Nasty Boils…..

Now not so much pus to see, but an Amazing, Impressive amount of boils and Nastyness on this Guy !!!!

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  1. infortheshow says:

    Oh, please…someone just give that boy a helping hand!

  2. hmm. The Solitary Boil seems to be making inroads, literally, of this guy’s pit. sinus channels… not a good omen. thanks, cyster!

  3. oops. i forgot to leave my most intelligent and insightful comment:

    ——–>> drives moi nuts…

  4. Battle of the Boils….Boils 5, Wuss Guy 0.. and yes, get the damn Kleenex out of the field of battle.
    Thanks for posting…a triple play!

  5. someone seriously needs a wash and shave

  6. What’s the matter with paper lately? You’ve got opposable thumbs, and a brain, use them!

    And don’t complain if it hurts, alcohol/drugs/anesthesia are not only for partying.

  7. THis is a staph infection. I hope he sought antibiotics!

  8. omg, poor baby! I SO feel his pain! Zits and cysts are one thing, but a boil is one of the most painful things I’ve personally ever felt. That’s why he insists on dabbing at this thing himself–you can’t trust someone else with this!

    PS–what is the male/female subject ratio on ptz? Seems like they’re always guys…

  9. When I watch these video, I always wonder how people let these things get so bad. Now I know. You gotta learn how to squeeze ‘em, pal.

  10. This bunch of videos makes me so upset! Men’s pain tolerance is so low that they don’t deserve things like this! Give these to a woman and let ‘em fly! She’ll get the job done…. sigh.

  11. First time I’ve ever seen anyone try to *stroke* the pus outta one of these things!

  12. Anna Nonymous says:

    It’s not a kitten, it’s a boil, stop stroking it gingerly and grab a hold of that bastard and squeeze it like it owes you money!

  13. I realize that boils in the armpit are painful. And he had several. But for crying out loud…if you are that much of a pussy…go to the doctor! Or get a buddy to give it a good squeeze!

  14. magna-cum-pus says:

    Ouch. Staphylococci saprophytici maximi enormi gigantici aayyyii yii yii. Get thee to a physician post haste. And scrub your fingers with gasoline and a wire brush before touching anything.

  15. Can someone say MRSA!!!! Go to the damn ER u dumbass!

  16. LOL…I loved the “Baron from DUNE” comment…he does look like that guy!

  17. And this, boys and girls, is why you should always, always wear a condom. Hell, he should have just given up and taken a chain saw to that mess.

  18. Just Poke It says:

    WOW… I had an allergic reaction to a deodorant and I didn’t react like that. I got like 4-5 boils in each of my armpits. I squeezed the hell outta those things. hurt like fire but man did they feel better after. hope this guy got some treatment.

  19. I’ve never seen someone act like a bigger sissy. This was a huge disappointment. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad it is posted but jeeze. The guy says, “it’s not about squeezing”. WTF? Of COURSE it’s about squeezing. you scrub!

  20. Perhaps point something out to me?! I apologize for missing it… As always, thanks for the post.. and it is 5;o5 est time.

  21. Cyster, whats up with this pretty Polynesian prince. The exudate is too obvious, he just can’t bring himself to get down on it!! I’ll be happy to help….

  22. #2 has been pulled due to “violation”…Fricking hate you tube right now.

  23. Do you think that perhaps PTZ brings attention to these videos and someone reports them to YouTube? I’m thinking someone flags them after they see them here. We have a spy methinks, Emilbus! Some of these have been on for a very long time on YouTube without problems… has to be a spy.

  24. you need to stop being a baby and mash the damn thing or go to a dr we all want to see I have never seen so many boils in one spot

  25. Pumperpimple says:

    I think I like the comments better than the videos lol

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      …….way better……

  26. My wife had reoccurring boils under her arm and one, old as the hills doctor, kept telling her it was the aluminum in most deodorants. I took her to another doctor, he lanced and drained the boil. Sent the sample to the lab and it came back positive for staph. I never believed the aluminum b/s for a minute.

  27. I had a staph infection this summer. What looked like pus that wouldn’t come out, was actually a process called ‘granulation’, which was the healthy tissue rebuilding itself.

  28. squirtymcsquirt says:

    Looks like the condition called hidradenitis suppurativa.

  29. Not sure this is MRSA… Looks more like a severe case of underarm folliculitis. OUCH!!

  30. cantlookaway says:

    Wow, go to a doctor. That looks like so much more than a cluster of boils. Antibiotics, anyone?

  31. So are tweezers illegal in Australia or is this guy and his friends just retarded?

  32. cystalicious says:

    Squeeze it already! Damn!

  33. And what about tweezers ?

  34. I know the pain must be neverending! Get to the doctor fast!

  35. that is a staph infection really bad he needs to goto the doc

  36. pashion4popin says:

    these look severly infected, needing medical treatment. that many boils in one area are bound to fester until emptied and treated with antibiotics. that type of “pus” is infamously mrsa which eats away at the tissue causing that pus-like flesh which is basically decomposed infected tissue. that tissue isn’t healthy and needs to be debrided and meds to treat the entire system. i wouldn’t be surprised if he was experiencing systemic symptoms like fever and sweats ect. i wouldn’t attempt to touch them without gloves, these kind usually spread easily and anything he touches makes it way all over his environment. sometimes whole families end up with staph or mrsa infections because it’s spread around the house. washing hands is good but doesn’t stop the bacteria from growing and then it’s transferred to everything. hot, red, fever, sweats, …generally icky or complicated means seek medical advice. anyone who has experience with wounds knows most bacterial infections should be seen by a doctor.

  37. I hope he sought medical treatment. I thought I counted six boil sites. He must have been in agonizing pain!!!

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