Foot Cyst

Big Blister turns into Cyst ???? I dont think that can be but okay…..this guy had a big Blister and during the time it filled up with pus , Friendz help him out !! Watch them not wearing gloves !!

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  1. Zit-0bsessed-girl says:

    where’s the friggin video? :(

  2. Twisted Cyster says:

    cant see the vid neither !!!!

  3. i looked for it on you tube and here is the link:

  4. Hmmm HS said on YouTube that she was posting this a week ago. Wonder why TC got it. Glad it is here via Chrisa tho! Emil will get it fixed soon. Nice post TC. Thanks a lot!

  5. Thought I had gone blind there for a minute! Don’t see a thing.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Chrisa! looks like an infected area on the guy’s heel.

  7. Twisted Cyster says:

    @Chrisa : thankx for linking!!

  8. I believe that at one point it may have been a blister, but you know how guys are…. Not disinfecting, so it became what it is… But the real problem is under the “eye” the dark spot. They need to poke that.

  9. vid-gone-help-i have learned to love cysts

  10. Zit-0bsessed-girl says:

    ooooooo popping orgy :) me likes :P

  11. i wanna make babies with each and every one of those guys.

  12. that’s not a cyst-it’s just a blister that’s gotten a little infected

  13. You got it Kat, not a cyst at all There could be some necrotic flesh under that black eschar.

  14. Those guys are enjoying that lol =]

  15. GlamourGross says:

    If you cant rely on your friends…LOL….Funny. I thought zip poppin type stuff was a “girl thing”…

  16. Teamwork!!!

  17. Pull the scab off!!!

  18. The guy with the blister is hot! “Do you take showers?” LOL!!!!

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