Giant Grandma Zit *fixed*

go, granny, go!

(fixed, Granny, fixed! 8/25/2012)

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  1. Truly amazing!! Thank you!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I can no lOnger view?!? :(

      1. FIXED!!! WOOT! I am a happy admin now. he he he.

        ~ H.S.

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        Yea!! Halph Staph you are wonderful!! Truly amazing!! This is one of my favorites and I can’t thank you enough for fixing it! You made my day, let me rephrase that, you made my year!!! Yahoo!!!

  2. Would love to have seen the ending!!!

  3. slackerhousewife says:

    That’s enough to fill a cannoli

  4. omgosh! I hope there is a part two! I think there is more in there! Truly amazing what came out, though! GREAT VID! Thanks prof! 5 stars!

  5. Way to go Granny!!! Nice find Prof

    1. Yes, Grandma had much more to be removed!

  6. What a fabulous cyst, granny! The biggest hairy sweat soaked male has nothing on you! I wish we could have witnessed the final push, but hey, that was good enough! Friday is launched, thanks prof.

  7. And he had the glove on the right hand because????
    Awesome, go granny, let’s see more of that!

  8. That “Shizzle ” has probably been in there since WW1 !!!!

    1. “since WWI” lmao!

  9. Squirt, I hadn’t noticed the MJ-one-gloved look going on there. I wonder at the thought process behind that.

    “It’s just Granny. She has Angel Puss, after all!”
    “Better half-safe than full-sorry!”
    “Better cover this hand up; That’s my meatball-makin’ hand!” (somehow, I peg them as Italian. Dunno why.)

  10. notice how you get those big men whining about a little squeeze?but this lady is a star
    this is one of the best i have seen in a while
    great camera work and no sound-a pleasure
    watched it over and over

  11. What a great grandma!! We are a wonderful group. If my newborn granddaughter wants to pop an abscess of mine, it is hers!

  12. The cyst popper needs some lessons on how NOT TO STOP when she’s got the pus flowing!! HA! I also love how she gloves up the one hand that is holding the tissue… and the ungloved hand is by all the goo! bah-hahaha!! GREAT VID!!

  13. congrats on the new grandbaby puppy! What a blessing!

  14. Nice vid Prof!! Not sure why they waited until half way in to zoom closer, though.

  15. Granny’s been makin that one since 1952.

  16. Good ole’ Granny Goop. I love how the guy was holding out a Wal-Mart. Awesome squeezing dude!

  17. Looks like there’s a lot more in that, hope we get to see Part 2!

    Excellent vid!

  18. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Twisted Cyster says:

    Owhhhh Yeahhh !!!! What a nice Cyst granny had there , goodgoo !!!

  20. You know…..I haven’t seen my grandma in a while, now. Time for a visit!!!

  21. OH GOD OH GOD!!! is all i kept shouting. now THAT was a good one! very satisfying, but i wanted more and more still. i hope it fills up again and we get another great video.

    oh how i wish i was the person either doing the squeezing or being squeezed. i would play either part. i guess that makes me bi-cystual.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just the sort of “sick-puppy” humor we LOVE on here!

  22. This reminds me a bit of the Spanish-language one where a guy pops a 20-year-old cyst on his father or grandfather. There was so much goop on this one, I didn’t even mind that we didn’t get the beginning or end, or that no one zoomed into close-up until partway through. Truly a great vid, and grandma was a real sport to let it be squeezed, filmed and posted.

  23. pretty good camera work and great “event” – as for the “one glove” – must be a Michael Jackson wannabe…

  24. Truly an amazing Video Prof
    5 ***** Stars to be exact!
    I also found it odd that he had the gloved hand holding the kleenex, but his ungloved hand touching the blood & open incission…hmmm
    I agree with Mother E…Friday is definately launched!

  25. Granny Goo….cool!

  26. Great video!
    Soooo creamy and you just know there’s a little core in there waiting to come out…or grow another.

    5 stars*****

  27. brachs99813 says:

    Can’t believe there’s no Little Red Riding Hood comments yet. Grandma, what a big zit you have!!!

  28. I keep watching this one. I can’t help it. The GRANDMOTHERLOAD!

  29. sebaceous_bich says:

    I wonder how deep that thing went…cuz it just kept coming and coming… u guys are right, that grandma is the zit! she didnt look like she was complaining at all!

  30. waaaaaaaa i want the inital pop! and wht stop on us like that? that’s like unfinished sex

  31. Just loved it .. Super granny , liked sayed part 2 ?? be COOL


  33. Thank you G-ma for being a role model… you have proven that we, too, can have a zit/cyst that full when we are your age!

  34. Grandma is such a trooper. You go gal!!

    Oh, and btw, I think some of that gunk was older than two US states!!

  35. Omg, I think I need a cigarette lol

  36. i’m inspecting grandma when i go home for thanksgiving. that 90 year old must be rife with zits unpopped!

  37. one of the greatest!!!

  38. That one is DEFINITELY not done. Grandma’s working up Part 2 right now (we hope they share again). Well done, to all involved.

  39. I love it it was amazing! I want to see more though =[

  40. 99aceshadow says:

    What a loving grandma to share this with all her family. Wish I didn’t come from such a dysfunctional family and was denied this tender loving family memories. Sigh. Just one observation, why is he only wearing one glove? On the wrong hand?

  41. I’ve never replied to one…but that was so cool!! If just once in my life I get my hands on something like that……I wish!

  42. Another “iceberg” that I couldn’t see on iPhone. Wow.

  43. I always knew that grandmas were full of creamy goodness but that video was not the way I pictured it!

  44. i love how the hand squeezing, there for closer to touching it, is bare but the one holding the paper towel is gloved….makes a lot of sense to me!

  45. :57..freeze-frame and there are so many blackheads that seem to be mixed in with the goop…I watch this vid every day with renewed enthusiasm. Makes me want to go to the nearest old people’s home and squeeze zits…they need the TLC!!

  46. icansmellit says:

    Wow! Impressive!

  47. sexandzitz says:

    Why, Grandma, what big cysts you have.

  48. please tell me there’s part 2

  49. Grandma’s always make the best treats!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      The only fun thing we have at our picnics is ants…………

  50. Poor grandma! She had some riccota cheese in there. Make some nice baked ziti with that! lol.Now my question is without the sack it will grow back correct?

  51. Gives new meaning to Jan & Dean’s famous words:

    “Go, Granny! Go, Granny! Go, Granny! GO!!!”

  52. Beautiful sebac. Lots of gooey goodness in there. Plus the camera operator did a stellar job.

  53. The gift that keeps on giving!

  54. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Best family reunion EVER!

  55. Gran needs to get this large cyst excised surgically.

  56. I love it when you go to the archives, Halphie! This one has now made my favorites list…I didn’t think it was ever gonna stop! Rapture…

  57. Good one. I think there’s a lot more in there though.

  58. Would have loved to see the rest of it. Looks like more in there. But it was absolutely beautiful!! Great job!!

  59. chips n dip, anyone? lol

  60. I know there’s more. Will patiently await Part 2….pleeeeeeeeease?

    1. butterfly15323 says:

      or wait for a Giant Grandfather Zit right?lol

      1. hehehehehehe

  61. This was GREAT profdeiren1, I loved it the first time I saw it and every time since! Of course it is in my favs. Granny didn’t even flinch. I wonder if she had a nip of the ‘recipe’– “The Waltons” reference.

  62. Squeezie Queen says:

    I forgot how great this one was!!! I’m think I’ll finally start a favorite list. :) What happened to Prof tho? Hmm….

  63. rainbowdust919 says:

    I love this! It cut off way too soon though.

  64. mmmmmm…Blue Cheese Dressing for Grannies Salad!!

  65. Why can’t I ssee this video anumore? It keeps telling me “video not found” or “access denied”. I’m devastated!!

  66. Twisted Cyster says:

    Its Back Getit !! And if you watch closely …on the left side of the Cut ,there is a white thing showing up every time the Big One is Squeezed….And as Sex&Zits sayd if ya Freeze at 0:57 you can see that the Blackheads are Mixed into the White Gunk !!! Awesome!! Great Vid…Rate again everybody who hasnt rated 5stars

  67. At least we know where all the Poly-Grip is going!!!

    1. You are really funny!!! I really enjoy reading your posts.

  68. Twisted Cyster says:

    I couldn”t resist to watch this beauty again…and again!!

  69. Trust No One says:

    Abyss! The squeezer demonstrated exceptional technique. He was also showing great care for Grandma; not to cause any undue pain and stress. Great post! No disappointment hereā€¦..just rewards!

  70. Exactoready says:

    Wow- I’da been rubbing my back on trees with that!

    1. bahahahaha! =D

  71. sarahchickeboc0613 says:


  72. I think it’s interesting that he has his right hand gloved but uses his ungloved left hand to squeeze. What’s with that???

    1. That is pretty funny? I didn’t notice until I read your post, I had to watch it again to see for myself.

    2. My thoughts exactly!!!!!

  73. miriam1548 says:

    Could those possibly be blackheads? Interesting…

  74. O M G! There was so much! I keep waiting for one of MY family members to get one (I’ll probably go to hell for saying that)

  75. littlemisssquirt says:

    This is truly a Kodak moment……

  76. firey_iced says:

    Go Granny!!!

  77. “…may we have more, please?”
    Guess I missed this the first time…extremely good Granny too
    I don’t know what’s up with you f*ckers who make all the food references….turns my stomache worse than any cow pus video!

    1. I had to watch it again. The ONLY answer is, they ran out of film, ‘cuz they sure didn’t run out of nastiness

      1. But isn’t that always the way? You know there is still gunk, but I cannot believe they all ran out of battery power or disc space or whatever.

        Should be a rule: You *MUST* keep at it until there is NO pus left!!!!!

        I think it is one of dripper’s commandments… :)

        ~ H.S.

  78. That was the biggest granny zit I ever seen. I didn’t know old people got zits that big. I guess its a big cyst. Nice one granny. Go grow us another one. Nice find.

  79. nice the bag is from walmart

  80. rebornmoron says:


    I was waiting to see a GIANT GRANDMA……so glad it was the cyst!

    good post….thanks!

  81. That’s my kinda squeeze! And you’d never think to look at it that it contained that much. Brilliant!

  82. Twisted Cyster says:

    I HAD to watch this one again…. do that every once in a while. This is such a classic ! ! Think about it how much gunk was inthere…It started with the squeeze we didnt see, we only seen the results !! So was that the first squeeze ?? We may never know…. And then the 3 that followed…not tiny bits of gunk I would say… And then they stopped filming the Job wich sure was not finished completely yet…. Imagine a few more of that kinda amount comming out ! ! Beautyfull !!! Thankzz Gran, and I hope we”ll see ya back on screen………..Someday, One Day.

  83. This was AWSOME !!! Thats the only way to say it….Ive been looking for one like this. Now Im happy.

  84. That was the best granny cyst ever. I think the person popping the cyst had the glove on the wrong hand. But she didn’t seem to mind. Nice find>DWS

  85. this must be such a joy to squeeze!

  86. I realize she isn’t in a nursing home but as we age some do end up in one and as much as I enjoy working with the elderly….I CAN’T CAUSE I WILL POP THOSE ZITS AND GET IN TROUBLE!!!!

  87. Twisted Cyster says:

    Before leaving home to go to my granny for a Sunday-Family-Visit , I HAD to see this classic again…….. Grandma, I am on my way now !!!…..(wishfull thinking ??)

  88. Great little, with-it pink shirt on Granny. She has a nice little haircut and seems on top of things. That cyst was years old but was not infected or mrsa-fied. Oddity was the one glove techie with the glove on the wrong hand if the tissue was a protector to his other hand. Definitely a fave!

  89. Just combing thru some of my faves and thought I’s comment again. A nice little family reunion type of activity!

  90. Great post! Give it 5+ going into my favs!

  91. Back and shoulder cysts are my favorites. Loved it.

  92. whats funny is i keep hoping a friend or family member will get one i can charge them a removal fee lol …. hey it could be a very good bizzness professional cyst poppers coming to a town near you…we could charge them less then the doc’s office..i wish there would have been sound on this one im sooooo curiuos what granny was saying lol

    1. Thank you for saving my sanity Audrey. Out of all the of the comments you are the only one that mentioned there being no sound. I was beginning to think something was wrong w/ my computer and I kept checking the vol., mute, headphones, etc. Shewww! Yes, sound would have probably added priceless value to this already awesome vid. 5-stars and into the faves!

  93. Thy should shall be exploded!

  94. This one is a classic! I can watch this one over and over again. Go Granny!

  95. I still love this one. Great technique, magnificent pus. Thick and creamy, just the way I like it.

  96. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    sweeeeeeeet. but why did they stop filming? *sob*

  97. Love this one! nice find profdeiren1!

  98. Twisted Cyster says:

    And AGAIN I did watch this adictive Granny Vid…And I am planning doing this for a long time to come….. This is such a beauty,such a great payload outa grannys back/shoulder ! ! And to Imagine there was a lot more gunk inthere !! Keep rating for those who didn”t !! 5stars ofcourse!!

  99. cystycheese says:


  100. removed with love,,great post

  101. 3cysterscafe says:

    One of the very best by far! And to think, I had no knowledge of this site until just a few months ago. I’m wondering how much I’ve actually missed out on over the years!!

    1. Twisted Cyster says:

      A lot !! but its all in the archives !!
      Take you time to digg around and be AMAZED !!!

  102. diamondgirl828 says:

    That one kept on giving and giving. And the popper gave us the 4 finger technique! EXCELLENT and good one prof!!

  103. This is a great video! Thanks granny and popper! Well Done!

  104. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Was such a pleasant video with no yelling screaming or swearing! Good goo, grannie!

  105. What’s up with the guy poppin the cyst ???? Does he think he’s Michael Jackson or something with the one glove on ?? Well anyway good pop , but odd too, in a lot of ways
    POP ON My Friends, Pop On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    tx granny for growing that!

  107. pashion4popin says:

    missed the beginning but it was worth the watch. wonder if it’s gonna make a comeback in 20 yrs all over again?

  108. It is a great video and good camera angle…
    Question… is there a reason why they are wearing a glove on the hand that isnt squeezing and not on the one that is???

  109. thats an awesome granma cyst, looked like soft candle wax! are old folk really brave or do the nerves dull as we get older so not so painful? she never seemed in pain throughout! Ben.

  110. gmas always give good things…. :)

  111. It would appear that the original video is no longer available. I was able to locate it on youtube

  112. dontbesogullible says:

    Thanks B-Man :)

  113. Thanks to profdeiren1 for the video and thanks to our great team for bringing it back!! I love the ones that keep on giving at a nice, gentle pace… nobody’s trying to run the cyst mile in under zit minutes!

  114. Go Granny!! Go Granny!! Go Granny!! I’ve loved this one for years and each time I revisit it, I remember why. Awesome!

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