – let’s see the action!!

  31. precise and to the point – great sebac removal!

  32. WHEW, that sac was enormous!!!!!

  33. That sac could carry home enough groceries to last me at least two weeks.

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