Nastiest Pus Filled Elbow Ever!

Not much else to say here – it is just one of those things where the title describes exactly what it is, but still can fail to do the video justice. I guess all I can say is watch it… and keep the bucket handy. It is quite bloody, and a bloody mess for that matter. Oh, and I just love it when you are introduced to a new use for something ordinary – I will never look at a bottle cap the same way. Hey, I guess it was handy… but if you wanted to save something, wouldn’t the empty bottle work better??

I love good mining expeditions on YouTube. Some nights, you just get a Full House, or even Four Aces!

tee hee… just for fun, towards the very end of the video say “doink da doink da doink.” Trust me, you’ll know when. LMAO

~ H.S.

taylor’s f**ked elbow.3GP” (I put in the asterix, FYI) originally created and posted to YouTube by blacktoothgrinkid

20 Comments on “Nastiest Pus Filled Elbow Ever!

  1. “you found the queen bee”!! Silly boys

  2. if ever there was a need for antibiotics,this is it

  3. Bloody, yes! But it is just cleaning out some of the best pus ever! He comes up with a very novel way of catching said blood and pus, too! Another wonderful video HS! Thanks!

  4. the white glob at the end reminded me of when i separate the egg whites from the yolk for when i bake, or need to whip whites for a meringue, there is always that little clump of albumen sticking to the yolk that won’t let go.

    mmmm, meringue and lemon pie, mmmmm!

  5. BastardLoveChild says:

    Hopefully the next installment will be, “Taylor goes to the doctor”.

  6. Liked the big squirt… the dude wasn’t too bad either, besides the teeth…

  7. yeah, I would burn that piece of furniture…just to be safe.

  8. Apparently there was only the one paper towel, and a surplus of beer bottle caps… I’m guessing the entire place is a massive petri dish. No wonder this guy had such an infection.

  9. I noticed his arm has quite a few sores on it that looked infected. That boy needs some antibiotics. BTW…great find.

  10. jollypopper says:

    tee hee………the queen bee……hehehehe

  11. infundibulum says:

    Only one paper towel? Not quite prepared. Looks like a small animal was murdered. I’d get Taylor and his elbow to a Doc-in-the-Box and get an IV started to get some antibiotics flowin’ into this boy’s system. God only knows how many grubby hands have been on those bottle caps!

  12. For some reason, that one turned my stomach!!

  13. “Hi. I’m Taylor, and I’m the way MRSA gets spread.”

    Yikes! But I’m more grossed out by the truly terrifying lack of basic hygiene than the putrid contents of his elbow, also know as “The apparent initial point of the infection which ultimately was the cause of death.”

    As far as cleaning up that abattoir of an apartment, my advise would be:

    1) Open front door;
    2) Light flamethrower;
    3) Spray generously throughout interior;
    4) Close front door;
    5) Forget about any security deposit.

  14. This is a METH sore. Look at the rest of his arm. METH KILLS…

  15. Dang it! Youtube removed it! Anyone grab a copy? Maybe that should be a good habit since a lot of these get removed…

  16. i am glad [i think] that i saw it last night, then. this one grossed me out for some reason, despite all that frontier-style american ingenuity with which the dood was generously blessed. the other sores on his arm might be sinuses…

  17. Halph Staph says:

    Dang it! I didn’t download a copy! Pray that Emilbus did. I will get in the habit of downloading the ones I post so we don’t get this problem anymore. FYI – RealPlayer SP is a new free downloadable player and capture program that makes downloading videos off YT or any site extremely easy. I highly recommend it! Everything gets put automatically into a nice neat library, and it is very user friendly. :)

  18. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Nice while it lasted!! (the video)

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