The best ear wax removal video of all time

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  1. miss priss says:

    Ohhh! Her ear was so red and inflamed. I wonder if any of that came from him digging around in there.

  2. Twisted Cyster says:

    Holy cow !!! Say WHAT ????? That is far from ,,normal,, dont ya think ??? That couldnt be JUST earwax, I think there was an ear-infection before ??? But annyway nice Vid to look at , first I wasnt so ,,into,, the earwax Vids. But the more I see them the more fascinating I find them !! Nice Post !!!

  3. That wax was the same color as the horehound candy I’m currently sucking on… Gross yet so fascinating!!

  4. Dr Janakiram and the Royal Pear Hospital have once again brought us an incredible production.Do you think these guys know how fantastic their job is?
    That woman must have been pretty much completely deaf.After the procedure I should imagine even the slightest sound would seem deafening to her.
    How in hell do people get to this state?

  5. alleykitten says:

    Ugh… I wanna go clean my ears SO BAD now! But, alas…. my ears just healed… And, I really don’t want to get my doc pissed at me XD

  6. That was exciting like a rollercoaster ride.

  7. sprojentsgirl says:

    That wax just did not want to come out, wow..good video though.

  8. That one piece refused to go without a fight. But the piece at around 4 minutes was epic.

  9. Holy zit! That was one nasty ear, bet it felt a hell of a lot better once all that crap was out of there! I’ve had really big plugs in my ear but that takes the cake!

  10. their ears are so different than ours; i’ve never seen wax like that in person before. i’ve never seen something where you have to yank it out. it’s so fulfilling to watch. can i intern there?

    some pieces i wanted to take like a blunt needle like instrument and at least loosen it from the skin, i love it when its finally pulled off.

  11. wow, i just don’t get it, how can people let it build like that and not notice sooner? my ears were throbbing watching that, she must have been in pain. i mean so much wax, that it actually widened her ear canal? thats just nasty and so very gross.

  12. I need to send Dr Janakiram a Christmas card and a muffin basket – the man makes great ear wax videos.

  13. My faith in God has been renewed: author both of the awesome wads of ear wax, and of Dr. Janakiram.

    Wunnerful, wunnerful vid! Thank you, tgb1974!

  14. lennyg4362 says:

    IMO, the only way an ear can get THAT clogged is if she had never….EVER cleaned her ears. Could be a cultural thing. Asians seem to have this happen alot. Wonder if it could be physiological? I do mine daily, just after my shower with a Qtip. You have to be really careful as not to be cramming wax buildup down on top of itself, but if you go real gentle like with the slightest bit of neosporin on it to collect the dust and dirt in there you should never have a problem with wax buildup. Just do NOT over do the sporin.

    GREAT VIDEO!! One of the BEST earwax vids I’ve seen. I just LOVE our little “POP THAT ZIT” community! The world may think us weirdos, but we all understand one another perfectly!! :-)

  15. brachs99813 says:

    I’m not trying to be racist or anything so please don’t take it that way. It’s just that during the length of this entire video, I was picturing Dr. Janakiram as “Samir” from the movie “Office Space”. When that big clump of wax just wouldn’t come out and he kept having to go after it again and again I couldn’t help but hear Samir’s poor swearing abilities… “Mother zit! Son of a…ass! I just…. Ahhhhh!”

  16. qwertyffun says:

    5 stars !

  17. Zowie! My favorite part of these is the mother-of-pearl ribbon just under the apple-butter crust of wax.

  18. snapcracklepop says:

    I love his choice of music. It sounds like theme music from an 80’s action show– think Magnum PI but based in India. The description at the beginning said that she complained of not being able to hear (HOH= hard of hearing). I bet she can hear now! good video!

  19. sebaceousqueen says:


  20. i do my ears daily too. i use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. i blot the excess alcohol off on a paper towels, so the tip is just damp. then i gently clean in a circular motion from the inside out, so as not to push any wax further into the ear.

    i think i read somewhere here, that the texture of wax in ears differs between the east and west, due to climate or something? one is dryer and one is wetter.

    i know mine is just plain old yellow if i get any at all. hmmm what if you had a mom from the east and a dad from the west??? would it be a combo or different in each ear? ;)

    i do get a bit antsy watching them pull all that gunk out. i can’t stand the least bit of anything in my ears, drives me batty.

  21. I absolutely love this Doctor’s videos!!!!!
    Keep em coming!

  22. i decided to come watch this again, instead of sitting in the corner over there contemplating why the “monster zit” video left me cold.

    this is my new “comfort” PTZ video.

    i can see watching this at the end of a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” the epic struggle between the Wax and Doctor Janakiram…

  23. Twisted Cyster says:

    You”ll be surprised taking that much zit outa your ears!!!!: Watching TV (You dont hear it ,the Neighbors do !) sitting on the Sofa , poking your ear , with a little long Nail at your finger, then take out ya finger,…..PPpplop!!!! , put ya finger in your Mouth as usual ,to taste the bitterness of the ear-oil. And then you have THAT stucked in your Mouth !!!! Would ya be surprised or not ???

  24. OH Hell No….! Wait a minute – OK I totally understand now. This is taking place in a hospital in INDIA. That explains everything. Personal hygiene and soap hasn’t evolved over there yet.

  25. Not so much with the musical score this time but that video had me on the edge of my seat. I kept wanting to scream, “Get the vacuum!!!” at the screen.

  26. Just a little FYI these videos are shot by a Physician in India a country where 90% of the population lives in 3rd world conditions!
    “Their ears” are the same as ours, the condition of this patient is not a “cultural thing”, the wax does not differ from east to west, they do not have money for, or access to, Alcohol, or Q-tips and sofas to sit on to watch TV.
    For a small clue into what this patient probably lives like check out the movie Slum Dog Millionare.
    Trust me wax build up was the last thing on this poor ladies mind!
    There my rant is over …
    No offense to anyone in particular, just felt the need to express my opinion, and once again Thank you tgb1974.

  27. blackrose14 says:

    yikes that’s alot of wax. I loved it though for some odd reason. I was swearing along with the doctor oh no damn lost it lol.

  28. Prime example of why it says DO NOT INSERT INTO EAR CANAL on q-tip box!!!!!

  29. People in the east develop earwax like that because of the combination of high humidity and excess pollution. Simple as that.

    Holy crapola, I would love that job!

  30. After cheering for a minute and a half for Dr J to get that big chunk of ear wax, he finally got it at 4 minutes!

    How fun that looks!

  31. infundibulum says:

    I love Dr. Janakiram’s “Digger Dan” approach to getting out all of the gunk. My favorite video of his tenacious technique is still the patient with a saprophytic fungus in their nasal cavity. He certainly is great at what he does and I thank him for his sharing with the world.

  32. This is the most intresting video …i love Dr.Janakiram’s videos

  33. daniellelasvegas says:

    lol you can tell dr. j was getting frustrated at around 3mins he just wanted to get it out in one big clump of grosssssssness. love dr. j

  34. pain4anangel says:

    Just a little input here…
    I used to work for an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) in Cleveland, Ohio.
    You would be surprised and likely disgusted how many people have crap in their ears that has built up. It tended to be older people or those who were more than likely impoverished who refused to get anything checked out until it was absolutely necessary.

    My dad still cracks up at one of the stories I told him from work. The doctor was removing hard ear wax (VERY large amount) from this old man’s ear. He started cussing up a storm and yelling at the doctor (it can be painful to remove when it gets that bad). I couldn’t help but laugh. He was a stubborn old man alright.

    I find something extremely satisfying watching this video! I gasp from time to time, but it’s amazing!

  35. I think of Dr. J as one of the most caring doctors; he has such devotion to what he does. His earwax removal vids are awesome. I watch them again and again and again

  36. My Favorite!

  37. I wonder what her other ear looks like.

  38. anyone else wish he would have used a pick? maybe he could have gotten it out in one piece.

  39. grrrrr!!!
    i was getting soo mad when he couldent get that bigg old thing outt i just wanted to like stabb it or somthing
    great post

  40. OH NO! Where have all the Dr. J videos gone? @&*#ing YT!!!! I came to see my favorite ear wax video and its gone. Emil, PLEASE tell us you have the Dr J videos and can repost them!!!

  41. Another one…GONE!!! Why, oh, WHY, are all Dr. J videos gone? Please, please tell us you’ve saved some of them, Emil! Please!!!

  42. No longer available.

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