i’m happy, oh, so happy. i hope you are happy, too. happy valentine’s day!

“my friend dom had a overgrown CYST behind his ear and we made a night out of it. lol at Cyst popping party i guess you could call it. well just watch. i tried to keep from gaging. sorry. haha. enjoy. peace.”

NOTE: PTZ Highlights, July 2011

posted to youtube by kinksterdude, feb. 13, 2010

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  1. I don’t cuss but GOLLY DARN IT KEEP THAT STUPID KLEENEX AWAY FROM THERE!!! And Emilbus… quick… make a copy of this to put up for when it gets taken away! Great one, prof! Happy V-Day to you, too!

  2. I make copies of everything duh!@!!!! ;-)

  3. Dad is totally tanked, hahaha!! Nice drainage- but he’s hung up on getting something in the cyst…

  4. Love this quote “I know, it’s like a horror movie, eh?” **sigh** Can I marry that guy? LOL

  5. Daddy and Baby Cyst are doing well…nothing like a home birth! LOL

  6. zit/boil/cyst/abscess parties are catching on as social events among the anyone-who-is-anyone crowd. sniff. if you were to cater the event, what would you serve? caveat: no food preparation on site given the likelihood of flaking crusty scabs and airborne pus. gotta have *some* standards… also, to be truly fine, all toilet tissue and cheapass kleenex are to be replaced with delicate irish linens, trimmed in handmade lace.

  7. I’d serve 420, beer, finger food….LOL

  8. BastardLoveChild says:

    Ok Dad, if you know so much about medical treatment(“We need to get the iodine in there so it won’t come back again”) stop using scissors to cut your kids ear twin open. Where do they keep the scalpels, razorblades or needles in this house? haha

  9. Well duh… sorry Emil! :P

  10. TotallyAddictedToZits says:

    If you crave chunks and big squirts, and don’t care so much about dripping pudding or watching amateurs fumble with tissues or tools, go directly to 2:44. (Would love to see that eruption in slow motion!) After that short but excellent bit, the rest of the video is spent looking at the goo on the tissue, looking at the other people in the kitchen, discussion, fake vomit sounds, and disinfection.

    I’ve been to parties where people brought their own balloons, but have never seen people fill balloons with vanilla pudding and tuck them behind an ear to be exploded like an older kids’ version of a pinata. “Are we ready for dessert? BAM!”

  11. Ha! That’s what you get for holding the paper towel over the cyst – a handful of pus explosion! Ah, I love just rewards! But the poor cyst look so depressed at the end… I crack myself up. tee hee

    Nice one! Let’s see how long until YouTube takes it away…

    ~ H.S.

  12. another one done in the kitchen. ew. i wanted to slap the camera man, and the one holding the paper towel over it. coulda been awesome, ruined by inexperience.sigh.

  13. How many fingers were in on this one. At one time, it looked like 4 people were trying to get in on the action! lol

  14. had to login just to zit about this one. surprised it’s rated more than 2 stars

  15. And, it’s gone :( I didn’t get to see it :(

  16. Gone already.

  17. That was awesome!!! The funniest part was after the big explosion and you hear some drunk kid having the dry heaves and “OMG it looks like a butthole”. PMSL

  18. don’t wipe! just squeeze the “bleep” out of it!

  19. magna-cum-pus says:

    Emil – thanks for the rescue.


  20. How many idiots does it take to pop a cyst?

  21. Twisted Cyster says:

    Hahahaaa 2.54 looked like someting completely diff. done……wanker !!!

  22. Prof, I think the party etiquette is to pop all zits, clean up, then go out for Chinese or Thai.
    Nice-looking ear cyst, one spectacular pop, but what’s this with putting iodine inside so it won’t come back? If we’ve never seen it here, can it possibly work?

  23. ilovepoppingcysts says:

    That was a nice pop

  24. Great job, there doesn’t appear to be loculations hidden away either.. Lovely Prof!

  25. An entire family of idiots. And no, iodine will not prevent recurrence. Getting it all out will, and it looks like there was plenty left in there. The guy says it’s not the first time they popped it.

    Foolish consistency.

  26. sebaceousqueen says:

    I want one now! lol

  27. Even if their technique was terrible, that pop after they cut the thing with scissors was AMAZING. And the zit popping should occur once everyone is at someone’s house, after they’ve eaten out somewhere. Thai is a good option.

  28. I liked this one but then again Im partial to ear ones. Im glad I never use the sound when I watch these. Oh and who was the creep that started using tissue to protect themself from the pus? Give me a REAL man any day!

  29. sebaceous_bich says:

    I loved the drunk dad….even tho he was tanked, he still had the best procedure out of the bunch :P (and ya that thing needed to be drained a bit more)

  30. Not bad but it was hard to see with everyone trying to help out. I would have liked it if he pocked a small hole and freakin SQUEEEEZE THE HELL OUT OF IT and see it explode!!!

  31. qwertyffun says:

    Oh my god what is WRONG with people ?
    How could you wait until the thing is the size of the moon before popping it ???? What kind of amazing self control is this ? Did they just one day wake up and say, oh, its been 3 years, its time to pop it ???

  32. cystalicious says:

    Excellent squirt!!!

  33. rebornmoron says:

    Afterthought: Although most of what I said above is true…I was only kidding about the guy holding the tissue being a creep! I was disappointed because my vision was blocked and it was such a WONDERFUL pop!

  34. Nice pop f i n a l l y.if you r going to pop this beautiful blob please use something sharp and stab it good. Its like watchin a old balloon being poked with a dull knife…..

  35. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Beer, buddies, boils = Party time!

  36. I wanted to gag alright, gag the person holding the camera. Maddening. But not as maddening as the pussy footing around in not giving it a good old squeeze.

  37. too many cooks in the kitchen

  38. Super cool vid!!! I would have made a cut (with “some kind of” scalpel ),deeper then the one they made,and then,squeezed it all in one shot….TAD-AM!!! ;)

    Nah,seriously,I appreciated all the ppl having fun and…the PUS (obviously)!

    But that “wound” was mosdef infected afterward.I mean…NOTHING was clean in this video.I hope everything is all right and tnx guys for the entertainment. ;)

    Great post @profdeiren1

  39. I really hate tissue paper, why do you film if you are just going to show us the darn tissue. We did get to see some of the good stuff, but the rest of the time was tissue and fingers. Gosh.

  40. Just cut that sucker open!! Great results, finally!

  41. TheFirstViolet says:

    I’m disappointed. This had so much potential. It’s too bad that whoever “did this” did such a poor job. This could have been a nice and neat extraction and removal instead of bruised depressed skin. It’s not quite as fulfilling.

    Sad face.

  42. hmmm, sometimes ppl just don’t think…It seems Dom and his friends sent this in good faith, hoping viewers would enjoy watching it.

    @ Dom and gang, chances are that’ll refill..When it does, please send us round two. Remember, too much tissue paper blocks the view!!

    I miss you Prof.

  43. Sweet money shot @2:48. Love it.

  44. In the beginning I found myself yelling, “SQUEEZE!!! Be a MAN!”

  45. Chantelle Jesberger says:

    Why are the scissors’ involved so much?! Ugh.

    1. I don’t think anybody had a good sharp pocket knife or box cutter blade available. They could’ve used a paring knife!

  46. Are they trying to pop that thing on an airplane? Cause they sure as heck ain’t got nothin’ sharp. Those look like saftey scissors I used in 1st grade.

  47. You can tell that thing is under tremendous pressure!!! Getting a handful of pus – now that is a friend!

  48. nitroxmedic says:

    I wish they would take away the kleenex but other than that I know the best time to let someone near my head with a sharp instrument is when they are totally drunk….yeah right.

  49. Hafta admit I was getting a bit urpy from the camera zooming in and out! Course I probably wouldn’t have had this problem before I acquired progressive trifocals. Anybody know what I mean??

  50. Lovin Squeezn Mama says:

    I am wondering why, in a kitchen, they could not find a knife sharp enough to do a better job than those rusty old scissors….and sadly, I did not see sack…..soooo part 2 maybe?

  51. Those people did a terrible job on that cyst. It looked like it needed more squeezing and they left a big hole. I don’t think hydrogen peroxide and iodine will help with that big hole they left. Also, there may be a sac in there that need to come out. Oh well, what do you expect for a bunch of drunks.

  52. Zit Obsessed says:

    What happened after the initial explosion, when the bystanders gave the second scream of “whoah”? Does anyone know. You can’t see the patient’s head as it’s out of range.

  53. diamondgirl says:

    Dad was so sweet and attentive! Making sure it didn’t get infected…I felt all warm and fuzzy plus it took my mind off the fact that they squeezed that infectious yuck all over the area where they cook their meals!! OMG!!! GAK!!! When I am invited over to dinner, at someone elses house, I always think of that…Want to rinse everything with Clorox..

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