Very Disgusting, Putrid, Maggot Ridden Growth **WARNING**


This is one of those Top Ten Grossies. So, be warned, don’t complain if you so choose to watch, and don’t call me at 3:18 am when you wake up screaming with nightmares swearing there are bugs in your brain. Just go back to sleep and remember, you’d need a brain in the first place for there to be bugs in it. Just kidding!

I wonder if the reason he is still alive is *because* of the maggots; it sure does not look like he should have his eyes open, let alone be sitting on the filthy street. So, anyone want to hazard a wild guess as to what in the heck the growth is or was?

Now – on with the shooooow…..!

ENJOY, puke in the bags, not on the dog…
~ H.S.

42 Comments on “Very Disgusting, Putrid, Maggot Ridden Growth **WARNING**

  1. just … damn! I should never complain about another thing for the rest of my life.

  2. OMG! how does something like that whatever it is get that huge?! it almost looks like his earlobe, neck is infected or…well i just can’t find the words. maybe it started out as one of those big ear piercings, you know the kind; they have these big round rings set inside the lobe.

    that is just too much and impossible to fathom, for me anyway.

  3. i would hit it………………….with a bat!

  4. I think the guy looks fairly neat and clean, even his beard seems to be newly trimmed. I don’t know what a big thing like that would do to your health but this guy doesn’t seem too affected. He isn’t skinny and the skin looks healthy. Can this be fake? I hope so…

  5. I was hoping that man was dead, but then I saw his eyelids flutter. Oh man.

  6. okay sorry about the language with this but seriously how the zit does that happen that thing was freaking HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am suspicious. I believe this is fake. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

  8. I think it is fake. As Natas pointed out, the man is well groomed. You can see that it is pulling on his face a bit so I think it is a piece they put on his face. NO barber would have gotten close enough to this man to give him a haircut as neat as that. Also he looks very healthy. A person with a growth/wound like this would definitely look wan and probably undernourished. His skin color is nice and pink and he looks well fed. He doesn’t look like a street dweller at all. What about it health professionals out there? I vote for it as FAKE. But thanks for posting it HS. It is a nice piece to have conversation about!

  9. It does look shopped. I know that there are great vids at LiveLink, but maybe not so great at! I read some of the comments at LL, this one cracked me up: “Do not make fun of him you infidels; He is our top spy, he can hear conversations over radio, cellphone, etc.”

  10. Hmmm. But then, if it *is* real, I am a hopeless — but happy — a-hole.

  11. I wish it is not a fake, but I think it is…

  12. A few cotton balls, a little rubbing alcohol, maybe some peroxide – it’ll clear right up.

  13. Hello Halphie, isn’t this a pretty piece of propagated poop! Yes Alas, I’m thinking it’s a phoney too. I’m sure any health organization in the world would get this nastiness off the street and into a freakshow!(that was mean) Yes My friend,there are no bugs in my brain I’m fairly sure we can both sleep to night knowing that any phone calls you may receive concerning this vid, the caller just finished watching professional wrestling!!!

  14. I’m gonna have to go with “Fake” too, just does not look real to me…I’d say someone was going for some shock factor on this one.

  15. I hope to god (for that poor man’s sake) this is fake. I’m sure if it was real though that someone would have called social services or something. And as someone pointed out, his hair was neatly trimmed. No barber would get close enough to that thing on his face to cut his hair.

  16. Could you imagine seeing something like that on the street! A child points her finger “Look mommy, worms!” or ” honey whats that smell” and then ” hey mister, cn’ya put a band aide on that thing? it’s dripping” and finally “I think I seen your dog sniffing that man’s face!” Yep, I’m bettin it’s a fake!

  17. *shudders* Even though I think its fake its still slightly unnerving not sure why though.

  18. He’s taking a break. He’s part of the cast for the upcoming Zombie movie. If they look like that, I’ll be the 1st in line for a ticket. I like it!!!

  19. yes, you are right, I may vomit or wake up screaming tonight.

  20. pussnstuff:

    are you referring to zombieland with woody harrelson?
    if it is an actor/extra, the make-up is great. if not, then good god, “won’t someone, please think of the children!!!

    i dunno people, when i look at it and i have looked at it many times ( i am so ashamed), it seems real enough. his face seems distorted and swollen. the clean cut look seems like a quick shave down with a hair trimmer to keep the critters from speading or to keep lice ect. at bay.

    i really can’t say for sure. it is rather intriguing either way and i feel for this guy if it is legit.

  21. Sir Squeeze-a-Lot says:


    YOU GUYS….WHAT IF THIS IS REAL?!?! I, in my intelligent, but obviously non-medical-professional opinion, am TRULY wondering HOW ON EARTH this could possibly be real. Ya’ know, truth is more often stranger than fiction, but I really can’t comprehend how this could be real…..I mean, HOW could ANYone survive such a GAPING, NECROTIC, MAGGOT-INFESTED, HUGE-SERVING-PLATTER-SIZED-OPEN-WOUND?!?!?! I mean, WHAT IF IT’S REAL? Things as strange as, AND STRANGER have happened.

  22. I am in the medical profession. And it looks fake. Plus…a wound that size that guy would be in pain and the look on his face is more of disgust and nervous than pain.

  23. Peronally, I love this conversation. I really don’t lean one way or the other. I have friends in the pro mkae-up and effects industry, but I didn’t want to ask them. More fun. The maggot movement is what gets me. That is very very hard to do, even with CGI overlay. But, like I said, on the line. There are a lot of talented CGI folks out there whom you will never see the work of, they just do it for fun. Back to “FAKE or REAL: The Bomb Exploded Out That Side” lmao

  24. PS: The barbering topic. Been around street people. We have one regular who hasn’t shaved in well over two years, and by his smell, NO ONE would want to get close to shave him. What you think of as neat and trimmed could, just could, be inability to grow the mountain man look. Not all men are blessed with needing to shave twice a day. ;P Our guy we call “Pink Blanket Man” and give him a new set of clothes each season. And cigs most days. Its a hard life, little things bring happiness.

  25. hey gang, got another one 4 ya. Mr. face is sitting outside, propped up near the entrance to a store, some dude comes strolling by and puts his cig. out on the side of his face! OOOps so sorry guy! thought that was an ashtray!!

  26. the more i look at it the more i am convinced it is real. notice towards the end of the video, his facial hair actually extends up onto the outside of the mass. his face there is distorted and pushed into a fold by the growth. it really does look real to me. perhaps the maggots are eating the dead tissue and that is what has kept him alive. i really wish there was a follow up or an explanation to go with this video. it appears to have been taken with a cell phone cam, the grainy quality makes it look authentic. also we have all seen how incredibly swollen and stretched things like abcesses can get on the side of a person’s face, this very well could have been something that split open and ruptured, leaving an open wound that became a feasting ground for fly maggots.

    then again, who the hell knows? i do hope if it is real, somebody got this guy some medical help. what a miserable thing to suffer with.

  27. oh god i feel so ill right now. i just went to the site this video originated at to try and find out more about it…what i did see there, is the stuff of nightmares. how can people post the zit they do? all i saw were a couple of thumbnails and i left feeling realy sick. i need to lay down now….

  28. Oooo, chrisa. Wish you had read the thread on the forum about that site. Yech. I had a lot of people ask about what site I got certain other vids at, so I finally posted a link with a long warning. It is icky. Sure, there are some worthy bits, but you have to have a strong constitution to wade through the other crapola. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve tried to find out more about the guy too, with no luck. Do you see how his mouth is pushed to one side as well? And it almmost looks like when they put the camera down, there was, umm, drippings on the blanket… stiiiilll, could be really good artistry? Poll is still open.

  29. i feel much better now, thanks halph!
    how can it be even legal to post that stuff? they have videos of animal cruelyy too, i did not watch or click on any one of them, the fact they have a category like that at all is shameful and should be against the law. how can people actually watch some of that stuff??? it is hideous and so upsetting…at least for me it is. i like my quiet little world where things like that don’t happen around me. there is enough horror in this world, without having a website dedicated to some of it. it is for lack of a better term obscene, YUCK!
    i need to go and hug my kitties now, my little fur faces always make me feel better :)

  30. that should be “cruelty” not “cruelyy” oops!

  31. Chrisa Honey, take heart honey, this isnt real.. I have been in the med. field 25yrs. If even I had a thought this was real, I could not make fun of it. Look at it like this..Have you ever seen anything remotely close to this. A wound this size would be septic. the man would either be dead or unconscious. It reminds me of a freak show A the fair. I truly am sorry you are so bothered by this, I would have never joked about it if I thought one soul would be bothered. take heart dear, In any country in the world a wound of this magnitude would be quarantined for study. The amt of infection is not condusive to a healthy body. He flat would not be out on the street

  32. his mouth does not appear to be drawn to one side, It appears that the head is slightly turned that way. Crafty work with a camera would make this appear bigger than life and the head to be small and demenuative.What do you think Halph? Yeah this site has some stuff even I can’t stomach. I honestly seen a decapitation, that almost sent me into a panic attack and I don’t think that was cropped. Lastly if it is real, forgive me, if not, damn good makeup. and I’m done with this one..

  33. magna-cum-pus says:

    Naahhh, didn’t bite. And nice music, hucksters, your twisted sense of humour is exceeded only by mine. HA!

  34. Whether this is real or not OMG! I really really hope it is fake!

  35. well,
    what can you say GGRROOSSSS. ….just nasty gross.??for real??

  36. For something similar go to Dr. J’s YouTube channel and type in Secondaries Neck. It shows something very, very similar, except that it hasn’t opened up yet or erupted. Apparantly, this is not uncommon. I researched what they mean by Secondary Neck; it was hard to find, but it encompases a wide variety of neck tumors, cysts, etc. I wish that Dr. J would comment on this video. It is real, but, if it is just like the one on Dr. J’s channel, then it is inoperable.

  37. I found something similar, but on a smaller scale, and I’m going to download it. Hopefully, it will put to rest the argument about whether this maggot infested growth is real or fake.

  38. Lord have Mercy! Make it stop!!!!

  39. mmmmm a cereal bowl…..yummy!!

  40. my oh my… I still think it’s a fake. Guy seems healthy otherwise. good skin color and so on.

  41. no its not fake they showed something simular i spell like crap on ripleys believe it or not i would hate to have something like that growing on the side of my face ewwww

  42. pashion4popin says:

    that is so sad. horrible and very disheartening. someone put him out of his misery and take him to a hospital already. like come on already, that’s so inhumane. i wouldn’t let that happen to an animal nevermind a person. he won’t live long in that condition.

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