Knee Infection Drain Pus

Now this is NASTY ! A long Vid but youll be surprised at 06.00 !!

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  1. CatWoman721984 says:

    Wow that looks like an infected cyst

  2. Innaffitoften says:

    Actually, when I was about 17, I got a boil, and it wouldn’t pop for days and days. It was on the inside of knee, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to walk. One day I had had enough. I went into the bathroom, and noticed that the “head” of the boil had solidified a bit. Before that it was like a slimy, runny glob of gunk. Anyhoo, I squeezed like mad, mind you I had to squeeze with both hands, as the thing was so big that the “head” was the size of a dime. It leaked a bit like this one, then suddenly, out popped the core, and the relief was instantaneous. The pain went from an 8 to a 4 just with that one hunk popping out. So I think this might be a boil, judging only by my own personal experience. I have a scar btw, it’s about the size of a pencil eraser, a bit larger, left by the “head” of the damn thing. I get so irritated when people call the cyst wall a “core”, as they have no idea what a core looks like unless they have ever seen an actual boil pop. Those painless cysts are nothing, boils are the big guns with cores. So there’s my blab for the day, did it make sense? I am only on cup 2 of my coffee.

  3. well that was a nice start to the day…however, why do people lets things like that get so bad??
    and where are the gloves?? YACK…great camera work…now wrap that mess up and get to the professionals ASAP

  4. “Grandpa” needs to watch this and see what a REAL boil looks like!! lol

  5. JenRN1028 says:

    I have NO idea what the HECK this is, but it had to hurt like a mother f’er! Anybody know the time frame that this was filmed? With the stops and starts I just wonder was it minutes, hours, or days? It was soooo AWESOME!!! I got home from work not long ago and found all these new posts. Thanks to all of you who made my Monday an awesome day!!!! :) I LOVE THIS WEBSITE AND ALL OF YOU WHO POST!!!!!

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    I think we can speak about a “Dual-Core” here……..first at 6:06 its squeezed out after removing som chunk with plyers/tweezers, and then at 6:54 there is another Core hanging out-there. But its a bit difficult to tell excactly ,because its not only “Dual-Core” but also a “Multy-Hole” in the wound…..

    1. Thank goodness that you saw the same thing all of those big plugs squeezed out. That was a very infected knee. Great, great find!!!

  7. magna-cum-pus says:

    wow, that was awesome and scary – it’s doctor time
    3/5 with raves at the 6:05 mark

  8. DirectrM says:

    Some liquid, some solid. Some slow drainage, some gushing. Some big splurches, some tiny ones. Good lighting, no excessive wiping, no ridiculous screaming. This guy seemed to be saying, “Wow! I made that!” Loved it. Great find.

  9. Great video!

  10. the ones involving a joint always worry me (it’s a personal problem!), especially as that looks like an old surgical/trauma site, with lots of channeling going on… i hope there’s a doctor’s visit planned.

  11. Nasty infection and they have no gloves on. But still…he kept at it and you know that had to hurt like hell.

  12. WOW that’s all I can say for this video!
    That must have hurt like HELL! I bet they are totally relieved that this has been drained!

  13. And he’s gonna play hockey tonite?!? That is one tough dude!

  14. This was brilliant. The guy used the right pressure and technique, not to mention the fact that he totally manned up regarding the pain he must have been in. And the girlfriend gets five stars for not shrieking like a victim in a slasher movie – especially when the pus/blood afterbirth landed on her thumbnail. That’s love. :-)

  15. Christina says:

    What fantastic quality!! It might have been long but I definitely didn’t notice! They cut out all the crap and I definitely appreciate that. Now, as fun as it was… I’m no expert, but doesn’t bluish/purplish skin around an infected site mean Go To The ER Now?

  16. Halph Staph says:

    Oh YEAH. Yes, yes, yes! Oh my god, yes! Push it! Squeeze it! Woo hoo! YESSSS!!!!

    Now where’s my cigarette?

    ~ H.S.

  17. OddestObsession says:

    Wow. I cringed when they were digging in that sucker w/ tweezers. Hope he has some killer pain meds that sucker looks sore!

  18. Christina says:

    HS I think you just turned me on. Lol

  19. Buttcheese says:

    I think he just knelt in some duck zit.

  20. and the Oscar for best editing goes to…..

  21. love how many portals it comes out in the beginning. I suggest jumping off a bed onto your knees for faster relief.

  22. javery31372 says:

    @Halph Staph that is exactly how i felt. Oh my!!

  23. Fabulous, thank you so much Twisted Cyster! It had everything as far as I’m concerned! Of course it is in my favs and 5 for you. This was a real gem.

    Also, two crazy funny and priceless comments:

    keerian: I suggest jumping off a bed onto your knees for faster relief.

    Buttcheese: I think he just knelt in some duck zit.

    Loved itl

  24. hooray for the birth of the Pus Plug!!

  25. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s like gawking at a car crash, you just can’t stop watching.

  26. That pop at 6:07 was the BOMB!! And that MUSTA hurt! But wotta great video! At long last, a girlfriend (or wife?) who didn’t scream, shout or make fake puking sounds at the sight or the touch of pus. At LAST!! Thank You, Miss!! That was some hard-core pus-letting!

  27. By the way, Christina, I wanna party with YOU!

  28. I loves it when they seep from multiple areas

  29. con più attenzione all’igiene ragazzi! video buono però!

  30. This is my first three header and I loved it. I just love all the pus and blood. I am in love with the gooooooooo. DWS

  31. Its just so damn entertaining to watch the blood and puss ooze out lol

  32. @ 6:07 i think thats the core… ppl should go to a doctor more often…

  33. Pus plugs – should have a category on the website!!! Once is explodes out or slides out – instant pain relief.

  34. phillip jackson says:

    that one was deepand nasty.

  35. Now that ‘s the stuff !! Loved it so much it is the 1st vid I added to my fav, list.. Great GF too she stayed with her man throughout and didn’t freak when some of the blood and gooey curds spilled on to her fingers, she is definitely a keeper !

  36. Great video, very good camera work, and let me just emphasize that , because you can have a great cyst to pop and if you don’t have a good camera man than the whole thing is just a waste of time and it gets very frustrating trying to watch it

  37. A beautiful collection of puses and textures

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