Biggest Boil Ever

Uploaded to YouTube by MsCaitlinc on June 20, 2010.

“After spending an amazing 2 months in Papua New Guinea I came home with various annoyances. My extended time on a tropical island took its toll. After Victoria and I battled Malaria, tropical ulcers, infected sores, poisonous coral and plenty more, my immune system finally packed up and antibiotics no longer had any affect. Several weeks after coming home I was blessed with this sexy boil just to top things off! To set the scene, this was the second day of lancing, after already 20 minutes of drainage I decided I ought to share my sexyness with the world, for days after I continued to seep . . . . please enjoy!!”

I am saddened by the thought of all that we did not see…. but thoroughly enjoyed this brief interlude!

24 Comments on “Biggest Boil Ever

  1. Innaffitoften says:

    All this after 20 minutes of previous squeezing? WoW! That was one giant spot on her shoulder!
    Excellent find.

  2. I can’t stop looking at that zit on her cheek.

  3. Oh my Gawd! That looked so full of pus! I think that she needs to have that professionally I & D’d.
    Papua New Guinea is the end of the earth, and I am not suprised that she came home with this type of infection!
    Hopefully more antibiotics helped. :)

  4. Thanks so much @ CystFace!! Now you got me going back and staring!! ;p

  5. Core explorer says:

    awww… was hoping for a core pop finish ; ;

    Great vid nonetheless, ty for posting!

  6. Hell Fire, they should have put a breast pump on that thing. Sheyyyyyiitttt.

  7. Can you say “antibiotics”?

  8. OddestObsession says:

    Great find! Wish we could have seen more.

  9. Now I am going back to look at the zit on her face, CF! Ha! Ha! I wish we could have seen more! Too short!

  10. Hahahaa Skull Ranch Cowboy!!! That’s amazing! I wish the other person had helped her more!! And she should have taken off that shirt… Then the pus could have dripped more freely, with more extended periods of squeezing. Modesty and zit/cyst/boil popping just don’t go well together.

  11. Omg just the story before the video had me going wtf!!!! If a perfectly healthy person can go to a 3rd world country and go thru all that bs there is no way in hell I’m going esp with an auto immune disease. It’d ziting kill me. No thanks!

    Now that being said, I was expecting some yellowish fluid instead of pus. That really was a tease because there was still tons of infection in there and I would have loved to have seen the entire draining start to finish.

    I really hope this girl went to the ER and had this taken care of and brought the cam man too. I wonder if she has videos of her other medical issues caused by her trip? Well I hope she heals w/o any more complications.

    Great find! Excellent Pus! Thanks for the upload and Keep up the Good Work!

  12. @Skull Ranch Cowboy LMFAO!!!! That was some nummy goodness!! I want one to pop….

  13. Sir Pick-a-lot says:

    smells like hot sick.

  14. Halph Staph says:

    BREAST PUMP! LMFAOROFATD! And yes, now I too, must go back and stare at the facial zit. Damn you, CF! Great vid, nice perk for our imaginations as to the previous drainings and the stuff yet to pour or ooze out. Thanks!

  15. That was a tease.I had the same kind of abcess like that in my right breast.I had it lanced and packed.The smell was so bad and the pain worse.This girl had dirty hands and nails.That had so much more with a big root at the end.Please make another video with part two.

  16. Candygirl, Ouch! I know what its like to have a hole in my chest and have to do wet to dry packing twice a day for 6 weeks after ER gallbladder removal, so I can imagine how bad that ziting hurt. Hope u healed up without any complications!

  17. A little cream in your coffee?

  18. PussINBoots says:

    I want to travel to different places in the world… then, I hear stories like this one… and it makes me not want to leave my Minnesota home. I would be the one to come trotting home with a bot fly family in my leg and twelve of these on my back, for sure! I hope she is better, after all of that stuff she had to go through.

  19. @pussinboots….i live in MN as well….where about? Im in the suburbs off Minneapolis!

  20. omega1664 says:

    I agree with the breast pump idea…. there’s gold in them thar hills!!!

  21. All I could keep thinking: “Get backup! You cant pop backne by yourself!”

  22. Poms don’t bath anyway so she was bound to get something, even without going to zitholistan or wherever

  23. Toooooo short!

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