Horse abscess – Lancing Busters Abcess

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  1. WOW…Buster had to feel better when that was drained.

  2. Even Buster knew she was doing it wrong. Get him to the vet so they will make a larger incision lower on the area and get the thing drained. Poor guy!

  3. These are not good owners. They either don’t look at him everyday when mucking the stalls or the place they board him is horrid because they don’t. This never should have be allowed to get this big. And lancing it at the top of the cyst rather than the bottom which would allow the cyst to drain naturally is just common sense. “Poor Buster” is right. He is owned by morons.

  4. Buster sure is beautiful as well as being a gentleman..Now get rid of that awful abcess, and have a professional do it.

  5. everytime i see this video, i get mad. she is very meticulous about doing it WRONG. and she is supposed to be showing others how to do this?! harrumph.

    free Buster!

  6. Plain Jane says:

    Finally… I get to say….. REPOST

    I did the original during the summer.

  7. poor beast…i just want to horse whisper it.

  8. pussnstuff says:

    I thought Buster looked familiar!!! He has healed up fine.

  9. Well if there’s any justice, she’ll get an infection herself from working that abcess without using gloves.

  10. Dear Vlood, Thank you for bringing Buster back around. I have wondered about his healing. He reminds me of Jake, my handsome fellow back in Ohio. (I miss him)
    Stuff, I’m glad to know he has healed well, thanks for the info.

  11. Anytime MomE I am glad that I could help out.

  12. blackrose14 says:

    I hope those people get whats coming to them. That horse needs to be taken away how long where they ignoring this to get that big. Also not a professional procedure.

  13. NOTE: I did NOT say it. Plain Jane did. Just pointing that out.

  14. Congrats ppm?

  15. arent you supposed to make the incision at the bottom…cause of…gravity?

  16. ahhhhhh i love buster such a good horse and i love how gental the lady was with buster and loved how she cleaned the area clean before popping the drainage great find Vlood smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

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