Pete Popped a Pustulant Pimple

Once upon a time, a man named Pete had a cyst on his back. So he made an appointment and went to the doctor.

“Don’t worry Pete, it will come out someday.”

Pete went home. The next year, the cyst was still on his back, and seemed bigger. So, Pete made another appointment with the doctor, and off he went.

“Don’t worry Pete, it will come out someday.”

The next year, Pete had a different insurance plan, an HMO which didn’t cover “cysts on backs”, it only covered “teenage acne vulgaris until the age of 18″. So Pete decided to do what thousands of Americans do every day, he got someone in his family to pop the sucker, make a video and slap it up on YouTube.

At least the doctor was right – it DID come out someday. And boy, did it STINK!!!!

~ H.S.

“Pete’s Pusy Pimple” originally posted by MrSqueezy23 on YouTube

131 Comments on “Pete Popped a Pustulant Pimple

  1. should have used a big spoon to gather all the pus up!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      This has been a favorite of mine from the beginning! Now for some reason I can’t play the video…. :'(. I have reported the problem!

  2. That one is a classic. I love it when they reference the smell.

  3. great video, awesome cheese factor, but the person who took the video could barely keep the action in frame.

  4. AH what a great way to start the weekend!! I love these!!!!!

  5. This was great, too bad the string broke. Next time, wear gloves and ‘pinch’ the sucker, always produces lots of pus.

  6. Sorry, aren’t these ladies British?

  7. Squish squish squish… It reminds me of some weird ass butter in a tube.

  8. nice find as usual halph! thanks! like emil said, nice way to start the weekend :)

  9. Innaffitoften says:

    Great find Halph. British people reside in the United States too.

  10. FINALLY!! Jeeze, I’m beginning to think I have a gremlin in my computer!
    Wow Halph, You are simply magical, with what you’re able to find.
    Pete’s pimple couldn’t have been better! It didn’t drag out, yet it was slow enough, we could really follow the line. No fingers constantly in the way. The give was left to accumulate in front of our eyes. No paper towel to cover the action. The popper didn’t have the wipe wipe wipe reaction. THEN, just when I thought it was over, out spills more..I’m so giddy with all the great vids. we have been graced with lately. YIPPEE, I feel like a kid in a candy store..
    PTZ, is the best,with the best ppls..

  11. Doesn’t this one remind you of the great exclusive countrygal did for us?
    I must admit her vid is the tops, not only great in content, she did it for the site!!

  12. No more ramen for me!!!!!!!

    And they’re either Austrailian or New Zealanders :)

  13. No more ramen for me!!!!!

    And I believe they’re either Austrailian or New Zealanders-

  14. My days of eating ramen noodles are over! Loved it!

  15. They’re not British. They’re Australians. It couldn’t smell worse than Vegemite…

    Great video.

  16. THANKS PETE!!!

  17. I usually can keep it strong and muscle it out watching these videos. The cheese factor was intense and made my stomach quiver.


  19. thanks the lord for zitty healthcare plans
    the fact that they didn’t open this up more will mean,THERE WILL BE MORE
    but wasn’t it great how it looked like a blackhead for so long?
    5 stars from me

    1. Me too, 5 stars–but the ratings meter never moved. I can’t believe it. Well, it is easy to see how the docs never took it seriously–it just looked like a little bitty blackhead….heheheheh…their loss.
      Jeez, after this long, it shoud be rank again by now. Do you have a file on these “subjects” HS?

  20. ooletmegethat4ya says:

    Ramen noodles! I swear I could smell that mess through the screen!

  21. MotherE, I was thinking the same thing about countrygal!
    Halph, all I can say is “WE ARE NOT WORTHY!” lol good find girl! One thing, though. How the heck did you come up with that story? lol It’s great! Not quite what they have on YT but a heck of a lot more entertaining. If you have written anything that has been published I sure wanna read it! I think she would have had more success had she got UNDER the thing and pushed up some. We might have a repeat here soon cuz I am sure that will fill up again!

  22. Halph Staph I think you deserve an award for always finding the best material for us here @ PTZ!
    This vid has lots of great pus action, cheese string, and NO wimpy squeezer!
    Thank you HS for your efforts to this site it made my weekend!!!

  23. The sound like Kiwi’s to me but either way, Aussie or Kiwi, some great down under noodles! I love it – great find!

  24. Mr. McPimple says:

    5 star pus fest .

  25. That was awesome, thanks for posting.

  26. Ramen Noodles

  27. Well now, is that a 2 fer one deal? Unless they stopped filming before it was emptied, Pete will be back. You found another goodie HS. Thank ya’

  28. Awesome! Are they from New Zealand or Aussies? I just love the accent. It really adds to the puss packed pustulence of Pete’s back.

  29. snapcracklepop says:

    you could knit a sweater with the stuff that came out.

  30. Love stinkers. You can hear the background folks gagging and generally grossing out on most of them. Laff my ass off.

  31. Twisted Cyster says:

    WTF ???? They Removed it from YouTube ,Shhhiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!! Whats that with that rights they are talking about ???? Violated what ???? Stupid Prude B@ST@RDS they are !!!! The Best Vid for the weekend and its GONE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?! &@#$**&%!!@# GODVERDOMMESTELLETJEKLOOTZAKKENVUILEVIEZESTINKENDEHUFTERS!!

  32. Dont worry ill get it back up, just on the road right now.

  33. Mr. McPimple says:

    youtube blows!! I f****** hate them!!!!

  34. oh, wow! (obviously, it is back up — thanks, emil) that was truly inspiring. my faith has been reborn.

    HS, can i get you anything? a cool drink? a hot drink? an ottoman? how are you feeling? d’ya need *anything*, *anything* at all? foot rub? peel you a grape? want some pie? i’d be happy to scrub the kitchen floor, maybe do a little vacuuming, mow the lawn…

    ummm, are you gonna look for some new vids today? we want you all comfortable, focused — find those zit vids!

    i am your new acolyte.
    i believe in HS.
    in HS, i trust…

  35. Twisted Cyster says:

    @EMILBUS20@…So thankfull you putted this one back up again,…..cant stop watchin this beauty, And as Kat already says : Notice how long it stayed a BlackHead…By seeing this I thought of the same thing. The Black Top of the Blackhead stayed in the pore for quite a while and then it popped out… together with the Cream Spaghetty Sebum !!!! Sjees what a Nice Flow !!!!! Def. worth waiting…….made me sooo greedy. a5 Star Vid !! Good Find Halph !! excelent !!!!

  36. Halph Staph says:

    *I* am not worthy of all this praise. You all are making me blush 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, THANK YOU for all the amazingly sweet comments, but I might start getting a little swagger in my step and start offering my autograph to strangers on the street, and then they’ll lock me up in some mental ward… and then how will I post new videos???

    You’re my family. Just like to keep everyone having a nice time here on PTZ!

    ~ a very humbled H.S.

  37. I really thought the difference between pus and sebum is only too obvious. I still can’t believe people refer to sebum as pus! It’s only too simple to say that area isn’t infected. Oh well, taking it for granted I guess. Oh Halph, You are wonderful when it comes to finding wonderful vids. I’ll love ya even in the lean times, for now, take credit, because it is deserved.

  38. loved it mmmmhm! looks delicious! i hope they did feed it to the cat

  39. As a Kiwi it is clear to me that these folks are Australian, for further information on the subject watch an episode of Flight of the Conchords.

  40. Niiiice. Vids like this are always a favorite of mine. For me, it the combination of great camera work, lots of string-cheese, and entertaining poppers. :3

  41. Man…that was some dry looking puss! Must of benn there for some time huh? Man they really went at it too… I was getting really tired of some of the vids on here where they just someone is just poking at it like a dead body or something.

  42. Sorry, didnt prof read my last. :P

  43. I wish that was me squeezing =[ That look so freaking cool.

  44. I hope i have the pleasure of some day squeezing all that puss out of someone’s back!!!

  45. Twisted Cyster says:

    Owhhhh I cant resist watching this Vid every mornig, having Breakfast !! It’s just a great way to start the Day !!!!!! Thankzzz again Halph for posting this one and ofcourse thankzz to Emilbus20 for putting it up again! I dont know how to enjoy my Breakfast without this Vid !!!

  46. I had ramen last night. And guess what? I will have ramen again tonight. Trick is to smell it first…..if it stinks…its prolly not ramen. ;)

  47. I can’t help but wonder what this looked like below the skin level before it was evacuated… a giant water balloon filled with sebum? I’ve never seen a diagram of a dramatically distended pore in any science text book I’ve read!

  48. The people’s comments are so funny…I love it

  49. Couldn’t see this one on iPhone due to Flash format. Finally got to PC…well worth the wait! Reminded me of one or two my late father let me express.

  50. Forgot to mention…squeezer could have padded those nails with gauze /cotton or trimmed them…probably did a fair amount of damage to skin around the cyst while expressing.

  51. Should keep a base amount in there to seed the next squeeze session.

  52. That was soooo cool when the blackhead came out! I loved it! It seems like they’re definitely Aussies. I couldn’t believe she told Pete, “No wonder your bum smells!”. Holy hell! How embarrasing!

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      They were absolutely Aussies, I would say from up North, either North Queensland or Northern territory. Pete seemed like a great “bloke” , he just layed there and took it like a man :)

  53. infundibulum says:

    Perhaps “Pete Popped a Pustulant Pimple” could be a contender for Video of the Year?

  54. absolutely, infundibulum! pete is positively (s)plendiforous…

  55. blackrose14 says:

    haha this was awesome

  56. You know, I don’t think these things stink (abcesses and other things with pus do). I think it is all mental. Kind of like when you see a homeless person on the street, or someone really dirty looking sits next to you somewhere. The first thing you do is take in a small sniff to see if they stink. I have popped many a cyst on my chin and shoulders and it never smelled rank.

    1. You are a lucky one, then – my long ago ex-boyfriend had a back covered in cysts and comedones… and some of them were quite old and infected… never ever in my life smelled anything worse except for a cat I had who would leave anal gland droplets once in a great while… *that* smell made me upchuck!

    2. popitlikeitshot says:

      I used to get these all the time but MUCH smaller and they still packed a punch. It is oily, dead skin cells left in a warm, moist enviroment; similar to but worse than never washing behind your ears or in your belly button.

      1. “popitlikeitshot” lmao! I love your name!

    3. No. some of them really do stink, not all of them, but I know from personal experience that some of them really do stink.

  57. infundibulum says:

    The one on my husband’s back stunk to high-heaven! It had such a foul odor. Too bad nobody would hold the video camera while I was a-poppin’ away. Our living room was a stink-fest due to one large back cyst from hell. We all cleaned up well when it was done.

  58. 2:36 was the climax when the blackhead part FINALLY oozes out. Whew!!!

  59. Ah, it’s enough to renew my faith in God, this video. Particularly when the Red Sea parts, at the 1:37 mark. Hallelujah, and Amen. Selah.

  60. Twisted Cyster says:

    Cant help it …..HAVE to see this again !!!

    1. me too! I gotta watch this one again…

  61. ahhhhhhh. still makes my toes curl.

  62. squeezeplease says:

    TRUE LOVE!!!! Thank you for this! It’s amazing…

  63. That long fingernail was annoying. I kept worrying that she was going to slip and scratch him, or something. Also, why they felt the need to keep the pus near the bump, I’ll never know. Overall, though, it was a good video.

    1. Right! On the 2nd round I wanted her to put the damn napkin down so she could get a better grip on the thing! I thought it was funny that she insisted on keeping the pus right by it, at least it’s better than watching a vid with a hyper-wiper.

  64. Awesome pop!!! Pete and the ladies were hilarious and the result was pure entertainment. Doesn’t get better than this.

  65. popperpeeper says:

    Wow, this is awesome! Thanks!

  66. Twisted Cyster says:

    I HAVE to see this Vid regularly, I just cant help it…!!! Just such a CLASSIC !!!
    It deserves MORE stars , a bet a lot of people didnt gave star ?? IF You didnt please do !! We have to get this one to the Highest Rate !!

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      5/5 for me, this is awesome!!

  67. I’m not stalking you Cyster, but I’m right with you..Great old vid..Glad to see it again.

  68. No doubt–Absolute 5 !!! The strings were terrific and the commentary was awesome!
    …put we put this on Facebook? Can I have a go?
    …popper: no wonder your bum smelled–he replies, you can squeeze that in a minute. (all calm like)
    …feed it to the cats (when I was a kid we had chicken and believe me, they will eat anything, but I swear I think even chickens would run from stinky smelly stringers)
    I also wanted to mention that the popper had nice natural fingernails. And hubby didn’t seem to mind a bit. He’s one tough dude.
    And last I must thank Twisted Cyster for the Shout Box reminder to rate this vid; also Halph Staph for searching endlessly to find this gem; and Emil for locating it when YouTube crapped all over the place.

    1. Trust No One says:

      ……what she said!!!!!! :)

  69. absolutely a favorite pop of all time

  70. “Ugh it stinks..” *SNIIIIFFFFF*

  71. Cut those nasty fingernails!

  72. Dont use your friggin fingernails! Its so un-useful.
    Its not that complicated,you take a whole “pack” of skin and you squeeze,squeeze and squeeze…

    And that will make us very happy…hehehe

    1. Sorry,I forgot to mention;tnx to Pete and his friends!
      Its nice to you for having post your vid for our fun.
      I,sincerely,appreciate it.

      When I criticized the technique,it was the “zit-maniac” in me talking,loll.

      But fingernails are never a good idea!!!(see!I CANT HELP MYSELF…)
      Tnx guys ;P

      1. PusLovinLady28 says:

        I feel the same way about fingernail/claws. It hurts just to watch her jabbing them into him. I wonder if she knows that he’s in pain, not from the cyst, but from her nails. PLUS, it was coming out better when she would use the pads of her fingers. Still, it was an awesome vid. =0)

  73. That had to smell like the feta. I am working on one in my Dad’s armpit for the last year to get all that stuff out. I cant imagine how much is still in there. He wont let me finish because he’s got such a low pain threshold.

  74. I love when people laugh so hard that everything comes out in wheezes and squeaks – everyone should find a reason to laugh that hard at least 4 times a day! I, myself, have reached an age where I need to make sure I have used the facilities prior to laughing like that, but perhaps that is TMI……

    1. you and I are on the same page
      love TMI – bring it

      1. PusLovinLady28 says:

        I have 3 kids and my bladder threshold has weakened more with each birth. I’m 28!!! Lol!
        Btw, just hearing ppl laugh like that makes me laugh. Hehe.

  75. ouch those nails look like they hurt!

    1. PusLovinLady28 says:

      True story.

  76. Hmmmm…think I’ll fix spaghetti for dinner today.

  77. much better then average and a appreciate it – but I do no belive this excellent display of string is a tru classic – I know I am though, but fair I hope

  78. Hey, another one I’d breezed by without really watching earlier, and also had missed rating. So I watched again, and really enjoyed this group of folks! Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that you’d like to just hang around with some of these fun-sounding people? Rated this video highly too! Thanks!

    1. 10-4 MM! let’s call them up and have a parrrrrrty!

  79. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It seems like Aussies are full of it….. so to speak.

    1. Trust No One says:

      … are a ‘wordsmith’,…….. :)

  80. Twisted Cyster says:

    Yeh….Sure one o” my Favs. I allways watch this one in lets say Dry Times….And also give it a kinda Update ,it comes in the comment sector again ….And for the Newbes who missed this one in the archives: Please RATE !!!!

  81. This is just great…..Loved every second of it…another one for the favorites list.

  82. Twisted Cyster says:

    HAD to see this again … keep the adiction fullfilled. Great Classic !!

  83. who wants Ramen???? ok food jokes aside oooohhh man did that hit the spot. *blinks* ok so sue me I’m on a unholy diet (that is working wonders) so I can’t help but think of food. sorry folks. Geez now I want some cheeze…..

  84. These two lady poppers remind me of tag-team wrestlers!

  85. Twisted Cyster says:

    SOOoooo Classic….I have tears in my eyes….

  86. What a wonderful draw for our family when this thumbnail comes up on the Google page to invite visitors to PTZ!

  87. i was soo like damn when is that black head ooze out it went on for a while and damn towards the end i was shouting get a knife get a knife get a knife…cut that sucker open to see more popage great video

  88. why do people always try to pop from the TOP of the thing?? you gotta get all around & UNDER the whole ball of it thats underneath the skin & force it upwards like a mini-volcano! THATS when you get it all!

  89. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is definitely my new fav! I could watch this over and over and over…..

    1. ….the best part is at 2:35, when the blackhead finally gets dragged out with the pus…

      1. OMG – egotrip! That is *my* favorite part, too! The first time I watched it, I was on the edge of my seat waiting and waiting for that black piece to come out!!! lol, too funny! High Five!

        ~ H.S.

  90. that was great. that one lady’s laugh was sooo infectious!

  91. I love this! What a WONDERFUL video! If only I could pop a cyst like that one! ahhhh

  92. This was a great video and I really, really want to go to a pub with those three!

  93. Yes Pete, you are famous!!!

  94. This is my go to vid when others leave me wanting more, it never gets old…..

  95. Loved the guilty giggling when that baby started producing some of Wisconsins’ finest

  96. Haha I love that they just stood there and giggled as opposed to the obnoxious screaming found in most videos. I love these women! Great video!

  97. Reminds me of silly string. And I can imagine how bad that must smell!!! Dad has these ugly brutes on his back and we used to pop them like no tomorrow. We gave up his skin as a lost cause and now i wont even bring my camera anywhere near the general area of his back for fear that the oils will kill my camera hahaha!


  99. phillip jackson says:

    thats what im talking about.

  100. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

    a great pop.

    Only quibble – these aren’t Americans. These are Aussies. and We don’t have the insurance issues – Pete could go to the doctor under Medicare and got this looked at. He probably just didn’t think a “pimple”/cyst was something to go to the GP about.

  101. pashion4popin says:

    beautiful pus pocket, hope 2 c u again someday, great work and happy trails………

  102. I found myself answering her questions, “Do you want to squeeze it?” With a loud “YES!!!” The ladies were hysterical having a great time squeezing the black head cyst! Why can’t my family or friends grow one of these?

  103. I admit i am addicted to this one, the laughter in it makes me giggle,i love the accents and how they approach this with awe.I can love the way people act sometimes. rare yet possible

  104. No matter how many times I watch this, I always get the same thrill. Perfect stringy goodness and that blackhead plug is like the icing on cake. Mesmerizing! Plus I like the good humour of all the players involved. It doesn’t get much better than this!

  105. Peter Piper picked a patch of pusy pimples! If Peter Piper picked a patch of pusy pimples, how many pusy pimples did Peter Piper pick? Lol! Sorry…had to be done!

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