Rele Sick Boil gettin the Squeeze!!

This is, I guess, the Gravity Method of draining a boil — which, given how painful it probably is, I understand!

Uploaded to YouTube by RazorBladeKisses2008 on 23 March 2010. The star of the show is “boyfriend’s buddy Cody.”

Way to drain, Cody!

17 Comments on “Rele Sick Boil gettin the Squeeze!!

  1. were chipmunks involved in making this vid?
    grow some balls and squeeze the MF
    you can take people sticking needled through your mouth,but not squeezing a boil on your neck?

  2. I am going to sound parental,

    Kid, get out of my house.

  3. I would strongly advise having mute on for the first minute, unless you actually like the sound of Alvin and the Chipmunks in a blender…bet he’s gonna throw that shirt in the hamper, funking up his mom’s laundry….YACK

  4. I meant maternal

  5. ok, unlike a cyst this is an actual infection with pus! This kid needs to get a proper I & D, and some antibiotics, or this infection could get much, much worse!
    Humm that does sound parental doesn’t it!

  6. He is squeezing it, When he raises his head, he’s compressing the cyst/boil/whatever, forcing the pus out. That’s why it continues to come out.

  7. Dr.IntestinesPhD says:

    What is with the metal crap hanging out of his zit face?

  8. slider1964 says:

    Ya, I kept thinking he gets several holes punched in his lip, and he won’t squeeze a boil???

  9. Pus Junkie says:

    Thats the 1st time I have seen a no handed squeeze, way to go dude! Now get your butt to the doctor!!

  10. The first part of the clip was sort of like, “Too Wussy to Squeeze: The Squeaquel.” At least he sorta-squeezed toward the end. But that thing does need to be emptied and treated professionally, as was mentioned earlier.

  11. I’ll bet he had to squeeze his butt cheeks really, really hard to get that thing to drain like that. And then let that zit run down his shirt. I agree with savruk. My kids didn’t even think of wearing all that iron in their faces. Pierced ears was as far as it got.

  12. cystalicious says:

    This could have been spectacular. I can’t believe he has all those freakin piercings, but can’t squeeze that boil? MAN UP!!!

  13. What an idoit!!! He should have started popping it at the beginning of the video, we missed all the good stuff. Very disappointing.

  14. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Hey Nit-Wit, you’re suposed to let that stuff run down the crack of your

  15. phillip jackson says:

    his puss runneth over.

  16. NMGAPAOH says:

    That is wild – he pushes his neck back and the goop just runs out down the back of his neck!

  17. So glad to see I wasn’t the only one who heard chimpmunks. I wonder if they had the video on fast forward so that’s why we hear squeaky rodents?

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