The Worst Zit of my Life

Short and sweet.

17 Comments on “The Worst Zit of my Life

  1. Ouch… that looked painful. But, after that small explosion, I bet it felt better.

  2. i blinked n missed it

    1. Squeezed the core out. Short and to the point, no wandering around the barn yard.

  3. Yeah those hurt. Make yer eyes tear!!

  4. That reminded me of how the pimples from the iPhone app izits look when you pop them.

  5. I felt the relief!

  6. This was my video I posted to YouTube. This thing was so swollen, my whole cheek and under my eyelid. Glad I was able to record it and yes after it popped, instant relief.

  7. Perfect! One more little pinch woulda sent a piece sailing i bet! Just lovely!!

  8. Squeezie Queen says:

    It was over so quick! lol

  9. It was pretty fast to see much. Painful area to have one!

  10. Twisted Cyster says:

    Now that was a fast shoot !

  11. sebaceousqueen says:

    Now that was short… but sweet! lol

  12. Short and sweet.

  13. wait a second, iphone has an app where you can pop zits? incredible, i’m going to have to request that one for my droid!

  14. Under Pressure says:

    Like miriam1548, I too felt the relief.

  15. phillip jackson says:

    quickdraw mcgraw my eyes arestill watering. great find ilovepus.

  16. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHH ……. kinda sums it up.

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