big fungus thing removed from nose!

Talk about blowing your nose!!! ughh yackk!

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  1. Jesus christ!
    Looked like an artichoke heart!

  2. Ohhhh I saw this on YouTube last night! This is a good fungal one cuz it comes out in bigger pieces… I also love the great white slimey junk that comes out with it! I love these kinds! Thanks again tgb!

  3. Mushrooms anyone?

  4. That was WONDERFUL

  5. I saw spores! I hope there is some kind of rinse afterwards or we will be seeing “round 2″.

  6. Somehow, “Holy Crap” doesn’t seem to be the right words to say, but it’s all I could think of!

  7. OMG! what is that stuff, i’ll never eat mushrooms again…how can people walk around with a nose full of this stuff and not be bothered by it? between that shroomey stuff and the riccotta cheese goo being sucked out of noses, i am put right off anything italian for awhile!

  8. ooooh! those nose hairs! that huge chunk of delicious fung! fjalskdjflksadjflkasdjf

  9. I love it when you just drop jaw when you see the size of what they take out of a person’s nose. And at one point it let go of some dry spore which was breathed back in…. so maybe we’ll get a follow-up!!! Not that I would want anyone to suffer in that way. I’m resisting the thousands of “fungi” jokes and puns…

    GREAT POST! Love Dr. J!
    ~ H.S.

    1. You can find more of this guys videos as HawkeMD on YT. Not Dr. J, who is a hall of famer in his own right. Hawke does great narration on his vids and loves to use that little grinder/sucker thing.

  10. bowlofcherries says:

    I bet that felt so good after it was gone. I swear Dr. J needs his own video section, I could watch him all day!

    1. Dr. J does have his own category. This isn’t him though…I know I keep posting that, but I think Dr Hawke deserves his own credit for this one.

  11. I have a hankerin for escargot now. Great vid!

  12. At 1:20 I’m wondering why he thought he could get that whole big glob out? Maybe he wasn’t tryin’ but it looked like it!

  13. We need more videos getting stuff out of nose,ear wax & popping blackheads.

  14. Our very own physician Dr. Janikaram I believe is aware of his following on PTZ and is now playing to the crowd a bit. I’ve never seen him display the removed bits before. Or am I just developing a crush on the man?

    1. Not Dr. J on this one, it just seems like him since it’s something disgusting being removed from a person’s head. Dr. J is great, but Dr. Hawke actually narrates where you can understand what is going on. Well, as long as you understand English, I suppose.

      1. Gerell – What was “originally” here was a Dr. J video, and somehow it got replaced with the wrong video. That is why all the references to Dr. J – it wasn’t a large scale hallucination. :)

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  16. Hope he was asleep. Pulling of the nose hairs got to me.

  17. i am always intrigued by how some popologists consistently ask: “did it smell?” “what did it smell like?” and other variations on theme. cyst and zit odor has never much mattered to me.

    now, *this* time… i found myself unable to think of anything else. imagine having an active, bubbly, ugly old fungus in the very organ of smell!

    did it stink? what did it stink like? hmmm?

    Dr. Janikaram for pope! And thank you, tgb!

  18. What is up with the 70’s Eight is Enough theme song music in the background? I’ve heard it on a number of vids lately! :-)

  19. Hey Spooky…I don’t think he was asleep. At one point, as the doc was pulling out a “wad” the guy was actually LOOKING at it!!

  20. Gross is sooo cool and that is GROSS

  21. When last chunk came my words were *gag* OH GOD NO!!

  22. Hee hee Think that may satisfy the booger couple? What a feast

  23. there it is! the proof i have been looking for that aliens exist! they put that in there and you can’t tell me any different. the stuff peeps have hiding. makes me wonder if i have any funkiness lurking in any orifice. *shudder*

  24. The only thing that kept me from throwing up was the rockin’ soundtrack.


  25. I am really diggin the grippie tool thingy this Dr has mastered. Previous vids show it as the instrument of choice when extracting ear wax.

    All I could think of watching this was the scene in “Total Recall” when the Gov of Ca pulled the electronic beacon out of his snout.

  26. Thank you tgb & Dr. Janakarim. Guess it was something he couldn’t easily pick out by himself & fling on the wall.

    1. Dr. Hawke, not Dr. J, but it was awesome sliding out of his head.

  27. Saprophytic
    Saprophytic fungi are the largest group of fungi, they growing on dead organic matter such as fallen trees, cow patties, dead leaves, and even dead insects and animals. These fungi have enzymes that work to “rot” or “digest” the cellulose and lignin found in the organic matter, with the lignin being an important source of carbon for many organisms. Without their digestive activities, organic material would continue to accumulate until the forest became a huge rubbish dump of dead leaves and trees

  28. Those are some heinous nose hairs on home boy !

  29. Dr. J. is the best! Anyone get the feeling that he enjoys doing this kind of thing, like the doctor in World’s Best Back Zit?

    1. Well, this isn’t Dr. J, its Dr. Hawke. He has some good stuff of his own.

  30. I am not really into the nose stuff but, to each there own, I know that Dr. J has got a good fan club going.
    All I could think of when seeing this was BLOW! your nose dude.

  31. Seriously, WTF?

    Why am I up so late or up so early?

    That was some crazy as zit that I should have never seen.

  32. sebaceousqueen says:

    D_Mang: But you love it, so admit it!!! lol


  33. I just threw up a little in my mouth! That was almost worse than the maggots! *eek*

  34. Now he can at least breath out of nose. YUCK!

  35. OMG! ack! hahaha… I couldn’t even watch the whole thing..only a few seconds.

  36. That just might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I loved it.

  37. I believe I would have pee’ed a little bit when that came out. In fact I almost did. He must have breathed fresh air for the first time after that came out. I can’t even go into the “how is this possible” I’m just happy with the vid.

  38. It looks like a rotten boiled egg yolk. That has to be the nastiest thing I have ever seen!

  39. infundibulum says:

    In one of Dr. J’s videos, I remember him saying that they counted the number of fungus “washes” they used during and after such a procedure. His staff noted somewhere around 50 in one nostril and over 40 in the other. The spores don’t have a chance to re-establish themselves with that onslaught of nasal washes.

  40. It’s gone, bugger!!

  41. Uh? This is sone by a Dr. Hawke? And, it’s not fungus but a papiloma and mucus removal. Listen to it, it’s in english and he explains everything.

    1. Yeah, Dr. Hawke has his own little video grouping on YT and you can actually understand his surgery narrations.

  42. Opps! That’s “done” not “sone”.

  43. I think that this musta been the first time in a decade or two that this poor shmo’s nose got bloweded! It’s amazing to me just how much mucus the human sinus can hold!

  44. Yes this is not dr. j but i still like this one!

  45. magna-cum-pus says:

    pure satisfaction

  46. Talk about one big booger.

  47. Would it constantly feel like you need to blow your nose? And when you do blow your nose, does it feel like something is loose but just won’t come out? That would drive me insane!! What if you sneeze really hard?

  48. Hawke is not as prolific as Dr. J, but he has some excellent videos on the old YouTube, and he narrates his procedures nicely with what sounds like a polite Canadian accent.

  49. jordan1870 says:

    HOLY ZIT!!!!!!!!!! Anyone for raw oysters???? GAAAAGGG!!!

  50. Im really confused….it seems that everyone is talking about 2 different videos? I know this is not Dr. J….as he is Middle Eastern desent and has an accent. The one I am seeing, is clearly a doc who does not have an accent an is narrating the video. I do not hear music in the background as some of you are saying? Is anyone else as confused as I am with this?

  51. this is dr hawke Btw dr j is indian not middle eastern

  52. um… someone posted the WRONG video here… this is supposed to be Dr. J… NOT Dr. Hawke… lol

    1. thats not Dr J.,100% sure of that!
      Its mosdef Dr Hawke!We dont see him anymore,am I wrong?

      That was a great vid btw! :)

  53. obsessed says:

    Yes, this vid is on here under another title as well.

    This is not a fungus though, at least not from what I have been able to research.

  54. How the heck was that poor guy breathing with that big thing in his nose?

  55. 3cysterscafe says:

    I love this one! That thing was huge! And the mucous plug was unbelievable! Boy, he must feel better now. What a relief that must have been! Thanks for sharing!

  56. That is just NASTY!!

  57. When we learn which vids make us the happiest, we must return frequently. Here’s one I will be visiting often!!! It’s one of those…wait for it…wait for it…etc. videos. Then when you think it’s all done, nope!! Tons more goop to go…yummy!!! Yup-I’m nutsoid. :roll: :lol:

  58. Oh Dear God….

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