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  1. I was hoping for more chunky goodness.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel odd watching these things when set to elevator music? lol

  2. who chooses the music for these vids?
    on the other hand,this one shows how an abcess/cyst SHOULD be dealt with
    one or maybe two,small,deep cuts and then a good root about to empty all pockets.nicely done

  3. Well not the greatest, but there was quite a bit of pus in that sore! It was super red so it had to hurt. I wonder if that was done in a hospital since the person (doc?) used tweezers to break up the pockets in there. Looks like a hospital but one never knows… ;)

  4. Carbuncle Betty looks to have been a good patient, no jerking or twisting. First time I’ve seen one lanced with wedding music playing in the background. They cut out all the good parts though.

  5. Hey that vapocoolant is to numb injection sites? Because if that is what its for, i’m gonna ask my doctor next week if he can use some of that when he gives me the cortisone shots in my knees! I just found out a couple months ago about these numbing wraps that are placed around injection sites on kids so that they dont feel anything! Medicine really has changed from the time I was a kid! I remember the dreaded finger pokes from the 80’s with the barbed looking plastic poker and the lil hat that had to be filled up with blood and now those pokes aint nothing its done the same way blood sugar is taken basically painless. Sorry I know this is off topic but I think its cool how doctors are finding ways to make things less painful for their patients!

  6. I didnt see any pus just alot of blood. I hope she recovered completely!

  7. hey rac87el, yes the vapocoolant “freezes” your skin…u dont feel a thing. years ago i had ingrown toenails removed- the doc was kind enough to use it before givin me the numbing injections. previous to going to a podiatrist i had a doctor give me the shots without-hurt like HELL!

  8. What would someone in the 1800s do when they got one of these?

  9. From the looks of all the scars on this pt’s neck I’m betting this isn’t the first time the poor thing has had to go thru this :( ……the music sounded more appropriate for a moonlit walk on the beach than an abcess video, lol.

  10. To call this music ‘elevator music’ is an insult to elevator music.

    The boys over at Musak would reject this thing.

    (The video however, was decent)

  11. It appears this cyst has reoccurred. What ya’ll think out there? Im guessing it’ll be around for another go, that’s simply my opinion.. Good vid!

  12. Less pus than I would have expected based on the looks of that thing.

  13. Saw lots of blood but no spunk. Perhaps it was just well mixed, like a good cocktail.

  14. OK the music was bad. Should have made a nice ling cut and then sqeezed it

  15. hmmm. emil didnt like it so much when i submitted it…

  16. (not sour grapes, just sayin’!)

  17. beetle, i know what ur talkin about those numbing shots do hurt like a zit!

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