Pus Pig? Nope – Pus Deer! **WARNING, EXTREME!**

For those of you who missed “Pus Pig“, this is along the same vein. So, again, I warn those of you who are in any way vegetarian, vegan, PETA, or animal rights motivated – you will not like this video. It depicts the deer being dressed by hunters. That is the nicest way I can put it.

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO, WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Please don’t complain, this is posted for those out there who do feel curious about this video.

Its pretty gross, but also interesting… I cannot even tell where the pus is coming from? An infected organ???

For what its worth…ENJOY!
~ H.S.

[flashvideo filename=http://www.popthatzit.com/files/deerpus.flv /]

Biggest Deer Zit in the World” originally created and posted to YouTube by kissinger645 on January 21, 2010

25 Comments on “Pus Pig? Nope – Pus Deer! **WARNING, EXTREME!**

  1. What a bunch of pansies! You can shoot a deer, dress it, but puke at a pus? Grow a pair!

  2. second that, fatcatz3…someone in authority should force them to eat what they killed

  3. Looks like the organs have already been taking out. It’s possible that this is an old shotwound that became infected.

  4. Looks like pancake batter. i wonder does this ruin the meat in the area thats infected.

  5. God, I think this one is AMAZING. You know it’s gotta smell like Death times 5! You think they’ll still eat the meat? I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  6. Removed again… does anybody know why these vids are being yanked? And does anybody know where we can find them? I’m 2 for 2 now, so I think the next time I see “Pus {insert animal name here}” anything, I’m just going to pass it by. No Pus Penguin, Pus Ibex, Pus Platypus… Oh, to think of all the sick zit I will miss :(

  7. creamymatter says:

    More than likely some hippy tree hugger goes looking for this sort of thing and deems in inappropriate. Youtube was fun but now it is all about censorship. It was a brilliant vid for those without weak constitutions.

  8. Thanks Halph for finding it 1st & Guy for relocating it. It was nice & thick!!!! Could it be related to refrigeration/colder temps?

  9. I hope they weren’t preparing that deer for meat, cause they just smeared bacterial infection all over it….

  10. I’ve had to help (in a very minimal way) to dress animals once or twice (on forced camping/fishing trips with my dad and his buddy), and I like to think that I have a strong stomach, but when saw the dead meat hangin’, and I heard those guys retchin’, I have to admit that it got my own stomach churning a bit. Ugh. Dead meat. Pus. Retching.

    After watching this, I realized that I like live popping better. Where it helps the poor creature live a better life. Now I’ll stop going bananas because I didn’t get to see that pig one that appeared and disappeared recently.

  11. \ best one yet and u know the guy or girl that say im 2 for 2 ur gay :0) :))

  12. brilliant, love it…bet that stunk but would not eat it fraid the dogs would get fed good that day….

  13. first time for me to see this kind of video,long time animal lover,doesnt bug me,

  14. jordan1870 says:

    If that was MY husband who killed it, dressed it and then gagged at the pus, I’d take him outside and kick his a$$!!!! Be a REAL man…a REAL man could handle that…jeez…my 12 yr old son could have handled that!!!

  15. littlemisssquirt says:

    I’m wondering about the pain the deer was in when alive from that massive infection. Perhaps the killing of it was humane. We have lots of bambi deer on our land so it’s hard for me to see them dead. But if a hunter kills to eat, that’s ok. I wonder. too, if meat is safe to eat? Will do some research…..

    1. My thoughts exactly. I’d be afraid to eat meat near that sore. There HAD to be almost a pint or pus. I thought the pus was fantastic!

      @littlemisssquirt – ever find out what caused that infection?

  16. If a deer has an infection like this one, you CAN NOT eat the meat. The risk of food poisoning and serious illness are way to high.

  17. Katie Hernandez says:

    We’ve had several deer (and once a bear) that had cysts/abcesses. Its simple, you just don’t eat the area where the infection or cyst was.

    Nice find. :)

  18. Katie Hernandez says:

    We’ve had several deer (and once a bear) that had cysts/abcesses. Its simple, you just don’t eat the area where the infection or cyst was.

    Nice find. :)

  19. Tell the deer to stop moving! Oh wait…

  20. Killing a deer, skinning it doesn’t make them sick or sqeamish but the cyst has a couple of them puking and/or gaging? That was a HUGE infection – at least a quart and thick. I don’t care where the venison came from – I wouldn’t eat any part of that deer given the size of the infection.

  21. omg please don’t tell me they later sold this to a market i wouldn’t doubt it omg omg omg gross great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  22. Holy Crap! That even grossed me out, I can only imagine what that smelled like…

  23. Unbelievable – I knew I didn’t like venison for a reason.

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