Dr. J’Ram has done it again! PUS AND FUNGUS! He told me in an email that people wait too long to come to him because of the money involved. This person definitely has waited too long but the benefit is for us with wonderful pus and fungus! Enjoy fellow poppers!
— ppm



  1. Wow the pus was very vibrant!! nice work! I pray i never get this haha

  2. Dr Janakiram is amazing-he’s taught me loads and his vids are great

  3. it is absolutely amazing that this person is going to be all right. the mri was striking — to have lost that much bone.

    ick and oy.

    thanks ppm and thanks dr. j.

  4. Zit-0bsessed-girl says:

    damn.. i loved it… the pus was so… beautiful i can actually cry…

  5. f'dupfetish says:

    Suction!!!! Could I get some suction man!!!!

  6. Excellent results, indeed!

  7. I really feel for the one’s who suffer with sinus. I thank God I do not. again, the good Dr. shines. good vid PPM

  8. Oh my goodness, that poor person must have had the worst feeling of sinus pressure imaginable.

  9. wow! when he was pulling that gauze back outta his nose, i was reminded of those clowns with the never-ending hankies, being pulled from their breast pockets.

  10. OMG that almost made me come in my pants! I absolutely have to go to India and marry that ENT!

  11. EXCELLENT! Dr J, you are the man!

  12. So that’s what my sinus infection looks like?

  13. Pus, fungus.. I thought I saw a cyst or polyp… All that’s missing is the maggots and this guy would be hitting for the cycle of nasal probems.!

  14. sebaceous_bich says:

    ahhhhh I feel like I just took a big dump…that satisfied complete feeling lol, this Dr. has such a fun job! I love that metal suction thing! mmm vanilla yogurt :P

  15. He left his nose clean =)

  16. This is another situation that begs the question, “Why in the world would someone let this get so bad?” I know that some people don’t have ANY money, but surely the pain (and stench) must have been motivation enough to make the clinic rounds–just show up and beg for help! The writing was clearly on the wall–by Nostrildamus!

  17. GlamourGross says:

    U ROCK Dr. J!
    OMG! This is rather un-cozy to watch actually.
    UGH!!! Could that person breathe? I am wondering!
    How did that happen?

  18. pain4anangel says:

    Dr. J has so much patience! If I saw something like that on someone, I would be too eager to get all up in there and scoop it out with a spoon! Of course I wouldn’t be too professional about it…”Did you see this S**T!!?!” “Wow this is AWESOME!” “Hey, Dr. Jones, get over here and look at this crazy s**t!”

  19. Exceptional chunky goodness!

  20. Yes , this is just a general statement , and it also applies to this
    particular video. I am constantly going on different pic’s here and sometimes
    really excited to see the pop’s , and there not available any longer. They
    are eliminated and taken off this site. Which I must say is quite disappointing.

    Upset fellow popper Sandy

  21. Sandy, you can click on the button that says video problem and they will get and upload these videos. They don’t know until someone lets them know.


    I am sure that someone has this vid in his PC,or stocked somewhere else!
    Youtube are crazy!Why would they take those vids off?
    Not only its satisfying for us at PTZ,but they’re also educative!

    Once I tried to send the PTZ url via a YT comment,and they would not let me send my comment(they probably do so for every URL!Cuz I hope its not only PTZ?)

  23. Now that was some nasty boogies…..I just love the nasal videos…I think because it’s not often you see inside someone’s nose…only here on PTZ….sweet post…dws

  24. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Dr. J can root in my snoot any time!

  25. wow, i love this. the puss is amazing!!! i get off on this stuff all the time. my version of porn!!! lol

  26. wow doc j is just amazing

  27. Sock Monkey says:

    Can we begin to imagine how this poor soul must have suffered? This was an incredible video and it makes me feel like a baby for complaining about my sinus headache I had today!

  28. Dr. J is amazing! His work is truly fascinating. Honestly, I dont see how some his patients even function day to day with things like this going on in their bodies. And then I think of the patient waking up and actually being able to breathe and being pain-free. AAAAaaaaaaaaHHHhhhhhhhhhh! :)

  29. Pretty amazing

  30. wanderingpopper says:

    No Dr. J, thank you. I have not seen many ENT specialists, but I suspect you would be near the top in your field. My only question is, how would you know from the CT scan what belongs and what does not?

  31. This was the video that popped my PTZ cherry! I will always remember my first…

  32. Thanks so much for a wonderful video, PimplePoppinMomma! I am in awe of Dr. J’s magnificent work.

  33. Can’t even fathom the agony. I guess when the options are see the doctor or feed the family the food wins out until they become so sick that they can no longer even work. Then the doctor finally becomes the only option.

    I love the sinus vids. The puss grosses me out but the fungus is kinda fascinating. So are maggots. Lol

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