Cyst Popping!

Oh man there is some junk coming out of this one!! nice

Popping a cyst – Watch more Funny Videos

40 Comments on “Cyst Popping!

  1. poppy montgomery says:

    i’d pop his cyst anytime…

  2. girlonamission says:

    wow..looks likes his neck has a cold or something lol… =-X gah-roosss

  3. sounds like a real gem!! unfortunately,I can’t view it at this time.8-(

  4. creamymatter says:

    Ok that dude and his lump are FINE!!!

  5. My first video I put on here I thought it was Great! As you notice out of the first words he says “Now It’s Poppintime”!

  6. Anna Nonymous says:


  7. magna-cum-pus says:

    nice job, dude
    you got the girls stirred up for sure heh heh
    send part II to both PTZ and Break

  8. there is a part two to this one… it’s on PTZ somewhere.

    ahhh, i love it when the pop has distance and velocity. thank you, poppintime!

  9. This is where these videos WERE:
    I suspect these were taken down when YouTube was on the rampage of taking down all the great vids we posted from there to here.
    Did Break have part two? This might also have made its way over to LiveLeak. Great vid and wonderful replacement.

  10. If I were the cameraman, after that dude blew through the first loculation, I would have moved out of range.

  11. What a cute little muffin! And what a huge growth!

  12. sexandzitz says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about…Yummy boytoy, crazy big cyst, and then off to the shower!! Gotta love this vid. Thanks for posting. What language are they speaking? Norwegian?

  13. Core explorer says:

    Swedish sexabdzitz. Im glad i finally got to see this one. Ive always been so curious about it cause of its great ratings and since its from my country.

  14. zitnewbie says:

    I definitely remember seeing this dude before. Couldn’t remember if it was a neck or back cyst though. Glad it’s back in the archives.

  15. Fantastic find poppintime!! Love the projectile spew!

  16. I could’nt find pat II but I will keep lookink :)

  17. A W E S O M E. Great find. I wonder what the other language was that they were speaking. Anyway, this was very satisfying, and blessedly free of shrieks and squeals.

  18. Oh yeah – I am SO glad this is back! One of my all time favs. Thanks for bringing it back!

  19. crimsonviper says:

    One of the best explosions to date. Thanks for posting this!

  20. I hope someone finds part 2. As I recall it was quite a blaster.

  21. pussnstuff says:

    Yeah, I heard him callin’ your name, popintime.

  22. my apologies for bringing up part 2 and not delivering on it! unfortunately, PTZ’s copies were BOTH removed due to terms of use violations:

    emil, do you have copies stashed under your pillow?

  23. sorry ppm, i didn’t see your post. obviously!

  24. My diabetic husband used to get these on his neck, forehead, and back and I was the one that ended up popping them. I wish I knew back then what I know now how to go about popping these huge cysts.

    Great post!

  25. thedude814 says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the post! Wish he could have drained the whole thing on camera. I’ve had some big zits, but nothing like this! What kind of diet results in these? No thanks on being diabetic. My heart goes out to those folks!

  26. We have hit the MOTHER LOAD! That was an awesome explosion.

    Hope he seen a dr and got some antibiotics and is now all better.

    Thanks for the upload!

  27. Loved it. Great explosion.

  28. I have seen this before, or some variation, great stuff and the guy is cute. what language???

  29. both part 1 and 2 are deleted

  30. Nice one, dude! I bet that was such a relief getting all of that out of you. Your neck was probably all stiff before from all of that stuff. Excellent Post!

  31. omega1664 says:

    the shear torrent of puss was unreal… wow.

  32. I wish it hadn’t cut off at the end. I wanted to watch him take a shower.

  33. unclelarry says:

    Good job. The kid has a pair.

  34. Wow…now THAT’S the perfect man! Gorgeous AND has big cysts that I can pop! What more could a woman want??? I think I’m in LUUUUVVVVV!!! LOL

  35. If the stuff was thicker and not so watery this could be perfection.

  36. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Sweet Jesus Lars, that has to feel way better………..

  37. Put on your 3d glasses! Oh wait you don’t need them!

  38. poppintime, what a cutie, and the guy is not bad, either!! I tried the links other PTZers provided to no avail – part 2 seems to have been shut down permanently… but this one is fun while it lasts, so just watch it a few times and call it part 2.

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