Ooops! It squirted…

This is a short but an absolutely never-seen before popping mishap… me, I adored it. Made me laugh, about 10 times over because I had to watch it again and again… you’ll see what I mean!

So, before you start complaining about shoddy camera phone quality – remember, she was popping with one hand and shooting with the other. I just don’t think she expected the cyst to shoot back. ;P

And the look on her dad’s face – absosmurfly posolutely heeelarryous.

ENJOY, popologists! This is one weird lil’ gem! Or at least a semi-precious stone…
~ H.S.

“Ewwwwwwwww!” created by autumnxcore and posted originally on YouTube

25 Comments on “Ooops! It squirted…

  1. Funny! Loved the glob.

    1. excellent audio… ah, the sound of that gook… loaded up on that phone too. didnt think it was that much

  2. You ‘Pete Popped a Pustulant…’ was a real treasure! Thx, ms. Halph.

  3. Oh man that phone got it bad!!!!

  4. oops, I missed it. Get a better camera, cameraman, wait for a wonderful pus vessel.

  5. LOL The dad’s face was a treasure. I just wish they had continued filming! I thot the camera work was pretty good for being one-handed and a camera phone! Thanks, HS!

  6. bunches_of_daisys says:

    hehehe,… i giggled over that one…love the phone shot! classic

  7. Really don’t know what to say about that one. It is unique! Is there a pinkish hue to the give? Or is it my crazy monitor??

  8. Halph Staph says:

    Pinkish hue – affirmitive! lol, MomE. Its not your monitor thats crazy… just us.

    ~ H.S.

  9. Is this one real? That looks like silly string on the camera phone but it looked liquid squirting out???

  10. the pic of the phone was the best for once

  11. hee hee, They couldn’t do that again, If they tried for ever and ever! What dumb luck all those tiny chunkies collecting on her phone! Kinda reminds me of a sebum-filled-mini-shotgun shell!

  12. Under Pressure says:

    E.T. phoned home.

  13. i liked it, wish I could see it better. I think those were male hands popping.

  14. that reminds me of the time that i had a lil’ whitehead on my shoulder, so i popped it and it went in my eye !

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Well, I don’t know either way for sure, but I’d like to think it was real.


  16. Under Pressure says:

    Did anyone notice that you can hear it hitting the phone? The audio and video are out of sync, so you hear it hit before you see it pop. It’s pretty awesome, and I play it over and over as much to hear it as to see it.

  17. the 1st time i seen this i was thinking nasty but now i lmao

  18. Now that is how you pop a zit. I just love the tension that builds up as the person is squeezing the zit, wondering how much pus is going to come out and the force that is put behind it. Sweet precious zits….DwS

  19. Sacrificing a phone is a small price to pay for our entertainment. Good job.

  20. haha made me think of that stevie wonder song …..i just called to say i love you i just called to show you that i cared cuz i dooooooo… thanks for the post Halph Staph :)

  21. Sorry im not havin it- the squeeze was real, but the cheese appeared to veer off and down to the right, as though it would miss the phone completely- also there was too much alleged cheese on the phone for the length of squeeze and it looked like overcooked oatmeal with jam in- never seen pus that texture before! I want csi on this case! Ben.

  22. pashion4popin says:

    what i saw come out didn’t look as huge and messy as what was actually on that cellphone! talk about a splat. wouldn’t try that at home with my phone :P

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