Huge Pus Accumulation!!! lolololol

This one just made me Gitty! more blood then pus, and i love the shot at 55 seconds!

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  1. The music – LOVE the music. Totally cracked me up.

  2. I think the first tune set the stage. I couldve sworn it was written for this video. But considering the location of the site, and the blood content….Im leaning towards a MRSA buildup and the matching one right to the right of this one. You can just barely make it out.

  3. I agree, the music was a very welcome change from shrieks of “Dude!” and “oh my God !” and loud children in the background – thanks for thinking of us….

  4. Innaffitoften says:

    It looks very much like a boil, and they do come in matching sets. I have been there done that. The center of a boil is it’s core, and that white part on there looked like mine did, but his was much smaller. Notice how he shook after that 2nd shot, where the core blew out? I would guess that’s the reason for the music, because he was probably screaming like a woman in labor. If he could have waited a day or two more, it would only have taken a squeeze or two to get all of that out. Boils are mean nasty things, and I would rather endure childbirth w/o pain management again than to have another 2 at once!

  5. Innaffitoften says:

    OH! BTW, my bigger one left an almost dime sized scar on my knee, so you can imagine how big the core was! I couldn’t even walk! I sure wish that I had a video camera readily available way back then as they are now! It would be a world class PTZ winner. lol!

  6. Squeezie Queen says:

    Get thee to a doctor man!!! His leg looks red and inflamed. Oooh, ouch! I wonder if he has some celluitis to go along with that nasty on his leg? MotherE???

  7. Cellulitis appears red ,edematous, inflamed. can have white spots within the red and can even weep fluid through the tissue and is very painful requires quick atb therapy usually IV. venous thrombosis is the danger simply put, blood clots. This doesn’t look like cellulitis yet, but it’s a prime candidate.
    Queen, I really don’t believe he would be able to squeeze and knead at the tissue if it were infected with cellulitis…as of yet… Thanks for asking.

  8. Couple good squirts. Looked like quite a bit of pus mixed in with all that blood to me.

  9. Why don’t men get manicures? I would not like a boyfriend with those nails.

  10. as an ex-lover of the halluncinogenic kind…the elements that comprise this video are just f’in creepy. “The Chipmunks” and anything involving blood doesn’t go together. Or if you are f’ed up…it does, and wonderfully so.

  11. brachs99813 says:

    I would have given it a 5 just for the music even if the zit wasn’t very good (which it was).

  12. Nice squirt!!!

  13. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s not
    1) an insect/spider bite or,
    2) a minor bite/pimple that has gone MRSA.

    The most important thing to me is the fairly thin “black blood” which reminds me of spider bites or MRSA at certain stages. But it doesn’t seem to have the look or the consistency of a boil:
    no huge angry mound with a very large pustule for a head;
    no cratering or large hole after the pop ;
    a very high blood-to-pus ratio (when usually it’s high pus-to-blood for boils);
    difficulty in expressing the material.

    These aren’t hard and fast rules, but my gut feel is that this is not a boil.

    Do we know anything about the person whose knee this is, and what he has said about his wound?

  14. I loved the music. The video rates very high on my rating scale. Thank you for the posting. The comments are interesting in speculating on the type of eruption and infection. I would probably recommend a trip to a medical professional if possible. Maybe we will get a follow-up report. Good find and great posting.

  15. sweetfingjesus says:

    The squirt, oh the squirt!

  16. at :55, thats love right there, I don’t care who you are.

  17. That was a lot of blood squirting!

  18. ok gotta turn on the vol. everyone has me curious about the music. Oh wow Chipmunks christmas and 60’s bubblegum! How pretzel (twisted) is that!

  19. Oh, not only the :55 squirt: there’s an even better and bigger splurch at 1:55. Not a typo, the second squirt is really at 1:55.

  20. I just love the bloody pus, there was a couple of really good bloody pus shoters in that video…..AWESOME……DwS

  21. Katie Hernandez says:

    I have ot say I didn’t expect to see so much from such a small hole . . . It was AWESOME! great find :)

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