Ear Pimple Poppage!

For once, a pimple that is just inside the ear canal that you can actually see popping! Its a short video, but after all the inner ear pimples where you can’t see a durn thing, this one at least redeems my love of all ear pimples, inside and out. Of course, those behind the ear pulsating pressurized pus gigantics are the very, very bestest – yes?

~ H.S.

Ear Pimple Explosion” created and posted to YouTube by emilyypaiigee7 on February 28, 2010

37 Comments on “Ear Pimple Poppage!

  1. Skroffsan says:

    Why do the always scream..I hate it, always turn the sound down.

  2. Too short. Would have been a good one if we had seen the whole thing.

  3. SniffSnort says:

    LAME!!! Not so much talking about the video… mostly talking about the new pop-up adds on this site as well as the recent incompatibility with the iPhone. SO LAME!!!

  4. Those thumbnails, yikes…..dirty!

  5. A definate sound OFF viewing. The shrieks were a bit over done.

  6. Okay. That was cool and all, but a little too overly dramatic in the screaming department. I kinda feel sorry for the girl getting popped with all those other girls screaming in her ear.

  7. yup,volume OFF…why,oh why?????????????????
    just exasperated

  8. Hygiene not a consideration, I guess. I would not want someone with those hands touching an already infected part of my person.

  9. magna-cum-pus says:

    “uuuh – did you say ‘pffftt’?”

  10. Is it just me… but I didn’t see a “pop”… I just saw a bit of pus after her head was turned and then the shadow of the popper, I think, got in the way of stuff, too. I suppose they never heard of a hair pin or bobby pin. That would have helped get that pus out.

  11. okeydokey2137 says:

    apparently, i should be grateful i don’t have speakers at work :)

  12. was’nt hygiene an option? for your mouth and your hands.

  13. It would have opened in the shower. Not worth filming.

  14. ok, next time, use chop sticks, to squeeze it, while someone else holds the cam and light.
    You wenches ruined one of the greatest potential pops/squirts of all time!
    What a Foooking waste!

  15. First Step:Get your tools together. Go to the drugstore and purchase a small bag of 1cc syringes, like the kind diabetics use for Insulin. This way you have a sharp object with which to puncture the zit.
    Second:Sterile gauze or cotton, or Q-Tips. And GLOVES!
    Third: Hydrogen Peroxide; best cleaner and irrigater going!And it will work better than mercurochrome or alcohol. Alcohol is NOT used by MD’s post-puncture; it irritates and can cause interior inflammation of the affected internal areas. Basic rule for liquids: If it HURTS, do NOT use it! It isn’t supposed to hurt!
    Fourth: BETTER CAMERA WORK!!!!!!!!!

  16. Fuzzybeard2016 says:

    HS, you owe me a new set of speakers for my computer! j/k [note to self: next time hit the MUTE button before clicking on the video!]

  17. Agreed!! Those may be the nastiest nails we’ve ever seen, even the mechanic/trucker type guys we see in videos look cleaner than that!

  18. mmmmm...brains says:

    Shoulda used a bobby pin.

  19. What is up with most of the videos containing people that are into body modification like piercings and tattoos? R these the do it yourself types instead of going to a legitimate shop?

    And this video was zited! sticking a thumb tack in the ear? and being afraid of the poke when u have big ass gauges in your ears? Plus I hate when girls act all ditzy and faint hearted, it makes us women appear weak and reenforces old stereotypes!!!!

  20. OhHellNaw says:

    i deff say pffffftttttt to that one

  21. “mmmmm…brains” BAHAHAAAA!! LOVE the name!! LOL

  22. Word Rachael. I mean really? The girl’s got like 4 piercings, one gauged, in that ear alone – and you know there are others elsewhere – and she’s freaking out about a thumbtack?

  23. Much better with the sound off.

  24. pussnstuff says:

    Your wedding band goes on your finger, not stuck in your ear…hahahahaha!!!!!

  25. chuckster2.0 says:

    I like the sound that ear pimples make when they pop

  26. That pimple is what bobby pins were made for!

  27. chappiejen says:

    Oh man! Those zits hurt soooo bad. I get them often in my ears and the ones right there are some of the worst, especially because they are so hard to get to.

  28. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I will not make comments about blonds and having all of their brains squeezed through a pimple in their ear.
    I will not.
    Will not.
    No way!

    1. I’m a blond with brains to spare…

  29. HEY…Where’s the “explosion?”. Aw,what a rip!!

  30. Whyyy would they use a PUSH PIN??? bobby pin indeed!

  31. um, I wanted more. I did.

    1. Me too, I feel like I got ripped off!

  32. That is an awkward spot to get a zit, there is no way to get a good grip on it. I agree with the others, a bobby pin would have been the way to go.

  33. phillip jackson says:

    this would have been a great video if they knew what they were doing.

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