Testicular abscess

Post mortem on a ram with a testicular abscess

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  1. simply shocking.
    Still waiting for someone to pur hydrogen peroxide all over the pusss so we can see a bubbly root beer float though!

  2. bunches_of_daisys says:

    that gave me the giggles….i love surprises!!

  3. omg!! money shot @ 35 sec……ewwwewwwewww lol

  4. Hahaha, obviously the “patient” will be ok without the testicals! Nice shot!!!

  5. Excellent shot!

  6. Innaffitoften says:

    I am so glad that this is another country, I am assuming from the language, but actually who knows? I sure don’t want my buther using that same table and knife on my meat, no matter how much sterilizing that they do! Ick! Good, video however.

  7. I am getting over a bad stomach flu. Looking for disgusting videos is a great way to pass the time with nausea and a high fever. This one ruined all my desire for soup. It ought to be part of a weightloss regimen…

  8. that poor ram must have been suffering horribly when it was alive, how cruel. i sure hope this did not make it onto anyone’s dinner plate.

  9. Innaffitoften says:

    Yah, that was butcher btw. I too am experiencing some horrible stomach issues, and this one really got to me. Raw meat and dead animals kind of do anyway, but I could only watch this once. When my hubby asked to see it, I had to look away, so that I could gag some food down to be able t take meds! Thank God for anti-nausea medication!

  10. Good Lord, what a gusher!

  11. dis. gust. ing.

  12. Judging by the Spanish accent these guys are Spanish students and not from SoAm – all the same, what a classic gusher though; looked like custard!! num num!

  13. looks to me like that butcher was expecting something. He was slicing into that huge teste with caution. yack! Looks like cr. of chicken soup.

  14. Ewwww!

    A rating over 3 w’s following the E is a high rating in the land of lil z.

    Loved the surprise too.

    lil z

  15. yes love. this is what they make compazine and ranitidine for! lol

  16. aahh, more 3rd world fun huh?

  17. Man, I don’t know. I couldn’t take my eyes off the rest of the animal, or what was left of it….. yucky. I mean, c’mon, rams are highly prized – why in da heck would someone let that happen, and get to that size? Just…yucky.

  18. This isn’t a butcher. It is a vet in Chile doing a post mortem to see why the ram died. The ram had other problems as well. At least that is what the posting on the video said. When I first saw this, I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch it because I can’t stand watching post mortems of any kind but I did and that pus was mesmerizing… in any language!

  19. magna-cum-pus says:

    After 10 seconds I realized I was grimacing and had stood back away from the monitor, waiting for it, waiting for it AAAGGHHH OMGOMGOMG AAAGGHHH I knew it! I knew it! that guy was gonna get the prize he was looking for.

    5/5 profderien, you sick puppy!

  20. My god, they skinned this critter’s nuts!!

  21. ewethatsgross says:

    they might have said he was a vet, but this is undoubtedly the meat procesing area of a slaughter house. in other parts, the testicles of animals such as rams, goats and bulls are called mountain oysters and are considered a delicacy. my guess is they were finished with the rest of the meat hence the frayed carcus and they were on to the oysters when they discovered the pearl. i’m sure the cutter knew there was something wrong with the overgrown pair but wasn’t sure what. maybe when they saw how huge they were, they may have thought they hit paydirt.

  22. magna-cum-pus, don’t you start, too! though, yes, I am one sick puppy, thankyouverymuch! i’m trying to work up the courage to write a promotional post for PTZ on my blog — or maybe ask permission to post The Zit Manifesto thingy. you know, let the freak flag fly, as it were…

  23. BEST PUS EVER SEEN! Lack of squeze was a turn-off though.

  24. jordan1870 says:

    Wow! As the ‘butcher’ sliced through each layer, I found myself leaning further back from the monitor each time. I KNEW something was coming but was just unsure what…and when… What a GREAT surprise when it finally spewed forth! AWESOME!!!

  25. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    My guess…. it died of sepsis

  26. Katie Hernandez says:

    Awesome! :)

  27. Holy Pus River, Batman! Now THAT was AWESOME!!! Bet that smelled like a bouquet of freshly cut rosebuds….NOT!!! YIKES!!!

  28. phillip jackson says:

    what was that king kongs balls?

  29. I actually jumped when the pus came gushing out.

  30. Holy cow! That was a ram’s testicle? Looks more like it would be a whale’s testicle (or some other huge animal).

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