Sick Nasty Boil

Now this ones not a squeezer ,but someone takes out a Boil-Core with a Tool. The maker says its a Boil, but It can be a Spider-Bite too, same kinda ,,Chunk,, O pus, looking like a Boil-Core.
Bit of blurry Vid, but nasty enough to pay attention at.
Enjoy it , Fellow Popper Penose…..
Best wishes: Twisted-Cyster

11 Comments on “Sick Nasty Boil

  1. Very interesting technique!
    Twisted Cyster you always come up with the most excellent stuff!

  2. the toll looks like dental floss that pulled it out. I have no idea what tool they used I wish they showed more of it and it did leave a nice hole after it was pulled out. I looks like a nice chunk of cheese when it comes out.

  3. did they just lift it out with sellotape????

  4. that was pretty cool :)

  5. Twisted Cyster says:

    Think you right KAT

  6. that was different. what is sellotape?

  7. did they just lift it out with sellotape????

    Where did you see the sellotape?
    The thing what I se is a sewing thread, with which they are tied the core.

  8. I don’t know what I saw, I think whatever it was, was fake. It looked like like a blob of jelly. I did’nt see a hole either. I don’t know what the little white thing on the string was. They said it was a core.Thanks for the post Twisted Cyster.

  9. Yeah!!!!! Remember those games at carnivals and school cake walks where you put your hook down to hopefully catch a prize? Well, whoever was fishing pulled in a hefty pus plug :)

  10. In my last post I said:
    “The thing what I saw is a sewing thread, with which they are tied the core”.

    I’m sure that was a tread, but not that was a boil-core (they told it was core). Maybe it was a part of cyst or some other chunk which sometimes can left a hole after being removed.

    The boil-core is the very rare thing on the whole I saw almost all videos here, and excluding this one I saw the only 1 (one) boil-core. That was on the boys shoulder, you know for sure, the poor brave crying boy, sitting on a chair, sometimes with a t-shirt between his teeth.

    I had two boils in my life (both in puberty), one on my right hip and the other on the left hand little finger. Both cores were egg-shaped, relatively hard and slimy (just as it was the core from a boy’s shoulder). Therefore I conclude that it is impossible to tie boils core with anything. Surely not with any kind of thread.

    I hope you have understood my English. I wrote this about an hour with the help of jumbled Google-translate and two other online dictionaries. ;)

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