Blackheads Popped

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  1. Hey, what you’re tryin to do there guy, is tough! Kudos for the effort dear! We were able to see a few nice ones bloom. Let them fill up again, and get a hand!

  2. blackheads like these are always difficult to film cos they are tiny.not a bad effort considering there was little there to begin with.
    blackheads can be amazing as proven by the huge back blackhead we saw recently

  3. Dude has huge pores and a very oily face, bet he can drain those suckers at least twice a week. He needs to get oil blotters and something to shrink those pores! Saw a couple of nice squirmers but the camera work was zitty. I give it a C-

  4. Very poor camerawork,not really worth watching. His nose is a real minefield though,filled with ripe & ready blackheads. So it’s worth another try with somebody else holding the camera.

  5. comedoness says:

    Good blackheads, abyssimal camera work…..

  6. This video would have been epic if he has just found someone the hell else to hold the camera, or set it down somewhere! Why are all the best ones ruined!?!?

  7. snapcracklepop says:

    I gave it a 1 because the shaky camera started to give me a migraine. On the plus side, he has a lot of potential and I hope he gets a tripod or a helper and films again.

  8. 1:20- 1:27 is my fav part

  9. sebaceous_bich says:

    HORRIBLE camera work, he MISSES most of the action because of it. But still, the curling blackheads that do manage to show up on the screen, thanks to his one-handed popping and camera work…next time this guy needs to prop the cam and use BOTH hands, and get ALL of the black heads!! Still, we have hardly any blackhead vids, so gotta be thankful for what we can get :P

  10. what a shame that the camera work is so ‘pore’!!!

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