Animal abscess

Wow that is some gnarly gunk that comes out!!

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  1. One of the best treatment of animals with this type of abscess. Very interesting to watch, good camera work, and very good treatment of the calf!
    Great find Mistoff, thanks.

  2. Nice one, mistoff.
    Interested in seeing what some others might say about this.

  3. you like the smell of conflict in the morning, dontcha ppm?!

    nice vid, thanks. i am assuming these sorts of abscesses begin at birth, that the umbilicus does not heal properly?

    in cattle, i just don’t see the point in anesthesizing (which must carry its own risks) the animal for drainage of an abscess. the process is quick, most of the pain is relieved by the process itself.

    i am kinda surprised whenever i see the use of hydrogen peroxide. i would like, i guess, to see a thorough rinsing afterward, as that stuff will kill the good along with the bad. during a brief stint i had with a wound care clinic, i learned how much they HATE hydrogen peroxide. i think people just love the fizz… it gives them reassurance that they are actually doing something in the war against pathogens.

    the other thing i wondered about was both the amount and the type of packing. there sure was A LOT of it and for the most part, it was dry. sure he dumps betadine on it now and then — better to have soaked the gauze in it first? if that gauze dried in there, *then* that poor calf was in for some serious pain.

  4. the animal seemed pretty relaxed most of the time-sure it was well tethered,but it wasn’t in distress
    unfortunately,seems like we missed much of the squeezing

  5. Twisted Cyster says:

    That was a lot O’ Gunky Zit comming out of that Cow !! Holy Cow !!!! Good to see the Vet was a Pro who knew excactly what he was doing….Good Care for the Animal !!! nice and interesting vid, good job posting this one !!

  6. Poor baby bull. Has to be feeling better after all that.

  7. Good cow. Good post. Thank you!

  8. I’m too sensitive for the animals— Boo!! I get why it’s on here, but I still hope the calf is doing MUCH better now!

  9. Someone’s anatomy is way off here. That’s the little lad’s PREPUCE! His umbilicus is way off to the right!!

  10. rebornmoron says:

    I went to the local pharmacy yesterday and found a cow holding a gun on the pharmacist. He was demanding moooorphine! This is why we CAN NOT give cows anesthesia! They should have to tough it out, just like people do! First cows, next elephants, then giraffes….when WILL THE CRAZINESS STOP?
    I am trying to gather funds to send sky writing airplanes around the world, bearing the message to all animals….JUST SAY NO!!!!

    You know what I hated about that cow the most? The way it was playing hard to get. Anyone could tell it was a seeker.

  11. lennyg4362 says:

    I’m with you, erinp! I’m just WAAAY too sensitive when it comes to animals. Couldn’t they have at least given him a local at the incision site? I mean, you could see it was hurting him by the way he was jumping and jerking around when the vet would squeeze it. :-(

  12. I think the cow might have been calmer if they had played the background music to this video while they were doing the procedure.

  13. awww poor baby! i’m so glad the vet took good care of him. I was wondering too why the vet didnt use a wet to dry dressing, maybe that is why he stuck the bottle into the incision to get extra iodine in there to help. I almost cried at this video, i’m an animal lover but I know all too well what that poor lil guy was going thru. When I had my gallbladder surgery it was done laporoscopically and 1 of the incisions was thru my bellybutton and besides the open hole in my chest, the bellybutton incision hurt the worst and agonizing pain constantly well past a year when all the other had eased up on the agonizing part and what made it worse and took so long to heal was after the steri strips fell off I accidentally busted it back open and all the stretching from my weight made it take seems like forever to heal. I still get phantom gallstone attacks and chronic nerve and muscle pains from my surgery sites etc So I feel for baby boy and hope he is doing much better now!

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