Cameron’s Smelly Back Cyst

We need smello vision lol

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  1. Absessive Compulsive says:

    Nice one! Wish it had been a little longer, but great execution by the popper.

  2. When you reach the sac, get tweezers to pull out and then cut.

    Too much shadow and camera jerk, but pus was good,
    and thank you for not OMG.

  3. PrinceZzPoPPy says:

    Hmm…looked like a portion of the sac was still left in there, so we might be getting “smelly cyst the sequel”. yay! Here’s hoping.

  4. I always wear a cowboy hat when getting de-cysted

  5. Loved it. Very nice find.

  6. THAT was AWESOME!!!!!


  8. jollypopper says:

    Kudos to the four finger squeeze technique

  9. Everyone needs to experience at least one of those in their lifetime.

  10. WOOHOO! Excellent find! Cheese is king at PTZ!

  11. great technique, great execution. you can tell right away that the person wielding the razorblade knows what’s what. thanks so much!

  12. sexandzitz says:

    I’ve never popped a cyst, but thanks to, when the historic moment arrives, I’ll be ready!!!

  13. Yeah great monday!! thanks for that i needed it bad!

  14. Twisted Cyster says:

    When you take a good look at the guy at 2:02>>2:05 I find He looks like one of those ,,MythBuster,, Guy
    You know the series at Discovery Channel.
    But annyway ….to the point now , Great Vid!! Good Gunky-Juicy-but Semy-Solid Nastynes twirling out the cyst !!! thats the way I like em the Best !! Good Camwork too, only one lill point here,: The squeezer hides some squeezing with his hands, I mean when he puts his fingers from above to squeeze the cyst ,his hand blocks the Cam-Vieuw sometimes……I give it a 5 annyway !! Good Post Thankz S&Z

  15. great stuufffff more nore moreeee

  16. brachs99813 says:

    What’s the name of the song that played first? Sounds familiar but I can’t think of it.

  17. Smelly doesn’t really describe one of these things. It actually smells like somebody zit a wildebeest in the room when you squeeze one of these cysts. Trust me, it will make your eyes water and your nose run.

  18. magna-cum-pus says:

    now THAT is a popologist’s manual for squeezemanship

    * * * * *

  19. Thank you, Skull Cowboy. I wondered what one of these smelled like. You have given clarity to my thoughts.

  20. Not a problem Catrya, always glad to lend a hand.

  21. Pulling the sack like it was a botfly!
    Seriously, anyone know how to cultivate a cyst like this?

  22. Seeping Willow says:

    Imagine the smell

  23. Great video! Too bad he cut that sack at the end, otherwise the job would have been perfect!

  24. gimmemorepus says:

    What a great find!!! Looked like they tried hard to have good lighting and show as much pus as possible. The lack of shrieking O.M.G. was also welcome.

  25. Buttcheese says:

    Remember Bruce Willis’s line out of Sin City when he and Jessica Alba get to the motel and they can still sense the yellow guy? “THE STINK”.

  26. What in the world are they listening to?

  27. from about the 50 to 56 second marks, i entertained visions of snake-charmers…

  28. great vid, nice pus, but hold that damn cam still….B E A UTIFUL…..

  29. Great find sexandzitz! Thanks for posting, also anyone know for sure, Mom E corrected me some time ago, cysts are actually not filled with pus, but rather with sebum.
    Anyone care to confirm or find out for sure?

  30. Excellent production for amateurs. They should all be this good.

  31. We havn’t had anything new for a few days-thanks for making my Monday better-excellent!

  32. Hey Puss and Boots…to confirm as far as sebaceous cysts are concerned here is a fascinating article…enjoy!!

  33. cooooooooooooooooooool! :) i think a sac would freak me out if i ever ever ever got to work on one of these beauties. they are so odd!

  34. Very, very nice…Toothpaste quality product, and people who know what they’re doing – wearing gloves, perfect incision, so perfect that the sac pops out and is easily removed.

    Love it.

  35. Pimples123 says:

    Excellent! I loved it! Second only to Solar Flare! Keep ‘em coming!

  36. @bhall, thanks for the link, yes cysts are indeed made up of sebum not pus! Very informative!

  37. lennyg4362 says:

    FINALLY!!!!! A quality vid!!!! Great camera work…great money shot…no hands in the way….knew what they were doing…! This is what we’ve been missing around here!!!

    Thank you, sexandzitz!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

  38. cystalicious says:

    LOVE IT! The more cheese, the better!

  39. A couple of people have mentioned it already, but I also really liked the catchy tune that played during the first 3-1/2 minutes, and would love to know what it was.

  40. dermatillomaniac says:

    That would be the Noisette’s Wild Young Hearts of the same album title. I love that they played a song that my boyfriend introduced me to and who also introduced me to these videos.

  41. DannyDeer3p says:

    I first found this site when I googled my first video to show to somebody and I found the link below:

    I took as much of the pointers as I could to heart and tried to make this second video that much better. Thanks for the compliments. I’ll try to make another one if I have any more friends that are willing to let me cut them.

  42. Thanks Derma!

  43. cybersharque says:

    Wrong technique. Blunt dissection, not sharp, to remove the cyst wall. This lesion will recur, even if it were packed with iodoform gauze. And when it recurs, it will be tethered even more robustly to the sub-q tissue AND it won’t be sterile. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to have been done too long ago. Please have your friend open the incision up again, irrigate with betadine (NOT peroxide), and pack with gauze.Change the packing daily for a week, then let it scab over (that’s the technical term for closing by secondary intent :-)

    1. Are you a physician? Very informative explanation.

  44. omega1664 says:

    I wonder if Kraft would think about making a new Chunky Cheese dressing, sorta like their Chunky Blue Cheese… just joking. I don’t think I could get past the odor not to mention the idea.

  45. popperpeeper says:

    A thing of beauty (tear in eye)!

  46. I think that’s the best home-done cyst removal I’ve seen! Efficient, clean, and not too over-the-top with the reactions in the room. The cherry on top was them recognizing the sac and getting it out without butchering the guy! Kudos!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      @mookzmom, Gotta agree with ya on that one. All of the qualities with none of the trailer park theatrics….

  47. great one sexandzitz, no screaming, very big plus. I’m beinging to think every standard cyst kit should have in it a pair of needlenose pliers, new of course and very clean.

  48. oh goodness, i have a bad head cold, please forgive my spelling, or miss use of words, i meant begining, not beinging, *smacks self in forehead* ok, now im going back to bed!!

  49. oh and please no smell o vision, that have me retching and running to the toilet!! lol

  50. thank you very much sexandzitz that one the coloring was just like the canned sqeeze cheese nice light yellow coloring beautiful just beautiful now alls we need is some fancy crackers to sqeeze it on lol

  51. I loved it when it was first posted and I still love it!! Way to go!!

  52. This video is so beautiful, I could jump for joy!!!! But, I’ll stay in my chair and smoke a cig! Great video and great job by the poppers and popee…thanks s and z.

  53. Love the ribbon effect & then just for me, (I wish) the surprise of a rose. Great Video

  54. beautifully done – great excision – super vid!!

  55. ” I ‘ LL be Baaaaacccckkk

  56. cystycheese says:

    Good one, but, had to watch it on mute…could have done without that music

  57. diamondgirl828 says:

    Good post sexyzit! LOL…That song, wow, reminded me of Beach Blanket Bingo with Elvis Pressley…Oops, did I just age myself??

  58. NMGAPAOH says:

    GREAT job pulling the cyst sac out!!! I dream of getting to do that.

  59. Nice clear view which is what we all want! The sack was huge!! Way to go!

  60. unclelarry says:

    He looks like Adam Savage on Mythbusters.

  61. nice pus extraction gave was to the sac soon enough…surprised that the medic just stretched the sac and severed it rather than tugging more out with tweezers. that said though it was an excllent video!

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