Grossest pimple in Australia

Hopefully no one posted this yet. Enjoy.

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  1. G’day mate!!!

    Put another Zit on the barbie!! hahah

    What is funny is I just did a radio interview with and Aussie station last night. hmmm…..

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I simply loved everything about this video! Even the moaning & groning add a certain flavor! I know I’m not in the majority with that but it was obvious he was more than just enjoying this!! Lol loved it!

  2. I love how he pulled the sack out!

  3. Why all that screaming for such a small amount. Nice zit but good Lord.

    1. Lets hope that screaming idiot never makes a sex tape. He is a disgrace to the Australian male species, I disown any affiliation with this screaming OMG dickhead, as a fellow Aussie male I would take him out the back paddock and hit him with an axe.

  4. I viewed with the sound muted. Hey, I liked the video. Nice zit. Nice technique. Good job. Praise. Thank you for the posting.

  5. Zit-0bsessed-girl says:

    Why the pausing? Keep Pushing!!!!

  6. Jeeze J that was fab. But dude’s gotta be kidding! How old is he 12! OMG just shut up! How you do get on my nerves.. no one is pulling your guts out! It’s just a zit!

    1. I couldn’t agree more on this. I can’t figure out who was doing the moaning, the poppee or popper? Also, was the moaning an enjoyable moan? Was hard to decipher. None the less, the cake topper was the hand removal of the sac, no one was moaning then.

  7. This was a good one, but far better on MUTE. Goodness, such drama over a little one. If anyone should be screaming it should have been the guy they stabbed with the blade. I just want to slap the other guy and give him a reason to scream!

  8. Only thing worse than the little-girl-screaming woman in “Piles And Piles Of Pus” is this little-girl-screaming man.

  9. Enjoyed every second of it on mute. Good job. Great zit. Loved seeing the cyst sac removed.

  10. I’m not a violent person, but the guy moaning makes me reconsider. Other than that, love the zit! and the camerawork–nice and steady!

  11. lets tie him up and give him a reason to scream! How bout it!?

  12. My heavens, a zit popper that does the job COMPLETELY! I’ve watched so many of these and the film begins in the middle or ends in the middle and there is less satisfaction, especially for all of us licensed and experienced popologists! I almost never listen to the sounds so I can’t comment on the noise made. It’s a little better to me if it is silent unless somehow someone captures the sound of popping bubbles of pus, I’ll remain a silence only zit lover. I have to actually rate this one and give it my first 5 in ages and ages.

    lil z

  13. wickedwithin says:

    OK……….sorry, but that screamin’ queen’s gotta be gay…………..I take that back………I’m not sorry in the least bit-

  14. Mothereruption I’m with you, I’ll get some twine (hurts more than rope) because this screamer guy acts like it’s HIM they are doing it to and that it’s on his testicles, I mean…….really? This much drama???? REALLY? This is totally a 5 – but I wonder (because the zit wasn’t very big and the cyst was very close to the surface) that they just kept going because of the blood or the drama and that’s what got the actual cyst out. There are so many I see and I think “if they just go a little farther, the cyst will follow” so I wonder if this was just a lucky pop, you know? Geez, I need a hobby if I’m putting this much thought into the physics of this LOL.

  15. Boomgoesthedynamite says:

    The overhand claw technique…my favorite!!! THAT’S how it should be done!!! (Yes I have specific terminology for popping techniques)

  16. Wickedwithin………LMAO…….

  17. The cyst capsule removal was a rare bonus! Christmas came early this year. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

  18. Excellent ! Excellent ! Excellent! Well done J great find, I love that this fellow got the whole cyst sac and all!
    I am not sure who was doing the sound effects on this but I agree with Mother E on this one!
    Let’s get the rope girl….mwahahahaha

  19. i liked it, especially as i don’t watch with the sound on unless a compelling reason is given in the comment section! i appreciated the final yank of the cyst — it had the slight air of… payback!

  20. Shuuutuuup! I need to re-watch this on mute. The end was worth the loud mouth though. Well….almost.

  21. Twisted Cyster says:

    Sjeeeezzzz !!!! what a noise !! somebody gets raped ???? But annyway Nice cyst, and Job completely ,,Done,, !!!!

  22. EXCELLENT!!!!!!

    The screamer was a bit annoying.

  23. The squeezer is way too excited. I hope he brought a change of pants. (Bloody drama queen)

  24. Sunnypopper says:

    Nice one! And he got all up under that and SQUEEEEZED! Beautiful!

  25. wow Emilbus! doing radio interviews, tv talk shows, you must have great things in store,other than being a website captain! We better keep our eyes on you, imagine- we can say, we knew him when!! Best of luck in all your endevors..

  26. why do the big guys always whine the worst
    but good camera work and great to see a job done well
    pulling out the sac was brilliant work

  27. And this is why I watch videos with the sound OFF! (except for Dr J’s. his music is amahzing)
    Which station were you being interviewed by Emilbus? Not that I listen to the radio, but I’m glad that pimple popping is becoming more accessible to the wider public!!

  28. This video rocks! thanks J so much lol. Great find. I love that the guy pulls the sack out. Most people are scared of it but it’s pretty easy if you have cut a wide enough hole.

  29. Great find indeed but someone take a hammer to the fkn screamer! What a sac, well impressed!

  30. I love the mwa-ha ha sound. explain that ,for christ sakes If I could see his face, I would take him by the chin and make him look at my awe-filled, are you serious, expression for one second then say in a very even tone you’re not funny shut up!
    Then go for the rope!I’msorry! twine!
    Being that what i really want to do is impossible, I’m gonna go to U tube and comment,maybe theres a chance there. I have heard alot of unnecessary cry-baby action going on, but I think this one (possibly gentle doc. as well) beats them all!

  31. I found it on Y-tube, but his kid posted it, as well as mashed it. Sorry guys, i couldn’t rank him when theres the probability his child will see it.

  32. NICE!! I loved the end. Kinda looks like they r pulling a botfly out. So puss,blood n ‘bot’ action all in one—works for me. After reading the comments I am soo glad I had it muted. Good Work

  33. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. for real this was awesome

  35. I keep coming back to this vid so it definitely is one that intrigues me! I like how it comes out completely even though I think the person removing it is an amateur. Glad the Aussies posted this for everyone to see!

  36. a sharp blade is always good. and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

  37. ThatisNotaCello says:

    I’m so happy I watched that. That was amazing.

  38. Australian for zit popping!

  39. The guy screaming like an idiot honestly ruined it for me..I wanted to slap him silly! you’d think that It was him that was getting his zit squeezed..However when the cord was pulled out that was cool


  40. Here’s my question, about this video and others: when you agree to pop, or to tape someone popping, or to watching someone popping a large cyst or zit, why do you scream with shock when something yucky comes out? What were you expecting? RAINBOWS?

    1. the infected says:

      Rainbows only come out of unicorn cysts. Everyone knows that.

  41. That is why you all have mute buttons, they do this once in their life you lot watch it everyday as if it is you doing everyday and then diss people. Turn the volume off and stop moaning, isn’t about the video not the sound?

  42. isn’t it about the video….sorry poor typing skills

  43. infundibulum says:

    Honestly – I’ve had kidney stones 3 times and never made that much noise… Dude, get a grip.

  44. well i get where all of you are comeing from about the noise but not everyone likes to see puss come out but what else is going to come out thats the part i dont get

  45. This v is on my rerun. I love it. Popper, did you know you hit the cyst sac? When I saw that piece of tissue I know I was in love. One does not see the sac very often.

  46. I love this video. the popper knows what he is doing, that is comforting

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  48. Jeez, what a friggin poofter! Quit your screaming and take care of it already!

  49. lennyg4362 says:

    OH…….MY……GOD!!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve seen this particular video. But, now that I have, I would love to have the “squeezer’s” name and address in Australia so I could go down there and find him and the torture him for a week before I finally KILLED HIM!!!!!!!! Lol Just kidding, of course. But, my gosh! He acted like a nine year old girl while doing that!! I could not enjoy the video for his bellowing and screaming and acting like a total drama queen, IDIOT!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

    1. he was irritatingly funny but the camera person deserves a award :)

    2. OMG I couldn’t agree with you more. That guy acting incredibly stupid, His constant bellowing OHHHHHHHH! ,, Ohhhhhhhh etc,,,annoying the begeezes out of me, I wanted to slap him senseless LOL, it;s a shame really because everything else about the video was great, the filming and unfortunately for us viewers ,,,,the audio , it was too good! LOL. That whining and screaming idiot

  50. Splatter Man says:

    If they scream like that while popping a pimple, just imagine what their sex must sound like.

    1. Omg lol >.<
      I have young eyes!!!
      But yeah.. Lol
      Prooobably very .. loud? x)

  51. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Goo+sac = favorite post quality.

  52. loved seeing the sac come out!

    i think it was the cameraman doing the yelling? or the picker? sheesh! if your gonna pick at something, don’t be totally shocked when stuff comes out of it. LOL.

    Why is it an Aussie accent makes it so much more entertaining?

  53. Popthatpus says:

    That has got to be the easiest sac removal I have ever witnessed! Normally they are SO stubborn, but that one just popped out and gave with ease. Nice!

  54. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Who is doing the whining here? The popper or the poppee ?

  55. Being able to see the sac be pulled out was fave bit :)

  56. Good job on squeezing the whole thing (core and all) out;, but I will never understand people’s need to scream and carry on like he was. Best to listen to this one with the sound down.

  57. If I had an open cut on my back I wouldn’t want a faggot like that to squeeze it. He is liable to spread his AIDs.

      1. A very toxic one. :(

    1. Ah yes, proof that ignorance is bliss.

  58. Good ooze but it’s better on mute.

  59. i see the aussie man who is screaming is the zit in the relationship…i just wanted to reach through the computer and squeeze the zit out of that

  60. why thank you J for the post the popper sounded like a muppet from either seasame street or the muppet show when they run around and do a muppet scream lmao haha…..and that was a beauty :)

  61. nice, neat, fun removal = A+

  62. Love it when the sack comes out that way!!!!

  63. Awesomw….Can you believe how easy that sac was removed? Great post, goes in my favs.

  64. very cool excellent camera work

  65. phillip jackson says:

    which one was doing the screaming?

  66. I’d be far more vocal and upset if nothing came out.

  67. The sac coming out was the best I have seen yet,,it came out so easy and in one piece,,I can honesty say that it was the best part of the video

  68. Nicely done – or you could say spot on!!

  69. great video thankx for the find but i thing they should change the title


    WTF is that a man i mean for real thats a man making all that noise sad sad sad

  70. Oh my heavenly stars! This was positively one of the finest extractions on PTZ. It was like watching a live birth without all the aftergoo. The camera work is wonderful as well.

    Please try the mute button to cancel out the offending noise!!!! Some folks have zero threshhold for their own pain as well as for the perceived pain of others.

  71. diamondgirl says:

    Pulling out the core could have been a thing of beauty if the popper could have contained himself…geez dude…was all that screaming helping anything??

  72. I think it was great lol. Aussie Aussie Aussie :D

  73. That_Ghoul_Ava says:

    For a rough & tough Aussie, he sure screams like little girl! That adorable little cyst doesn’t spew acid (if they did, PTZ would have a catagory & video of it! :D ) And that was the coolest sac removal I’ve ever seen – for some reason I felt relieved & satisfied after that!

  74. nice, neat and satisfying! sac removal gets High Distinction!! go my aussie mates!!!

  75. I was so happy to see the popper knew the 4 finger squeeze. On the other hand I was laughing so hard at the popper. He was screaming like a girl. hee hee hee

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