Scalp Sebaceous Cyst

This is one of my new favorite videos! I wish it could go on and on but it does finish nicely. You might not like the music but it is better than someone whining like on another one I just saw! I hope you like this one.

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  1. Horrible music but very nice removal. Thanks for posting.

  2. DermaMania says:

    i’m just wondering why there was blood already on his gloves before he even cut into his head.

  3. blondenblue says:

    2 in one day! Damn,PPM you are my new favorite person! What a way to start my friday!

    You’re right about the music…I hate it when people gag in the background,especially over the most pathetic of zits. Let them see some of these vids if they’re gonna start yaking!

  4. PPM you rock — thank you, thank you and more kudos. Just wonderful images.

  5. oh wow. way to go! gettin back to the good stuff!! I am thankful when we hit the pusless phases, we have something nifty to view. I have to face it though I am truly a zithead!!

  6. Derma, I believe this is the same Pt. that has a larger cyst that is also posted on the site right after this one. Chances are the doc. excised the larger cyst first…Just a guess.

  7. Thank you Mama!

    Very nice, soothing music also!


  8. tai mai shu says:

    It sounds like infomercial music, other than that, great cyst! Thank you!

  9. DermaMania says:

    i kinda thought so after i saw that next video, or at least i hope so! gloves are rather useless if you use them from one patient to the next! lol

  10. magna-cum-pus says:

    Loved it. Clasic quality. It was 4 hours old on YT when I posted, this is a GEM.

  11. Sir Squeeze-a-Lot says:

    THIS is what ANYone with half-a-brain would call a CLASSIC MASTERPIECE! Talk about havin’ it ALLLLLL…..almost no blood-to-pus ratio, absolutely PERFECT zeroing-in-and-removing-it-with-total-precision- method, and BEST of ALL, OF COURSE……..THICK, WHITE, PROFUSE PUS AND A ZITLOAD OF IT!!! Bravo, ten times over!

  12. Great vid…thanks!

    Did the music remind anyone else of the “Silence of the Lambs” movie when the weirdo was dancing and putting lipstick on?

  13. comedoness says:

    Another goodie, PPM!

  14. Excellent video, great camera work & I agree this seems to be the same patient as in the previous video.
    Thank you sooo much for this site!!!!

  15. this is the best vid ever thanks ppm

  16. As the other post from PPM from the same patient – Very Nice!

  17. Abscession says:

    Totally great.
    Thanks, PPM!!

  18. sebaceous_zit says:

    mmm yummers!! wish they cut open that lil sac tho…that would have made my day! :P

  19. Twisted Cyster says:

    EEEeeeeuuuuwhhhggggg !!!! Good Morning again!!! But wait Ive seen this head before, few minutes ago !! Thats a lucky Doc , removing two of them on the same scalp !!!! Awwrghhhh I gotta change proffession i guess !!!! Thankzzz for the Posts PPM !!!

  20. That sac looked like a lovely glistening pearl….

  21. magna-cum-pus says:

    This is one of the best. Should win the 2009 Zit Of The Year award.

  22. Wow that one was pretty good, and it had that extra lil bag of pus too, wonder how you get those exactly, i mean to have THAT much pus in you..sheesh.

  23. acyst_the_cyst says:

    I love clean cut pops! As long as everything gets out I’m good=-D Thanks for the post!

  24. judokast- Honey, that isn’t pus, it’s sebum…human lard if you will!!

  25. Do any of you medical types know why scalp cysts don’t seem to be ttached to anything inside and other cysts often have roots of some sort that need to be cut?

  26. the cysts in the scalp have the same “roots’ as others do, there is just less tissue in the scalp to grab on to. under the scalp is bone. and maybe a little sinew. its like the roots of a shallow rooted tree. Hope that helps.

  27. whats with the “Never ending story music” ??

    Kinda like porn music!LOL

  28. think maybe we’ve seen this before,but it is still worth another watch
    that’s what i call an expert extraction.if i had a nasty on my head,i would be wanting this guys number.
    and it’s nice to have music rather than screaming kids or squealing adults

  29. Look like a egg popped out of his head! LOL

  30. yeah, I know I’m gonna sound like a jackass, but REPOST REPOST REPOST!!!!!

  31. softserve, read the date on the first comment. Emil brought this back up to the top of the list because of the Tyra show. Sorry, it isn’t a repost.

  32. Softserve, blieve me! You are not the jackass on the site…

  33. Ah, it’s good to see a master at work. That’s as quickly and smoothly done as anything I’ve ever seen. Do we know if the “surgeon” is a doctor? If not he’s a very talented civilian.

  34. If it was a repost ppm would have called it already XD. But great video.’

  35. the guy has on a hospital gown, it looks like, so hopefully the “operator” is a medico…

  36. uh, squirt? Who IS the jackass of the site?

  37. My cousin owns 3 asses…..
    She keeps them to protect her anus, I mean angus hahahahaha!!!!

  38. I keep trying to get my fiance to grow one of these things but he doesn’t oblige me.

    And I like the electro background music.

  39. Ohh another favorite!

  40. It almost looks like a botfly larvae coming out and then a sebaceous sac. That was so clean it was unbelievable!

  41. that’s a nice extraction just like another i seen on youtube where a bald guy had two incisions, both plucked out like nothing to it.. huge chunks.. very clean.. to the point and very LARGE.

  42. Nice core!!!!

  43. popperpeeper says:

    Nice video! Nice and complete!

  44. MaggotGeyser says:

    Love it. I want one.

  45. Even tho’ it’s an oldie, it’s still a goodie! Wotta nicet Chrissimus pressink!

  46. Oh my God that was awesome!

  47. Now that Dr. know what they was doing… Sure no Dr. Frank Burns from M*A*S*H type.. Or one went through Hong Kong Phooey U, Better know as MPEU “money pay’s for everything U”

  48. littlemisssquirt says:

    May have missed something, but isn’t this the guy who had 2 scalp cysts removed? I guess this one is # 2. He has a gfreat head to “harvest.” GREAT find……LMS

  49. I return to this one often as well as its sister vid of the same poppee only the 2nd one is a larger cyst which breaks open…… can’t locate its title in my faves list right now, but I’ll be back!

  50. Look mom, I found a marble!!!

  51. PoP-BaM-SplaT says:

    Maybe that was the only thing keeping him from going bald.

  52. Very nice! got the whole thing

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