Do it yourself cyst removal.

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  1. DirectrM says:

    …did it smell like?

  2. Pinkflame190 says:

    wow! i love how they played pinkfloyd. Perfect song “…hello, is there anybody in there…”

  3. psasquatch99 says:

    That was hands down the most revolting and cools things ever!

  4. can you pop the animated zit, or just play with it

  5. Pinkflame190 says:

    or is the guys voice a little creepy

  6. superbch says:

    Best post to date. Kudos!

  7. Gooch_Rash says:

    Very Satisfying, I was worried about the out of focus bits, but very good job everyone!

    Nice of you to do that for your nephew. BTW, I have noticed that lots of people with these mega zits/cysts/creatures are tattooed more than once…

    Does tattooing put you at higher risk for these ‘events’?

  8. psasquatch99 says:

    The only thing that would have been cooler about this video, would have been it the Lips tattoo would have been around it.

  9. Simply the greatest thing ever. I just keep watching. God, wish I could have been there!

  10. …the root/stock? Why do cysts have them?

  11. Cheesehead says:

    one of the first videos I ever saw on youtube, and what got me hooked! by far the best, #1, just amazing

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      me too…what a coincidence!! A lady at work called me to her desk to show me. She is a short little fat lady too, just not your typical pimple popper watcher! She was so entralled with it, we watched it over and over (boss was out of town on business, was just me and her)

  12. meteoreyes says:

    The pseudo-doc’s voice is one of the most…er…intoxicating voices I’ve heard in a while! It made me (a very happily married woman) want to see if his looks lived up to it! Honey, your voice is marvelous to listen to! If you never have, you should consider radio, TV or some other way to use your voice to make a living. You also sound educated and are well-spoken (which is becoming a rare commodity in our world). Best of luck (to your “patient” also)!!

    1. Take it from a former career disc jockey, meteror! – LOL! – That doc made the BEST choice NOT to go into radio, in particular. – Its a commitment to poverty.

  13. ok, i’m the king of this crap, get em all the time. i have 1 on my tailbone that i’ve had surgically removed 3times & it keeps coming back. i ran across this page doin some research trying to find a link between this & tattoos. i’m pretty tattooed & about 2-3wks after each tattoo i wind up with something like this, usually 2-3 & only on the tattoos. the artist is 1 of my best friends & i know every aspect of his shop. it’s not that he’s not clean or cutting corners etc. i don’t know what the deal is. any1 with any info please post it. thanx

  14. BTW- i’ve been thinking it was spider bites i was getting but i don’t know. they don’t get anywhere near as bad as the 1 in the video(except the 1 on my tailbone & 1 i had on my chest). the 1 i had on my chest was there about 7yrs til i finally got it to bust. when it busted, i squeezed crap like the video out for 25min & YES, IT STUNK!!!!!!

  15. pimplepoppinmama says:

    Hey jelway! If you get another one wherever could you please film it and post it on here? We would LOVE it as you can see! lol… sorry that you have so much trouble with your tats and stuff.

  16. snapcracklepop says:

    Jelway, you might be having an autoimmune reaction– your body overreacts to the tattoo. I know someone who had a similar problem with piercings.

  17. jetheodorson400 says:

    i could feed my family with that stuff for days

  18. AverageJowiie says:

    That was wow!

  19. This is going on YouTube hahahaha!

  20. The man who’s squeezing this out sounds like Howard Stern.

    1. Haha. I was wondering why Howard Stern was poppin someone’s cyst! At least he didn’t do it on his radio show.

  21. love the voice!

  22. Self-Surgeon666 says:

    dude…………was that howard stern in the gloves? this is the vid that got me into these movies. its so damn interesting what we can squeeze out of our bodies.

  23. washyourhands says:

    oh my god that was fantastic. love the camera man. “this zits going on youtube” lol ewe. and i too thought the “surgeon” was an actual doctor until he said something like “this zits disgusting” bravo and yay for getting that cyst out of his neck. gross indeed.

  24. msyummichunks says:

    simply perfect, I gesticulate!

  25. PrincessPus091 says:

    Honestly, I believe it may be pus in the process of calcifying in the cyst. But it was brilliant none the less!

  26. That had to hurt like hell and he took it like a man!!!! Excellent video.

  27. OH NO!! Now his voice will be ruined for me–Howard Stern?!? Ickypoo! I had a completely different imaginary guy to match that voice! Now that you guys mentioned it, he does sound like H.S. Ick! I’ll just try to not think about Howie…yeah–that might work…eventually.

  28. old as internets-i know,i know,it is a good one,but you have to think about this guys hygiene levels tho…and the amateur surgeon,left the sac in,so bout time we saw some more

    1. Yep! IF he had really been a doctor, he’d have KNOWN that thing at the end wasnt a “stalk” OR a “core”, but the SAC! And he cut it OFF instead of pulling or cutting it OUT. So YES – its GOING to come back. Stay tuned for part TWO, everyone, cause if they record it – we’ll be seeing it.

  29. ah, good times. i cut my teeth on that one…

  30. it s a classic but it s a repost !!!!

  31. Yep, that one was my very first “OMG!!!!” vid. I can hear it even now: “Would you believe this ZIT!?” Ah, the memories.

    As for the repost of this and “Best Back Zit Ever”, I think the Sublime Emilbus is just responding to the “Greatest Vids” threads, in which these two vids are often named. If my theory is correct, we should see “The Everlasting Spanish Back Toothpaste” and “Charles Manson’s Mashed Potatoes” very soon. ;)

  32. bsug, it isn’t a repost. Emilbus just put it up the que again because of the Tyra show appearance. Look at the date on the first comment and you’ll see it isn’t a repost. Trust me… I know reposts! Funny YOU didn’t get chewed out for saying repost…

  33. Even gang members love zit poppin!

  34. wow that crazy!!lol

  35. I first saw this video overa year ago on – and I was offically hooked on zit/cyst videos. How do you not love this?!

  36. I’m back to watch yet again, and the part where “doc” says, “I’ve got something really bad” must’ve scared the brave victim a LOT. Just the stem from the sac, right? It looked to me like he got most–if not all–of the sac. If not, maybe they’ll be back!

  37. credit for this video should go to ‘planatoking’ who had to pull it because of a lot of negative comments.

  38. could never resist a tattooed man:) xox

  39. WOW! That was a winner in my book. It looked like he was growing flowers when they popped out! Good job on everything and thanks for posting…….

  40. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    What’s not to love about this video?

  41. i dont care if it is a repost, its a great vid no matter what!!!!!! totally awesome!!

  42. New cyst removers always think theirs is the nastiest! This is beautiful.

  43. diamondgirl828 says:

    Is that what they are referring to when they talk about “GREY MATTER”

    This was the first cyst pop vid I ever saw. In the original, the girl is freaking out over the piece that is attached. She does a little here too, but alot of what she says has been edited. The guy squeezing it even seems a bit hesitant. Too bad we can’t get in touch with these people to see it popped again. The sac is still in there..and we all know what that means…SPLURT again!! LOL

    1. I’d have liked to have heard more of what she said. Too bad they didn’t edit out the two words that I cringe at every time I watch this video. That’s why I usually mute it. But I LOVE this one!!

  44. This is one of my all time favs! I love when the sac comes sliding out, and the editing is great! I never get tired of watching this one!

  45. ” I got a hold of something really bad ” I beg to differ Sir! great post

  46. Bet it SMELLED – greenish brown. Is that lipstick on the neck?

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      I believe the lips are a tattoo. I had to look twice too!

  47. Fantastic pus consistency. You could tell it had some weight to it.

  48. Lots of pus and great camera work. Perfect!

  49. One of my favorites :D

  50. Thanks so much for making this one show up again!!! When I get bored, I like watching the ones where the poppers have no idea what they are working on! So I get to pretend I know more…yah right!

    1. Exactly! Yellin at the screen – its the CAPSULE you idiot – no don’t cut it gethyde hemostats and do a death roll with them you moron hahahahaha I do it all the time – i would probably faint from sheer excitement if I ever came across a cyst like that!

      1. Gethyde? Damn autocorrect – meant get the

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