Explosive back!

Amazing!! The consistency is just awesome and you gotta love the pus fountain that shoots up!! Please share this one on facebook and twitter like NOW!!!

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  1. Love it!! Love the chunks all over the hand hahah

  2. best one in a while – 3 for 1

  3. sexandzitz says:

    Personal grooming at the beach, messy, but effective

  4. johnwayne1 says:

    Gloves? Gloves! I don’t need no stinkin gloves! I have this here hospital ID bracelet. And because it is from a hospital it kills all germs on my hands…and your back…and soon hospital ID bracelets will kill all the germs from all squeezer’s hands and all squeezies backs all over the world!


  5. johnwayne1 says:

    As God as my witness…I’ll never be germy again!

  6. Halph Staph says:

    OMG – a lovely summer spray session! And I luv multiple pimples. Be-yoo-tiful! Thanks!

    ~ H.S.

  7. wow! either the popper has the Magic Touch, or this guy hasn’t been “groomed” in ages. gives new meaning to “old faithful.”

  8. not hospital id-they are on an all inclusive holiday

  9. Best squeezing EVER!

  10. Best in a long, long time. Wish it had gone on longer. Toward the end, a couple of poor camera shots but overall — this one is 4.8/5.

    Two big fountains and third one that might have been! WOO HOO!

  11. johnwayne1 says:

    Thnx Kat, new one on me. Around here we just wait until after dark and then climb the neighbor’s pool fence! This video is a great one!

  12. Absolutely incredible. When the camera gets stuck away from target at the 1:38 mark, that dark freckle looks very suspicious. I’m not a derm, but that should be looked at.

  13. Aren’t Europeans great! No shrieking or frat boy simian-like laughter. Good camera work for the situation with good definition. If only they had the correct equipment so they could squeeze more stuff . But since they were on holiday, he probably just jumped into the ocean to wash off.

  14. so_cheezee says:

    What a great find. Love the explosions, usually don’t find zits that explode just like THAT!

  15. Twisted Cyster says:

    The squeezer has TITS !!!!!

  16. Twisted Cyster says:

    BWeeehhhh !!! With Hair !!!! Bwehhhhh Good Zits BTW !!! LOL

  17. OMG!!LOLOLOLOL!!! ILMAO!!!!!!!

    A Friggin’ Perfect video!! Lighting? A 10! The video? A 10! No screams or “EEEEEE-eeewwwsss”. No “BLLEEEEARKS”. Just “Alles ist in ordnung”. Das ist ein gut Deutsch videoen. A 10!

  18. Okay, there’s something about that one that made me wonder, who in the world would sleep with a guy who has a back that splooges to the touch? I know I’ve heard a lot of women here say “I’d love to get ahold of that back”. But really, with a back like that, would you ever turn him over? I mean for anything other than zit hunting? I don’t think you would. *shudder*

  19. Jumbob-hahahaha love your observation!!! I can’t imagine sleeping with a guy who’s fingers are swimming in pus, and can’t pause to wipe them off- yecch! Great vid tho. Looooove the fountain like quality of the eruptions. These guys were not speaking regular high German. I think they may have been Swiss or something.

  20. Does anyone recall “Mashed potatoes”? This reminds me of that video only better. Excellent posting. Thank you.

  21. zitlover says:



  23. I’ve had zits squirt out , but not like that!!! Wow.

  24. gawkingdoofus says:

    Whoa! That guy certainly has the magic touch, huh? He didn’t seem to be pressing too hard, but he somehow caused built-up sebum to leap from the depths of that guy’s otherwise healthy-looking skin. Amazing.

    I hope he was able to get to a shower right after that. He was covered with little specks of sebum — even in his hair. Bet he was stinky! Blech! :-)

  25. Pickygurl says:

    Das was wunderbar! Those looked like peeling skin from being in the sun zits to me

  26. lewitt14 says:


  27. *sigh*
    the sun, the sand, the palm treas, and me with a back full of zits to squeeze, does it get much better than that!

  28. Dennisajc says:

    OMMFG!!! Best in a while.


  30. POP THAT ZIT need yearly popping meet..




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  31. Christina says:

    Oh God it’s a double! Words cannot express the level of joy I’m experiencing right now. Thank you so much.

    BTW really wish I lived in a Portugese (that’s what it was, right?) speaking country, because apparently these guys are always hanging out in swimsuits, popping each others multiple back cysts.

  32. The vid is great, I just got aggrevated that it ended before the zits were completely emptied of their cores. Sigh big tease.

    Thanks for uploading its a awesome find.

  33. That looks like fun, my turn next!

  34. Its a dedicated Popologist who plays with the product like that.

  35. magna-cum-pus says:

    raised the bar

  36. zittylover says:

    sproutch!, sproutch!, sproutch!
    i love it!
    I pray every night for a big zit pushes me in the back!

  37. zittylover says:

    The second looks like an alien!

  38. Great blow holes! Sounds like a Bavarian German or possibly Schwyzerdütsch – as in Swiss German. Cool all the same…but most certainly not Portuguese

  39. mit ein zit says:

    Das ist so geil. XD

  40. NicDinecola says:

    that guy is a gold mine

  41. sexandzitz says:

    Dutch? Accent sounds Dutch…anybody know for sure?

  42. Sexandzitz, they are swiss.

  43. Core explorer says:

    Hehe, this is truly a jawdropper lol. Kinda reminds me of another video on this site, the one with the back cyst that shoots out multiple beams of pus all over lol. Pretty soon there’ll be enough videos like these to form their own category :p

  44. Christina says:

    Ok, yup, certainly not Portugese. Fine. To Switzerland!

    &@Jumbob – An occasional rad zit is just fine on someone I’m sleeping with. But if he’s constantly COVERED I wouldn’t be able to think about anything other than his zits. I think I mentioned it before that I briefly dated a coal miner who had fantastic blackheads all over… As a facial client, I would have loved it. But I couldn’t kiss him because I kept thinking about his bountiful pores. Definitely didn’t work out.

  45. shkdwnst says:

    I have had backne since i was around 12(I’m 35 now), i’ve had some HUGE zits in the past growing up, but they were always the consistency of blood…how does sebum like that happen? Not only that, but i was unfortunately a junkie for about 12 years(clean since 2002), and even then i didn’t get the abscesses that i would see people get back in the day. I had a g/f once that i forced to go to the ER because she had about 15-20 abscesses the size of baseballs ans some softballs. They took her immediately back and said she would have been dead from blood poisoning in just a few more hours…

    Anyway, just wondering if there is a cause for these huge sebum-filled cysts… I can only imagine how good that relief would feel…

  46. lovethesquiters says:

    that was one of the best ive seen in awhile

  47. pussloverCCTX says:

    Who are these people that are always touching other people’s puss. Where some gloves or use a napkin. I know a little may touch but I would try to minimize it if I were them. I would have to know a person pretty well to go touch their puss bare back style!

  48. analwart says:


  49. Skin_Seed says:

    I bet there are people on here who would pay to get at that guy’s back.

    You gotta love that these guys aren;t total wusses like so many of the Americans and Brits we see here…No whining, no almost puking….just all business….and the popper actually knows what hes doing! I wonder if the guy is a family member or his boyfriend or something….He sure didn’t seem to mind getting the other guy’s puss/sebum all over his bare skin

  50. Here is a new source of OIL!!! ARE YOU WATCHING BP????

  51. sexandzitz says:

    The popper looks like McGee on NCIS.

  52. why he look like mcgee? because of the man tits?

  53. unclelarry says:

    Was it me or did these guys get a little too close? I’m just saying….

  54. @unclelarry Yeah, they do seem pretty…… ummm…. “familiar” with eachother. lol

    p.s. HOW did I not see this video before now?? Thanks for bringing it to my attention unclelarry!!! :)

  55. His back was like an oily wasteland.

  56. Twisted Cyster says:

    And another one from my Favs, which I watch regularly. Dry Times for sticky pus I think….I love that semi-solid white stuff squirting out !! So Newbes of PTZ….if you see this one showing up in the Recent Comments….Watch and rate !!

  57. Ditto TC one of my fav as well

  58. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Any zit that can draw flies is a quality zit, but to have 3…. we are truly blessed !

  59. That thing is throwing its own “coming out” party. Confetti much?

  60. i am in love with this guys cheesy back…
    only question i want to ask is, is he single and if so how about a cup of coffee???
    (maybe a go at that glorious back of his)

  61. Not found or deleted :(

  62. Lance Master says:

    Bummer !

  63. pus-a-holic says:

    ah man, deleted. really wanted to see this one

  64. Yep, deleted from PTZ viewing glory :(

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