Piles and Piles of Pus!

Talk about hot off YouTube – 22 minutes! Just by happenstance, since I was (*gasp*) actually researching a new novel. Decided to take a break, catch a pus vid or two…. and this is what I found. I truly believe it is gonna give that “other” World’s Biggest Zit vid a run for its money.

But who doesn’t love watching a group of people really having fun popping a huge cyst. Screams, OMG’s all around, disagreements, laughter aplenty…. and pus pus pus! Gotta love those DIY surgeries!

I won’t bore you anymore, just watch this with someone you love. Or someone you hate who pukes at the sight of fake blood. Whatever you desire. Just watch it. Now. Really, don’t reschedule or procrastinate. Yes you, ya lazy bum. Hit the play button already! Sheesh! Why are you still reading this? Afraid I’ll reveal the secret of life, the universe, and everything while you are watching a pus vid? I mean, its not like you couldn’t have come back afterwards to finish reading my intro. You know I blab on and on and on. See? You are delaying the fun, still! PUSH PLAY! (The secret to happiness is be happy where you are, be patient, and be kind, just to satisfy your gall durn curiosity. Now will you watch the video, please?)

~ H.S.

“under the knife” posted originally by sarahbt247 on YouTube

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  1. I love the pus action. The girl doing the popping was having a lot of fun. On the other hand I wanted to whack the camera man upside the head. Attached to an artery? I guess he never passed bio class. LOL

  2. Thanks for bringing this one back, Halphie!! I love how she thinks it’s connected to an artery while the cameradude thinks it’s connected to a vein. They manage to keep the poppee alive, so all is well!!

  3. It’s a puss flower blooming!

    1. LOL!!! Reminds me of cauliflower :). LUVD the guy’s reaction when he saw all of the sebum that they squeezed out of the cyst! He jumped back from it :)

  4. “It’s his body!” Hey, ditz, it’s the capsule. They left half of it inside. Hope it doesn’t get infected, or whatever happens when you don’t remove the whole capsule.

  5. Can this room full of retards be any more annoying, how many OMG and duuuudes do you get in 3 minutes or less FFS, if that is the standard of the future movers and shakers in the US then sorry but you lot are screwed.

  6. That screaming reminds of the infamous movie scene when Janet Leigh is standing behind a shower curtain and Tony Perkins is stabbing and stabbing and stabbing. Too bad that Hitchcock is no longer alive, he could have found a lot of good screaming for dubbing purposes in his movies.

  7. Wow! Awesome volume of upus! It looks like that foam insulation that just keeps expanding. Loved the argument about the sac – its connected to an artery – no its connected to a vein – no its his body! LOL. They are sac virgins!!

  8. love how he exsplaned how to take care of it,this doc nows he’s stuff,but then again he is a doctor why wouldn’t he now that.

    1. princesspustule says:

      which video are you watching, These are a bunch of college kids that are having fun with a awsome cyst. Wish I was there and I would have taken ou that cyst sac for them.

  9. thedixiecrystal says:

    Dear Halph Staph,
    Thank you for this wonderful video, I do think it’s much better than that other video. You are my hero of the evening! :-D

  10. ALERT ALERT!!! I have found the secret to PTZ smellovision!

    Pile all of your gassy dogs next to you on the couch and watch the videos! You’d swear you were there! Hahahahaha

  11. Zit Obsessed says:

    I just love the male commentators adjectives and the way he says them! With such gusto! The female screaming is a bit annoying, but what can you do? Love this video as it has great pus action and alot of pus at that!

  12. prunesquallor says:

    The greatest part of the video, is watching the camera operator giving his most learned advice on how to proceed with the operation, and when he dons the gloves, he wimps out and cuts the sac. Try growing a pair. Put up or shut up, Sparky. And listening to the popper continually hitting a high C# as she squishes the goods, gets irritating real quick. Moral- never let a soprano pop a cyst. O.K., I’m not in the best of moods. But sometimes, I just want to wring my hands, and gnash my teeth. I’m done. Thanks for the re-post HS. You do a superb job with this site. And never mind the jerks who seem to rant at half the videos. Keep ‘em comin’.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  13. Wow, an awsome cyst!!! Like a flower (of sorts). I love that “It’s attached to an artery”, I HOPE not! haha. Is it part of his body? NO, thanks to the lovely walling off of the goop by the “membrane”! And Thank god, it’s no more “a part of his body”. One of the best ones in a long time! Thanks.

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