Nose Popping Tool!

I absolutely adore little videos like this! Almost as good as the close-up of a Biore strip being removed! Fun fun fun!

~ H.S.

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37 Comments on “Nose Popping Tool!

  1. I’ve got one of those tools, but you gotta figure out how to do it right. But on the nose like that, nothing beats using your fingers.

  2. That would be a good advertiser or link, Emilbus… if you could find out who sells these things! Good vid. I like seeing the stuff ooze out of the pores!

  3. I bought mine at Walgreens (next to the toenail clippers). They were kind of expensive. Somewhere around 10 bucks. My mom used to use a bobby pin. Works just as good.

  4. I have that!! Man my hubby gets irked when I chase him down with that thing!!
    Love it…

  5. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    I have one of these tools myself, I bought mine at Walmart next to the fingernail clippers and tweezers, mine was around 7 bucks….and they work great!

  6. magna-cum-pus says:

    My tractor has an attachment that looks like that.

  7. This person had some good “worms,” as I call them.

  8. My tool is the one that has like the long U- shaped, curved wire on one end and the flattened out oval with the center cut out on the other. I like this tool better. Me gonna get dat Suvorna kit ASAP! Oh yah! Pop pop pop (I’ll feel oh so professional, I’ll be on the streets like in India hawking my pimple popping services to anyone who stands still for five seconds… lol pulling out the tools from some secret pocket inside my vest…)
    ~ H.S.

  9. Im a hands on type of guy!

  10. Bobby Pins people! They work just like that and they are cheap so you can pitch after each use!!

  11. Go back, so much unharvested whiteheads, blackheads…Great vid, thanks for posting. Love the way she shows off the pore scum on the tool.

  12. when i see good straightforward camera work, good lighting — only then do i realize how bad those things normally are! thanks so much, hs.

  13. You’ve got to be careful with these comedone extractors, as they’re called, because they really cause broken capillaries, especially in that delicate area between the nose and the cheek.

  14. My cousin has one of those things and she loves it. She’s been telling me about how it pops without leaving bruises and it makes popping alot easier. I still dont know if I want one because I really like uses my hands to do popping! Halph ur too damn funny! lol Slider I feel like the mom from Mommy Dearest when I say this. NOOOOO MORE BOBBY PINS!!!! My mom used to pop blackheads inside my ears when I was a kid with those things and omg it hurt like hell.

  15. I’m in Love!!!

  16. Lol Rac I have the same experience with Mom popping. She didn’t care where we were if I had a pimple, blackhead, whitehead anything she was all over it…. I wonder if thats is wear I get it… Bobby pins do hurt, that tool looks like it covers a wider area, but not so sure about giving up my trusty pointer finger goo action!!!

  17. Cool tool, but I think fingers will empty the pores better. Is it me or she could go for another round in the same spot again and get just as much blackhead goo?

  18. Oh, reliving a bad dream Rac, my dad use to hold me down to do the Bobbie Pin in the ear trick. That is very painful.

  19. I have one it’s a Tweezerman brand pimple popper. Walgreen’s Walmart all have them around with tweezers. They are pricy but guaranteed. Double ended for even the trickiest places.

  20. If the other end clips nose hairs, I’m sold!!!
    The cam work alone is worth 5 stars…this is how it should be done. Nice find HS

  21. Mine came in a boil popping kit. That kit has about 10 attachments in it including really sharp pokers and scoops. Cost me $30.00 but it was worth it. Nice little vid.

  22. Under Pressure says:


  23. The YT demons strike again – I mean – what the heck is wrong or offensive about this video??? Grrrr….

  24. oh F.F.S! its gone! what the heck is wrong with people/youtube that these videos keep getting removed for violations?
    someone out there is a real sh*t disturber and needs their arse kicked.

  25. what a surprise!
    How in hell can this violate you tubes terms of use?????
    i watched a vid on you tube showing a kid getting shot on live tv

  26. Hey Emilbus? Is there any way you can find out what is going on here? Website to website owners?

  27. Don’t link to them download and post!!! This is war!!!

  28. Zit,can back by for another peek at this & it’s gone. Can I have some cheese with my whine????

  29. Let’s make some Headcheese with the brains of the person who keeps reporting these videos for TOS abuse. C’mon – if you have a personal issue, be a man – don’t take it out on the videos! Gee whiz! (Still paranoid, can you tell?????)

  30. Guys I think that someone is using this site to report these videos on youtube. I’ve been coming here for the last 2 weeks now and I see the videos that get posted here disappearing but the videos that aren’t being posted here, videos of zit popping, seem to stay up.

  31. I have to agree wit cakemix. Seems like the videos never disappear untiul they get posted here. And it is always the really good ones.

  32. SEE…..This WHAT I’m talking ABOUT. YouTube deleted this video FOR WHAT. ???????

  33. I agree with Boobie1961. Totally! No kids were in the video, no animals being tortured. For what reason did this beauty get yanked?!!!!!!!!!

  34. cantlookaway says:

    It is so easy to get a video taken down. All someone has to do is mark it. If we do have a youtube stalker, I wonder if they would take a look at who tos’d all of these videos, and if they would do anything to help. Yes, I realize that I am probably in a dream world, but they like me here, lol!

  35. Taylor Rumsey says:

    You know what is shocking & disgusting? Justin Bieber videos, but I don’t go around flagging those, now do I? NO! I just keep away from them so that people that enjoy them CAN enjoy them.

  36. Gone…as my last pay check. Gone, gone away

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