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  1. abscessqueen says:

    Rock on Obsessed!!!

  2. Absessive Compulsive says:

    That was AWESOME!!!

  3. Wow! All that wonderful pus for an ingrown hair?

  4. Are those chef jackets they are wearing? EEEEK

  5. Yes, I think those are chef coatds. I believe they are making ther bleu cheese dressing.

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    All shown in Your Favourite local Steak-House !!!

    Nice Neck Pop it was……Good pusflow here!!!!

  7. Twisted Cyster says:

    Chef-Coock’s special on a Friday……..

  8. pretty gutsy of the guy to wear this white shirt while his zit is being popped

  9. I totally agree Bogey1…I can’t decide what was more amazing, the eruption or how it didn’t get on the guy’s shirt!

  10. Sebastian A says:

    Little known fact- the other group of professional people facinated with all things pus is the food service folks- including the chefs and managers. We are right behind the medical folks!

  11. Awesome! Finally, someone who squeezed with both thumbs and forefingers. Great find.

  12. Sunnypopper says:

    Now go wash off those gloves and make me a sammich!

  13. I believe if they had squeezed from a different angle…they would have gotten more out of it.

    Nice find.

  14. oh, i am feeling soooo relaxed now. ahem.

    i join everyone in marveling at the chef jackets, and at the apparent mastery of the squeezer as he manages to spill not one molecule of bloody puss on the white garb.

    ah, can we declare the dry spell over?

  15. While this is a pretty good vid, I don’t think it really deserves a 4.08 (as it currently stands). It has nice variation, with release by both pop and splurch, as well as different consistencies of sebum/pus, with cheese, pudding, some string, and even some solid bits.

    But at least 4-5 voters must have given it the perfect “5 stars” for it to average out above 4. IMO it doesn’t deserve that, since there are clearly a bunch of pus pockets left at the end of the vid, with a least as much yet to be released as has already been expelled.

    I rely on the star system to tell me which vids to watch, so accurate scoring is important to me. This one is a good, solid 3.5 stars IMO, a very respectable score. I think more accurate scoring would result if we could vote “1/2 stars”. In this case for example, I bet the few who gave it a perfect 5-star score would instead have given it 4 1/2 stars if they had had that option.

    Emilbus, is it possible to alter the voting so as to allow us to vote in 1/2-star increments? Thanks. And thanks to obsessed.

  16. There are 2 bursts here that are so satisfying, it makes me say oooooh.

  17. at about the 3:07 mark,it appears that a rather long ingrown hair gets pulled out. great vid!

  18. I think we should all take a moment to thank the “pt” for not being a pussy and taking it like a man! And thank the squeezer(s) for not screaming like little children :)

  19. Now THIS is a REALLY GREAT VIDEO!!! % Stars for this effort! But Juan is really an estupido’, porque no el quieren va al un medico por traitamente de la enfermedad. In other words, he’s a horse’s patoot because he won’t go to a doctor for treatment. He NEEDS antibiotics here. And he REALLY needs that sebaceous cyst aspirated. That pocket needs to get torn out by the stalk, as all of us experts know. RiiIIIGHttt? Hmmmm? Anyway, the camera work was great, the lighting was fantastic, and I hereby award this an Oscar as Best Short Topic Video for 2010. See? It CAN happen here; but only een Amerrrreek-ahh!

  20. Sorry about the last comment I left. I meant to say 5 Stars!

  21. yup, they sure are! Kinda makes you wonder what was in that dish of custard or that cottage cheese salad you just ate, dunnit?

  22. It doesn’t get much better than this!! WHEW!

    Which dude’s white shirt? ‘Cause there’s a blob on Zit Kid’s collar!

  23. Abscession says:

    Bad squeeze technique but some awesome give from that monster.

    Put someone who knows what they’re doing on that thing and this would have been EPIC!

  24. Can I have fries with that?

  25. I just found a new favorite!!! Ow ow!! Great pops in there

  26. omg, chef jacket!! ack!!

  27. Are these his friends? they show him what is coming out like it’s his fault. thanks for making me feel good !!!!. So he waited, we would not have such a great video if he hadn’t.

  28. Did I hear them say ‘hairspray’? What did they spray on his neck and why?

  29. They could have saved that dude some pain with just a small slice down the middle of that deal. My butt was clinched while I watched them squeeze that thing. I’ve had one of those on my neck before and it hurt just to touch it much less put freaking bear hug on it. Great vid though. Just the thing to wake up from a nap with.

  30. HaHa, I didn’t catch this until I watched it the second time but the popper became a casualty. Hacking and gagging, sounded like she puked. LMAO.

  31. ROFL @ SpiderPig! hahahaha ;)

    Great vid though, I wish they’d have gotten everything out of it!

  32. I think that was bactine they were spraying on it. A little too little for this, but better than nothing.

  33. MaggotGeyser says:

    This was the funniest one in months. Love “Becca” wurping and coughing after the money shot at 2:12.

  34. The best part of this:

    they’re wearing chef coats. groooossss! haha

  35. chokeholdmama says:

    AWE-FREAKING-SOME! Soooooo good!

  36. I’m very happy with the multiple bursts! That’s the best part, in my opinion!

  37. great vid, I agree that there is more stuff in there. Guy did great letting them squeeze it all out. Thanks for the post

  38. PimplePoppinPrincess says:

    OMG, they are working at a kitchen somewhere. It squirted on his collar. I don’t know about that sort of thing.

  39. I have noticed several vids that are taken in commercial kitchens…. and public restrooms. Makes me want to carry Purell everywhere!

    I feel bad for Juan, though. He looks miserable, and to have all his coworkers telling him he needs to see a doctor when he doesn’t have insurance- that makes it worse. There are still some free clinics in existance, though. Just hope there is one near him…

  40. Mmm...Puddin says:

    Nice poppage, but ITS NOT DONE!!! *pinches screen*
    She should’ve changed up the squeezing, but the technique was good. He needs medical attention, if I saw that growing out of my neck I would go straight there… with my camcorder of course lol.
    Kaboom! :D~

  41. toxinangelzit says:

    So this is what chefs do in their spare time? Makes me wonder if I’m seeing tomato juice mixed with ranch in my salad…or something else :^O

  42. cystycheese says:


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