Jawline Cyst Picture

What to do, what to do!

What to do, what to do!

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  1. Ok so ummm… when are you getting us the video of this!! Let me know this will be a pop that zit exclusive. Who knows maybe we can get you on teh Rosie Odonnel radio show and have her pop it?

  2. what do you mean what to do? Get in arm’s length of me,and i’ll show ya!

  3. this is a tease!!!!

  4. I wish I could click on the picture and have the vid start but alas that is not the way a picture works!

  5. You zit-teaze. ☺

  6. CYstface thats funny haha

  7. magna-cum-pus says:

    Erk, you putz. AAGGHH!

    What to do? I have needle-nose that might come in handy – and a bad attitude after that teaser. nyuk nyuk :-P

  8. Ohhhhh myyyyy God! Lemme at it!

  9. I have one too, not the same spot as yours, mine is between my eye and ear and about 24 years old! LOL! Got it is a zit when I was 13 or so. It is about pea sized.

  10. k, that was like fore-play cut just short of an orgasm.

    how utterly selfish! ;)

  11. are we on candid camera again? am i being punk’d?

    this isn’t funny.

    i’m gonna sue someone for emotional distress…

  12. I really apologize!! What wasn’t posted was.. It’s not a normal feeling cyst. I swear, it feels like a lego in there. Maybe a penny. It’s very hard, unusually hard. Plus, it’s on a nerve. Holding it like that, actually caused the nerve to bug me for 10 minutes. That’s my concern about what to do.
    I truly TRULY am sorry, I didn’t mean to tease anyone, because I love this site just as much as the rest of you. I was just hoping for advice on the best way to work around the nerve pain.. and I was trying to see if anyone out there had any ideas. I’d like to be able to still move my jaw after it’s release! Plus.. I want this to not be a shaky camera, hardly seeing any pus (or legos), person filming running away while the best part is coming, video!
    I hope you can forgive me, and let me know if you have any real suggestions. Thanks!

  13. Erk, We’re simply mad for sebum or pus or pennys and legos LOL! It may very well have a sm. nerve wrapped around it. Unless your pain changes or gets worse, I would let mother nature do her work for a week or so. I think if it was to fester, it would move away from a nerve or anything harmful to you . But that is an opinion, I’m a nurse not a doctor. If you think you need medical intervention, by all means get it. If you choose to wait and see, try some hot compress to pull it up. If you have no med. allergies they also have an ugly black salve called ichthomol (ick-tho-mol) This has been around for ages and the old-timers call it drawling salve. It does seem to expedite the process. Good luck hon, and just know we are all good hearted pop crazy and madder than hatters when it comes to an intact zit or the like. Blessings, Mom

  14. video please a hem ahem lol great pic find Erk smooches hugs and audie bera loves :)

  15. I hope that you were triumphant over your predicament, Erk. Please let us know, ok?

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