Butt Cyst

No pus…but another approach to removal! Wicked.

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  1. Wow a sack in the crack!! Amazed at the amount of hair in that lil bugger but then again it was a rather furry area – to say the least!! Love the crack’n tunes too! LOL

  2. wow… my border collie isnt that hairy!
    THAT is amazing!

  3. Is there any other way to fix these pilondial cysts without burning open that nasty cut? It seems so primitive and yet it is done the same way in all the vids I have seem.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I don’t think it’s as primitive as you think it is. It’s a form of cauterization as the surgery progresses to stop the bleeding. That is still done today in more modern and surgeries.

  4. Well. Laser will cause less bleeding as the blood vessels are closed up as they cut

  5. I had one in that exact place. It hurt like crazy. It wasn’t hairy though lol.

  6. That’s a lot of hair, lol.

  7. I am surprised that PPM hasn’t replied yet…hahahahaha but I am sure she will. Otherwise she will implode.

    I am happy that my husband doesn’t have a hair ass, or I would send him to get waxed.

  8. you know what worse than ppm pointing out reposts? when people try to bait her. let me say for the record how tired i am of reposts, but i am so much more tired of all the bickering. yall act like kids. she started it! no she did! grow the zit up.

  9. BastardLoveChild says:

    Was that a cyst full of hair? I’m confused.

  10. squirt, that was my exact thought while watching (if hubby get any furryer he is getting his ass waxed!!!)

  11. Will someone please explain what I just watched??? Was that “ass hairs” being pulled out??? They looked a lot like the hair on the other cheek…

  12. i had seen similar footage on you tube i think and yes, that is hair being yanked outta there.

    this way of doing it leaves the wound less likely to infect and less chance of it happening again. all the tracts are cauterized and there is little blood.

  13. modianos, are you an alias for PPM?

  14. I dont understand how someone even gets something like that!!! Someone please explain how this happens,and why its there, and how too breed one!!!!! hahha

  15. Looks like it was caused by ingrown hairs.

  16. That is a pilonidal cyst. Pilonidal is Latin for “nest of hair,” and it is basically when you’ve got a hairy butt, you stress the skin and get a pore opened up, and the hairs ingrow. The oil of the hair lets bacteria grow within the skin, an abscess forms, sometimes with a chronic sinus, and you get this awful, painful cyst right around your butt crack.

    I had my cyst removed about 3 years ago, but they simply excised the cyst and surrounding tissue while I was under anesthesia, and with a scalpel, not a cauterizing tool. My wound was sutured, though had it been even a tiny bit larger, they would have packed it with a vaccuum pack and it would have healed openly over a period of weeks.

    I know everybody here likes seeing these things, and pilonidal cysts are some of the nastiest, juiciest cysts around, but believe me, you really do not want one. They are very, very painful, and their treatment is less than fun.

  17. Confucius say “Man who drive around with pilondial cyst have hairy crack up”.

  18. DAMN!!!!! You KNOW that bad boy hurt like HELL while it waws healing!! Dang, that looks painful!! I bet he was in some serious pain when his initial meds wore off!! Whew!!!

  19. oh puhleeze Cystface… you think I would stoop to an alias? no and Emil can back that up. This is a good vid. I always like seeing people dig whatever out of the human body (well maybe not maggots….ewwwww). Good entertainment!

  20. WOW I can not get over how much hair was in that pilonidal cyst, yike! I better keep an eye on my hairy toosh =)

  21. i’ve had ingrowing hairs before and they are nuts-they just don’t seem to know when to stop growing
    but i never seen so much hair inside before-that was no cyst-just hair
    my friend had an ingrown hair in that area before,and it formed a kinda canal,which kept filling with puss-every now and then he would go to the hospital and have it drained.it took forever to heal up.i wish it had been me who had it.

  22. I won’t butt into his business

  23. wow a inside out .. the hair most diff in wrong side.. cool dig

  24. Gobotron, the ingrown hair hypothesis isn’t necessarily the correct one. There are also proposals that say it’s due to a congenital condition involving a pilonidal or sacral dimple.

    1. That’s what I’ve heard as well. That is the last place the skin comes together when the fetus is in the womb and sometimes it doesn’t line up exactly and a little sinus is formed there. If you have seen a baby with spina bifida, that is where they have a hole in there back – at the base of the spine.

      1. Spelling correction – they have a hole in “their” back…
        Sorry about that.

  25. That is one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time!!!

  26. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looks like someone has been riding his camel bareback…….

  27. Trust No One says:

    Very interesting…..I’ve heard of some guys wearing a “rug” to cover a bald spot, but, wearing a “butt blanket”?

  28. pestilenceshmestilence says:

    That was some crazy medieval madness. The operating room must have smelled like butt crack and burning hair.

  29. PTZobcyssst says:

    I’ve never seen an ingrown FOREST before…

    That was INSANE!!!!

  30. Wow, they sure tore him a new one!

  31. haha i know its a cyst there removing but i can’t help myself to say this haha…..thats the worst case of ass crack ingrown hairs i have ever seen!!!!!

  32. OMG! That was frightening! All that hair! It looks like it’s terribly painful, poor guy

  33. How did I miss this?

    I think it’s unusual a bovi would be used in this procedure. The edges are cauterized..How will the incision approximate for healing?

    I understood a neat clean edge was needed? stitch it, then let it heal..

    1. hairy little devil aint he? has some strange hiding places for it.

  34. ow. just ow…..

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