nasty infection (finger)

This is a thick, greenish-yellow infection of an injured finger. Not much here but I love this kind of pus!
I do wonder why they put the betadine (if that is what that brown stuff is) on the scissors and NOT on the finger. I wonder when the nail fell off, too.

posted on YouTube April 19, 2009 by inaxiada

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  1. jollypopper says:

    my toe looked much the same way a couple of years ago when it was smashed by a tine on a fork lift. took about 2 weeks and the nail came off.

  2. now *that* is some thick pus. ewww. love it! and the betadine detail is pretty funny…

  3. Ouch…..give it a couple days and that nail is gone

  4. I slammed my finger in a dicer in November. The nail is still all black, but i don’t think it’s going to fall off any time soon.

  5. no screaming kids/adults, decent & stable video, no head banging music – just squeezing of pus – as it should be

  6. Hey! That’s just the way I get the last drop out of a tube of toothpaste! lol

  7. Nice! :) My 3yo had a full can of Coke slam her big toe in just the right spot. It developed a nice clot under the nail, and after about 2 months the nail came off in 2 pieces, thankfully it grew back.

  8. Is it just me or do the other 3 fingers look kind of bruised too?
    Great find PPM, I love the thick pus! :)

  9. I appreciate this one a lot for the lack of screeching, retching, arguing, redneck kids running around, etc. Just a nice little squeeze, and great color and texture on that pus!

  10. Nasty infection.

  11. Ohh …. a two-fer … paronychia AND a subungual hematoma. Both are fa-vor-ites of mine!!! Too bad they didn’t pop the hematoma too.

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