Squeeze my knee (and I’ll follow you anywhere…)

If he wishes to believe that that is an abscess, who am I to tell him otherwise? Either way… this thing DOES needs some serious squeezing! [He even entertains the idea that this sebum plug is actually Essence of “Knee”, or perhaps, “cartilage.”]

Resolved: If I ever upload a video here or anywhere, there will be NO audio component beyond a killer soundtrack.

Uploaded to YT by sirfice1 — on May 07, 2010 — with the description: “My abscess on my knee.”

12 Comments on “Squeeze my knee (and I’ll follow you anywhere…)

  1. Sure looked good, but I could do without the stupid Brit.

  2. zitnewbie says:

    What a tease. Just go ahead a squeeze!!

  3. yeah, sorry, my brethren. this would almost be better as a still photo. i’m spending delightful hours in the archives, waiting for the next great pus production. hard times…

  4. rebornmoron says:

    Might be fun, during these “dry” times, to have a page comprised of “oldies but goodies”….maybe by vote or maybe just your choice….any way, there are lots and lots of goodies in the archives.

  5. Shut up…pull it out and squeeze !!!

  6. Stop looking at it and squeeze darnit. Argh.

  7. abscessqueen says:


  8. agh!!!! let me at it! damn sqeeze it would have been good or pul it but he just made it to tease

  9. Sir Pick-a-lot says:

    at about :20 looks like it’s his pale itty wanker.

  10. squeeze it ffs

  11. zittylover says:

    zit off

  12. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Is that a sac? Get out the pliers.

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