Abscess in Armpit

No squeezing of pus here, just an eye opener into how bad these can be for some. I feel so sorry for this man.

Here is an update!! thanks for posting PYRATES

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  1. Boring, would rather watch a infomercial…..

  2. Dude that is nasty. I could not imagine having that ever!!!

  3. My God that looked painful, I feel very sorry for this poor lad. I hope this clears up for him soon.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Simply Horrifying. I hope he gets better, but man, I would not have been able to wait around for five plus months dealing with a thing like that.

  5. I would hate to have a doctor tell me that’s the worse he’s ever seen.

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    Cant Imagine, he woke up with that….just at once…one day…..

  7. oh my, poor, poor, man!
    i can handle zits, cysts etc. when there is no real pain, but this guy must have been in agony 24/7. i have had the odd infected armpit pore and they hurt like a bugger, i can’t imagine what this guy must have been experiencing. i hope they found a cure for him and he was able to live without so much pain.

  8. this is from a british show called ‘embarrassing bodies’…it’s pretty good
    that is ziting bad tho

  9. It looks like he squeezed a raw hamburger patty under his arm. Ouch…ouch…ouch! However, that doctor is pretty hot.

  10. That was painful to watch. I hope the hunky doctor found a way to heal the poor guy’s armpit.

  11. Twisted Cyster says:

    I should wait for another few Months or so, Mabe it goes away by itself……

  12. Innaffitoften says:

    I cannot believe that a doctor would make him go for 5 months w/o doing something that worked for that poor man! That MD needs to be sued!

  13. BastardLoveChild says:

    I feel bad for the guy. But I also love the fact that a deodorant ad popped up while I was watching this. Wow.

  14. While this condition is very real…this particular abcess is a fake.

  15. Yeah that sucks. It’s totally makeup.

  16. It’s fake? Really? I didn’t think so, especially as he was followed up and we see it again.

  17. Hey kat, lucky you! I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve seen a lot of clips of the show on You Tube. The clips are all very disappointing. I would love to see a full show!

  18. this may be the reason why communism/socialism is the scourge of the earth

  19. xoSunshineAngelxo says:

    That HAD to be very painful and sensitive, even a T-Shirt rubbing against that must have sent that poor man into agony!! I recently had a PTZ worthy cyst with tons of sebaceous gunk that came out, but it was in my bikini line area and I figured that it would be removed within seconds of being posted so I didn’t even video tape it. It was really cool though how I watch all of these sick videos, and then it happens to me! If I had indeed video taped it and posted it, would it have been removed?

  20. Twisted Cyster says:

    @ xoSunshineAngelxo: Not if you have posted the Vid DIRECTLY to PTZ ! ! ! or in case of Emergency you could have posted it tom another gross site such as CrazyZitdotCom, LiveLeak, and there are more who do NOT remove the Video.In your case I would have recorded Annyway……lil shame you didnt though, but Next Time, (IF there comes a next one)put it on Camera , and ask Emilbus20 excactly how to post it without posting to YouTube !!

  21. I’m finding it REALLY hard to believe that this is a fake……

  22. I’m having a really tough time believing this was faked as well.

    I have to admit to all of you… I recently had a goo-filled abcess near my lip… but didn’t film my draining of it. I looked like The Joker on one side of my face and was actually just ashamed of my appearance.

  23. Must of had a tattoo in his armpit. Where do the Brits get their clothes?

  24. PimplePoppinPrincess says:

    Poor guy, looked like he had Leprosy of the Armpit. Serious degradation of the skin.

  25. cystalicious says:

    Awww. I felt so bad for him. I hope he’s cured now.

  26. I had the same disease in my armpit. I’ve since had a hunk of skin removed and its fine now. Mine was NOTHING like that though. It was more like random zits and sores would pop up, but I have a feeling my need to pick at them made them worse. Anyway, after some skin removal and banning wire bras, everything’s fine now.

  27. There is another video that goes with this story in case you want to do another update…


  28. very educational never knew of this condition till now and not only was i watching what was going on i also was eyeing the fine handsome doctor grrrrrrrrrrr meow meow ok im being bad but still he’s fine!! when he asked the patient to take his shirt off i must admit i was saying in my head hey doc take your shirt off lol i bet he has some nice six pack going on ok audrey control your self lmao great find ilovepus smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  29. I have seen this episode on tv and didn’t take note of the condition at the time. I’ve just watched it here and it just happens that I’ve made a friend via Facebook with this exact condition. It turns out that I prop had heard of her condition before mine thanx to this show. This is an extremely rare condition compared to crps/rsd. I never want her condition

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