Cheese Pop

going and going and going…

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  1. This one is confusing because they posted an original as a repost on YouTube. We had it here:
    but the embedding was disabled upon request.
    So now we don’t have to go to YouTube to watch Superzit… we can just watch it here as Cheese Pop! Just a lil history there and thanks girlpupe! Good find!

  2. well,it’s a nice cyst,but the ‘i’ve never seen’ guy has lived a sheltered life,and having to repeat everything you say that often must be tiring for him

  3. Any more, I’ve taken to listening to all vids now with the sound off.

  4. Gnarly tapioca dude was annoying but the squeezer did a nice job.

  5. this is one of my favorites. i find it beautiful, plus i appreciate the maximum result achieved with a light touch. i’ve about had it with the gore…

  6. “I can feel my soul squirting out of me.” I think I want that on a tee shirt…

  7. A squirter!!! Loved it.

  8. squirt and cheese.. lovely!

  9. has brought many happy moments to my life. God bless you all!!

  10. I love this one! The sheer amazement in the voice of his friend makes it even better, for me anyway! Great post!!

  11. Dang! Removed already and I didn’t even get to see it!!!

  12. WHY! What the zit!!! Why is youtube removing these? WHY? What terms do the violate? I really wanted to see this one….WTF – does anyone have a backup?

  13. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    Zitnewbie and Skin_Seed: You can still see this video, just read the first post from PPM and click on the link
    The video will come up with a message “Embedding disabled by request Watch on YouTube”….if you click on “Watch on YouTube” it will open up the video and you can watch it….hope this helps!

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